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The next day I went to retrieve my number and my old numbers were restored. My car also was taken to the mechanic.

Later from the mechanic, I went to my bank with the bank details I found at home, met an arrogant saucy young girl at the customer care section and explained myself to her, she asked for my fingerprints and got busy with her computer. She must have seen something that changed her countenance immediately and she became too nice. I didn’t know what must have triggered the sudden kindness until she showed me the outrageous figures in my account. How could one person have such money? And from the account details, money enters often the day.

I requested for the details of the person sending the money and it was giving to me, I also discovered that the account was linked to my international salary account. I asked for the name of the company, she gave it to me and I left.

Mary was in the kitchen fixing lunch when I arrived. The aroma pervaded the whole place and made me salivating. She was impressively sexy and beautiful in a pink skimpy gown that revealed beautiful set of legs; her hair was cut low and tinted blond, making her look exceptionally captivating and attractive.

” hi Mike, how’s our memory coming?” She called from the kitchen with a perforated spoon in her hand.

I went to meet her in the kitchen. The moment I looked at her legs from behind and her slim curvy waist, my heart skipped a beat, I wanted to hold her right there and plug her from behind, but i looked away and moved closer to see she was mixing eggs and potato in a frying pan.

” this food smells good ” I said leaning on the cabinet and looking into the pan.

She smiled and scooped out the ones in the pan: ” I’m almost done “. She said and turned off the gas.

I went to the sitting room and sat waiting for my food to be served. Henry came in, greeted, sat beside me and turned on the TV. The news on, they were talking about the new resistant’s camp discovered; five members were killed in shootout and 20 captured.

Mary came with the food and asked if I would like it on the dinning or sitting room. I told her dinning, then she placed it there and told Henry to the call his brother for lunch.

We all sat and ate silently, I noticed I was stealing glances at her, she was so beautiful. I began wondering if we were dating, but from what I heard her say in the forest, I think we may not be dating. So I concentrated on my food.

My cousins finished their meal and went inside, leaving I and Mary on the dinning. So I asked her the question that has been eating me up.

” what kind of relationship did we have? ”

She looked startled at the question and blushed. I smiled and waited for her response.

She stole a glance at my shyly and said. ” platonic “.

I nodded thoughtfully.

Mary: sex mate kind of relationship, but I wish we had more.

” how often did we have sex?” I asked without thinking it through.

She was surprised to hear this and frowned. ” you’re reading my thoughts aren’t you?”

” no, I wasn’t!” I denied.

” I know you can hear people’s thoughts, so don’t pretend and it’s not nice! You’re seeing everyone’s unclothedness! “. She sounded pissed.

I felt guilty. I remembered I ignorantly let the cat out of the bag when we were in the trunk of the kidnappers car.

” I’m sorry, I don’t even know how it happened. Maybe if I could remember something perhaps I could figure out if I was born with the gift”.

She looked at me for awhile and her facial muscles relaxed.

” what are your plans?” She suddenly asked and began pouring me a glass of fruit juice.

” I don’t know right now, but what I’m sure of is that I want to kiss you “.

She paused with the juice jug in her hand. Then she slowly dropped it, passed the glass to me and smiled.

Then she said shyly: ” why asking? you should have come to take it, girls love guys who go for what they want”.

I smiled and drank from the glass of juice. Mary stood up and began clearing the table.

The door bell rang.

” who’s that?”. I asked, standing up to get it.

When I got to the door, I saw Jude and an elderly man standing.

” hey superman” Jude said and tried to shake me in that funny way but I couldn’t follow, we just laughed about it.

The man with Jude was just looking at me as if he saw a ghost. I greeted him and invited them in.

As they settled on their seats Jude introduced the man with him: ” this is Otondo, your dads friend, he’s a superman”.

The man nodded and sat up. ” your father and I were brothers, you look so much like him. We saw the ups and downs and survived with medals. Your father was a soldier, a great man! I was privileged to have known him. When Jude here told me about you, I said to myself, ha! I must see this boy oh, and so I came to see the offspring of Mike, rugged superman”.

