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Mary returned and knelt beside Daniel who sat down with the gun on his thighs. He was really hurt and bleeding profusely. The fat woman seemed really worried for Daniel who was already turning pale.

” I think we scared the driver away with the gun”. The fat woman said looking at the road if another vehicle was coming.

” how did you guys survived it?” I finally asked the question brewing inside of me.

” The military “. Daniel said in a weak tone.

” don’t say anymore”. The fat woman cautioned.Then she stood up and walked to the road.

Daniel held my hand and said smiling.” I pulled…you guys all out safe”

I smiled back and nodded. ” you were brave”.

He smiled and bent over like he was about dozing off. I shook him holding his shoulders and he jerked back to consciousness.

” hey! Not here, not now, you heard?” I said still shaking him.

He nodded and turned to Mary who squatted silently beside him.

” you…you fooled them all” he said and smiled.

” stop talking” Mary said with tears dropping down her cheeks.

He smiled and said to her. ” are you crying? I can’t die again, I survived there, how can I die here? We are all coming out of this alive”.

The sound of an approaching car was heard coming from the opposite direction of the road. I was struggling to my feet and Mary helped me.

The fat woman stood in the middle of the road waving at the car approaching from a distance, Mary joined her. I quickly picked the gun from Daniel who initially refused to let go and threw it inside the bush.

The car stopped and the ladies ran to it. Mary was already talking with the driver when I joined. The driver had a lady in the front seat whom I suspected to be his wife. Mary told them that we were attacked by armed robbers and they were willing to help because of Daniel’s condition.

The four of us managed the back seat. I turned to Daniel and he seemed to be okay. I asked him if he was comfortable, answered me ” I’m good”.with a smile.

We got to the nearest hospital and I turned to Daniel who was staring at something in front . I followed his gaze and saw nothing.

” we have arrived “. I said.

He remained still. I shook him slightly and he dropped his head on the fat woman’s shoulder who also was trying to see what was wrong with him, that was when we knew he was dead. The fat lady rushed out of the car calling on the nurses. She was hysterical.

The nurses came and wheeled Daniel away on a stretcher.

I sat on a chair in the hospital hallway watching as the fat woman walked to fro the hall uneasily. I turned to Mary, she sat silently beside me looking blankly at an anatomical photo of a naked man.

The doctor suddenly appeared and asked. ” you people brought him?”

We nodded and gathered around him. I already knew what he wanted to say and walked back to my seat feeling weak to my tummy.

” I’m sorry, he was dead before he was brought here”. The doctor said to the ladies curiously staring at him.

The fat woman shouted and threw her hands in the air before she sagged to the floor crying. Mary slowly sat beside me shedding silent tears. I remembered the last words Daniel said in the car.

” I’m a hero”. He laughed and I joined him. “I did one thing in my life that I’m proud of. I can’t wait to tell everyone about it, maybe write a book”.

This thought pained me so bad i closed my eyes foughting back the tears threatnening to fall down.

I was later admitted in the hospital due to my hip and leg dislocation. Mary called home to inform them about our whereabout.

In the evening of that day, an elderly woman that looked familiar came into my ward and hugged me passionately and emotionally while Mary stood beside the bed smiling at the family reunion. She broke the embrace and was in tears as she happily sang and danced. Two other teenagers came in and was very happy to see me.

Then she later realized I could’nt recognized her, that was when she broke down in tears and Mary comforted her.

An hour later, two guys joined too. One was using wakking stick. He greeted the old lady and the lady was happy to see them.

” Mike my man! Who did this to you?” The one with a walking stick asked looking disapproving at the bandage on my knee.

“He can’t recognize you, my grandson can not even recognize his mother”. The lady said and began crying.

The boys were surprised. The other moved closer and asked. ” do you know me?”

I looked at him and smiled, then turned to Mary for explanation. Like she could read my mind she said to me. ” Stanley and Jude, your new friends “.

I remembered the name from Mary’s thought earlier in the jungle and turned to the guy fvcking Calista and smiled.

Two days later, I was discharged and returned home. I sat at the balcony in my white jalamia looking at the business card I called the number on it at the kidnappers den. ” Fiona, who is she? “.

I called Henry to borrow me his phone. He brought it to me. When he left I dialed the number, it connected and a familiar voice asked. ” hello, who is this?”

” hi. My name is Mike, I found your number…”

” Mike? What’s going on?” She cut in. Her voice sounded angry.

” I’m sorry, I was kidnapped and luckily escaped”. I explained.

” yeah… I suspected. I reported the case immediately you called earlier and they tracked the line to the forest that same night but they didn’t see any captives”. Fiona said.

” oh, we got lucky “. I said wondering how timely her rescue team were.

