I Am A Virgin

3 weeks ago

✍️ Synopsis

“Let’s finish off where we’ve started shall we?” He says huskily.

His voice seems to be calling my libido. But before I could respond, Jeremy has taken me in his arms. He gives me one final dark look before his lips descends upon mines.


All her life, what Leyla Levy has know is consistent struggle. That was until desperate measures forces her to sell her one and only true gift she could ever give to a man. Her Virginity. However, it may seem luck is on her side when she meets, a young, sexy and incredibly rich bachelor who seems intent on helping her out. But pride can also play a huge part on one’s choices no matter how desperate one is in need of help.

Throw in some weird, heartfelt, jealous, possessive and just downright arrogant characters and Leyla finds her life in turmoil of crazy. How did her life get so interesting? She is but lonely girl trying to find a place in this big old world.


Contains, swearing, moderate s*x scenes. You have been warned.



I Am A Virgin - S01

I Am A Virgin - S01

3 weeks ago