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I watched as they pushed her in front of the leader, he moved over to the lady with his pistol in his hand; I was filled with anxiety and tension that I couldn’t keep steady.

” please…please… I was only trying to ease myself”. She said going on her knees.

The leader pointed the gun on her forehead. I stood behind him looking without knowing what to do.

” please…spare me. I’m the breadwinner in my family, my kids still needs me, please”. She pleaded.

I had this strong feeling to do something, I couldn’t stand watching her get killed without a fight at least. I turned to the men around us, there was no way I could play a smart one without being shot instantly moreover the odd was against me, I couldn’t even escape with my bad legs. I thought of who to use as leverage for escape; the girl seem expendable, the only person apparently of value was the leader, but he was out of my reach.

While I was still thinking, Daniel knocked down a guard standing in front of him, took his gun from and pointed it at the leader’s back in a swift second. He was visibly shaking as he looked around apprehensively.

” let her go!” Daniel blotted.

The guards all cautiously pointed their guns at Daniel, Mary and the girl ran to stand behind me, but the leader did not move a muscle, he still had his gun pointed at the fat woman.

” Dude, get out of here with the ladies!” Daniel said to me in a shaky tone.

” what about you?” I asked.

” don’t worry, this is the death I have always wanted, now go!” He replied.

I turned to Mary and pushed the little girl away from her. Mary and the little girl gave me a surprised look.

” she’s a mole! She’s been spying on us!”. I said pulling Mary away from the girl.

Everyone turned surprisingly at me for an explanation.

” it’s a lie! He’s lying!” The girl yelled.

” I saw her going to give them information this night. That’s why Mary pulled that stunt to save the lady”. I said.

Daniel pointed the gun at the leaders back who still held his gun at the fat ladies face and screamed. ” let her go now!”

I knew I had to stay behind to work with Daniel on whatsoever suicide mission he had in mind, so I whispered into Mary’s ear. ” run, run far away”.

She held my hand and pulled me, I resisted and was going to repeat myself when a loud gun shot flickered bright yellow light from Daniel’s direction. I turned towards the it but was mentally destabilized by more gunshot that followed. The guards retaliated and it was flashes of yellow lights and loud gun sounds everywhere.

In that frenzy, I pulled Mary’s hand and ran into the bush with my bad hip and legs limiting me. As we ran we heard further gunshots, I knew Daniel was dead and the fat lady too, we were next, I had to run as fast as I could; now, it was Mary pulling me along as I began lagging behind from the pain.

We ran with every strength we could gather. Mary continued dragging me along as I fought with the pain driving into me. Mary suddenly tripped on something and fell. I stopped behind her and pulled her up, then took a little time to looked around the dark forest, everything looked like a human being spying on us.

“we have to keep going”. I said to Mary, trying to recall the route we came from earlier in the day.

” I think we came through there” Mary said pointing adjacent our direction.

Then I heard a rustling sound. I shush Mary immediately and listened if i would hear it again. The sound seem to be coming from every direction.

” lie down!” I whispered to Mary.

She gently laid on her and I followed her. We remained still watching. My legs vibrated in fear, my eyes were very alert just as my ear’s antenna stood erect.

After a while of waiting, I saw a dark figure walk passed circumspectly. The fear in me increased, my hands joined my legs shaking, I fought it so that Mary won’t know I was sacred as she remained calm looking at the figure passing. I could hear her praying silently and making some recitations in her dialect.

Something ran through Mary’s waist, she let out a low startling cry and drew attention to us. The figure turned our direction and began walking slowly towards us. I couldn’t make out if it had a gun, I could only see it had a human frame.

Mary now was shaking and clinging firmly to my arm. I tried to stay calm but couldn’t. The figure came closer and I couldn’t see if it was putting on a cloth or not coz everything was dark.

It finally stood in front of us, opened the leaves that covered us and then disappeared in a wisps of smoke. I was half out of breath and Mary who let out a low scream and froze. I shook her to be sure she was okay, and she turned to me.

” are you okay?”. I asked.

She couldn’t bring herself to say a word. I slowly stood up frighteningly and looked around if the strange person or ghost was around. When convinced it was gone, I motioned Mary up and we continued our running. I didn’t want to spend a second there, not after being spooked by whatsoever it was.

We ran and walked for hours until we heard sound of moving vehicles. I turned to Mary in excitement, it felt like we just walked into paradise at last. She smiled, heaved a relief sigh and we continued towards the direction.