I was flattered hearing this from an elderly man. It made me feel good being the son of such a hero

” I wasn’t privileged to meet my dad, but I have seen his picture ” I said.

” growing without a dad is a bad thing. He would have passed on his ruggedity to you himself, nevertheless, you are in safe hands. We are your family, you are one of us, so don’t worry, you can find mentorship in us your blood and brothers”. The old man said.

We spent the rest three hours talking about the kidnap and other things circling around the recent events after my kidnap incident,I believed they wanted to work with what I remembered. And thereafter, Otondo invited me for a recognition meeting with the brotherhood of supermen. I agreed and they later left.

Mary came to the sitting room and sat beside me.

” I am sorry, but I overheard most of your discussion with them” Mary said and turned to me. ” I would love to call you sweetheart, coz that’s how you make me feel, I truly love you and would die for you if need be, you can listen to my thoughts and tell if I’m lying I lov….”.

I was dumbfounded by her words and kissed her before she could finish her statement. Then she slowly broke the kiss, looked me in the eyes surprised and then kissed me hungrily.

After awhile of intense kissing, she broke it catching her breath and said stopping me from coming closer with a hand on my chest.

” what I was trying to say was”. she turned to me and looked into my lusting eyes. “Don’t join that stupid cult”. Then she broke into tears and held my hands. “People die in that stupid gang. Jude does not have a life, two of that old man’s sons are dead, he got only one daughter left. I beg you, don’t listen to them”.

I looked into her eyes and saw sincerity, then my urge to kiss her because overwhelming. I first kissed the back of her hands looking into her eyes, then pulled her close and we locked lips passionately. Things was getting intensed as my hands ran through her body and was I about taking it to the next level when someone loudly cleared his throat twice. We abruptly stopped and looked up simultaneously, only to see Henry smiling at us.

” what do you want? ” I asked feeling this had happened before.

” emm…grandma isssss…back…” He said, smiling wickedly while dragging his words and pointing at the door comically.

He finished his statement and ran back inside the house.

I and Mary hurriedly sat up and arranged ourselves. And the door just opened just when we were done.

Mary turned immediately and greeted grandma with a phony smile as she stood up to hug her.

” mummy welcome” she said and took the bag from grandma

‘ yes my daughter, did you cut your hair?” Grandma asked looking at Mary’s hair as she gave Mary the bag of foodstuffs.

” welcome ” I said.

” my son. I saw the car outside, have they fixed it?” Grandma asked as she moved to the kitchen with Mary.

” yes ma”.

My suddenly phone rang and startled me, I picked it up and saw a foreign number with the name, Daniela. I slowly took it.

” Mike, i have been trying to call you since yesterday. I’m coming into Africa tomorrow. I told you I have a deal with a new prospect there”. A female foreign voice came through.

I tried to remember who Daniela was but couldn’t, so I played along.

” oh that’s true. I’m very happy to hear this ”

” I’m coming with Gabriel, please get ready, you’re coming with us, I’ve sent the prospects information to your mail, please study it and be prepared” Daniela said.

” alright”. I said, trying to remember if I have a mail, then it occurred to me that I could have it in the laptop I found in my room.

” are you okay? You sound different”. Daniela asked.

” oh, I’m perfectly fine!” I said smiling, with so much emphasis and a finger in the air.

” alright. See you tomorrow. Bye”. She said and hung up.

I looked around the sitting room aimlessly. Grandma and Mary were already busy laughing in the kitchen. I thought of something to give me a clue on this Daniela, then I remembered my laptop. I ran to my room and retrieved the laptop where i kept it in the wardrobe.

I opened it, turned it on and waited for it to boot. After booting I tried to operate it, but it was on a password mode.

” Bleep!” I cursed.

I can’t remember the password to my own laptop.

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