” where are you now?” She asked.

” I’m at home”

” please text me the address, I’m coming over to see you right away”.

” I’m sorry, I lost most my memory when those kidnappers ran me over with their car. Please I don’t even know this address but I can ask”.

I called Henry, he came and I handed him the phone to give her the description to our house. Henry did exactly as I told him and returned the phone.

” okay, that’s where I live”. I said.

” I’ll see you soon”. She said and hung up.

I was still at the balcony seeping on some lemonade when the gate man opened the gate for a red Lexus jeep. I sat up properly and adjusted myself, someone in that car must be very rich, I thought.

She packed under a mango tree in front of the balcony and stepped down. I was surprised to see a very light skinned chubby lady with beautiful face, her perfume pervaded the whole compound the moment she was out from the car.

She was in a red bodyhug, cleavage baring blouse that revealed her flat tummy and a very tight blue jeans that elaborated on her broad hip. Her hair hung on her sides and her fingers were well manicured in red.

She came closer eyeing the crutches lying beside me. ” hey, what’s that?” She asked climbing the few steps to the balcony.

” I told you about the car accident “. I said adjusting the crutches out of the way.

She sat and looked at my face. ” you look dark. You need to hydrate”.

” that’s what I’m doing”. I said smiling as I took a sip from the glass of lemonade.

We later got talking about the kidnap and our escape, then talked about ourselves. I told her I could’nt remember anything, but my grandma told me I grew abroad, worked abroad and just returned. She said it showed in my ascent and she also suggested a psychological therapist for my memory lost. It was when she spoke about herself I got to know she is married to a military man who hardly stays at home, all her family members are all in the military except herself who chose to manage her own oil and gas business.

When I asked about her kids, she said she had non but believing it would happen for her soon.

When I looked into her eyes I discovered she was my mate, but was looking too matured for her age.

We talked about other things about life and I discovered we shared so much in common. We laughed at each other’s joke and hours was spent together without knowing. We had lunch, had some snacks, fruits and drinks. We continued having a great time until it was already dark and so she forced herself to leave.

Twenty minutes after she was gone, the gate opened, I looked and saw the gate man allowing Jude and Stanley in. I didn’t know why those boys gave me the creeps. But I waited to know why they came.

” hey blood” Jude said and made to shake a funny handshake with me but I didn’t follow.

” what was that?” I asked smiling as he sat opposite me.

Stanley took a seat beside him and said to me. ” that’s our brotherhood handshake”.

I laughed and said to them. ” you guys are just too funny”.

Stanley leaned forward and whispered. ” is grandma in?”

I shook my head and said ” she went to her friends, may not come back today. Why?”

Jude brought out something from his pocket. ” we brought you your drugs”.

I looked at the strange dry mashed leafe in a nylon in his hand and asked. ” what’s that?”

The boys exchanged a startled glance and exploded in laughter. I was surprised at why they were laughing.

Jude began wrapping the substance in a white paper; he handed one to Stanley who lit his and began smoking immediately, then wrapped one for himself, lit it and dragged in smoke looking at me and puffed it out on my face.

” what’s the meaning of this?” I retorted angrily.

” trying to jog your memory amigo” Jude said and handed me the smoke in his hand.

I hesitated and he said. ” if you really want to gain back your memory, you need weed”.

I took it from him, looked at him and Stanley, they both nodded and I dragged in a smoke. They clapped and encouraged me to drag in more. I did and then I had a flash of a party with naked women everywhere. When I opened my eyes I saw the old man in the forest walked past behind Stanley. I jerked up and looked to see if I was imagining it but found only the mango tree.

” what’s it?” Jude asked laughing.

I looked at them, they seem to laughing at me and I told them I thought I saw a snake. Their laughter increased and I pretenciously joined them.

I passed the weed over to Jude and after he took a drag, he said. ” you’ll attend your first meeting with the brotherhood”.

I could’nt believe he meant it initially. So I asked. ” what brotherhood?”

” the one your father initiated you into before he died. The reason you came back to Africa, to continue from where he stopped, you can’t remember?” Jude said verily on a serious note.

” my father?”. I asked, trying to remember what they were talking about.

” yes. Your father was a rugged member. Try and remember why you came back. This was it, you need to uphold your fathers legacy”. Jude said.

” please…I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know if it’s this thing I smoked, just give me time, perhaps when my grandma comes back, she will know better”. I said.

They exchanged glances and Jude said to me. ” not your grandma nor anyone must not know about this. You are a king in the brotherhood. You were supposed to lead your rugged brothers as a king that you are before the accident. I’m a friend, like a brother too, I can’t cheat or deceive you. “.

I heaved and asked for the weed.

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