About forty minutes of staggering and battling with excruciating pain, thirst and tiredness we came out to the high way. What a relief at last. I and Mary stood impatiently waiting for a vehicle.

A car flashlight ray beamed from a distance. We looked hopefully at the direction.

” who are you!” A voice suddenly said from behind and spooked us.

Mary let out a cry and jumped on my back. I turned and saw a very old dry and slim man with a white cloth around his waist standing between bushes looking at me, I couldn’t see his face clearly in the moon light but I knew he looked pretty weird.

” who are you” I retorted cautiously.

He turned to the car approaching and asked again. ” who are you?”. His voice was dry coaxed and husky.

” please lets get out of here”. Mary whispered to me.

I turned to Mary briefly and returned to the man, but he had gone. I had no time to wonder where he went to, the car was already very close, we immediately started walking towards the approaching car and waving.

The car came closer and we waved at it hopefully but it drove past us. I was surprised, why would he do something like that? I asked myself.

” people are too scared”. Mary said as if she read my thought.

I was still conscious of the old man, our captors and the shadow we saw earlier. Mary too kept glancing around like she was expecting a wild animal to come out anytime. The sun was coming up, it felt relieving that at least we could see what was coming for us.

Then another car was seen approaching. Mary rushed forward and waved at it, it was a white pickup van. The driver slowed down and we rushed to meet up. He was a smallish dark man with full hair bald in the middle, full mustache and a reading glasses on. Putting on a short green sleeve shirt with its first four buttons opened.

“,good morning” Mary greeted as we looked through the passengers front seat window.

“Yes? Where are you people going to?” The man asked eyeing me suspiciously.

” just anywhere away from here”. Mary said looking behind her.

The man smelt trouble and become frightened. He slowly placed his hands on his steering and asked. ” is everything okay?”

” we were robbed” I said before Mary tells him the truth.

The man looked his front and back immediately and hurriedly beckoned us in. Without delay we entered the car and the engine stopped. We both turned to the driver questioningly, he too seem surprised.

” what’s happening? ” Mary asked.

” I don’t know, I don’t understand” he replied, still trying the ignition.

While we were waiting uneasily for the car to pickup, the old man suddenly appeared in front of us and stood looking. Now I could see him clearly; he was as charcoal dark man, his face looked like it was drained of blood and his head stood standing gray hairs that showed his shining scalp, his eyes were bulging out of the sockets. His lips were a very slim line and covered in wrinkles, he looked like a dry wood bathed with veins. His stomach was almost touching his back, with very visible ribs and his waist was very tiny with the white clothe around it and two broom like legs shooting out from underneath resting on two bare feets that were unbelievably huge.

” jeez!” Mary exclaimed in shock when she saw him.

The driver followed and stared completely dumbfounded. The old still stood motionless looking at us with his hands straight beside him.

” who is he?” The driver asked and a sudden surge of desperation to leave engulfed him as he tried the ignition with a tremulous hand cursing under his breath.

” who is he? What does he want?” Mary asked.

” I think I should ask him”. I said, not even sure I meant what I said.

Mary turned to me unbelievably and said. ” you are not going anywhere!”.

I knew the old man wanted something, whatsoever it is, let me pay the price.

With this thought, I opened the door and Mary tried to stop me, I insisted and stepped out ignoring her. As I walked to the man I wasnt feeling the pains as much as I felt my heart threatening to choke me to death.

I stood few steps away from the old man and asked. ” what do you want?”

He opened his mouth to speak, I couldn’t see any teeth nor tongue save for white background.

” who are you?” He asked dragging his voice in a dry husky tone.

I didn’t even remember who I was but knew they called me Mike but I couldn’t tell him that until he tells us what he want.

” who are you, what do you want from us?” I asked courageously

He stretched forth his palm and said looking straight into my eyes. ” come with me”.

Mary shouted shooting her head from the car window. ” Mike no! Mike come back! Get away from him!”

I turned to her swiftly and before I could I turned in front of me again, he was gone, I was startled and stood looking. The sound of the car engine came alive suddenly. I was so relieved and was returning to join them when someone came out of the bush with a gun and pointed it at the driver. I couldn’t believe my eyes who it was.

” Daniel!” I called.

He turned to me looking like he was dying. He smiled and staggered to the car still pointing the gun at the driver, then he sagged on a knee, Mary jumped out of the car to assist him. The the fat lady came out of the bush behind him.

I joined them and asked what happened, how they managed to escape. I thought they were dead. Just then, the driver zoomed off, Mary ran after him shouting but he was far gone.

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