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(Four years later)

“Roshan come out here daddy is back” l called my four year old son.

“Welcome home Sweetie.”

“How are you wifey” Gray asked and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Am fine, how was work today?”

“Stressful as usual, where is my boy?”

“Daddy! Daddy! Roshan squealed excitedly as he hug his father.

“Welcome daddy.”

“How are you doing pumpkin.” Gray asked and carried him up.

“Am fine daddy.”

“Dad mum told me a story.”

“Really! What story?”

“The story of daddy, mummy, aunty Daisy, grandma and uncle Robin and the wicked aunty Selene.”

“Daddy! I don’t like what aunty Selene did to mummy.”

“It’s okay pumpkin, Selene is still in prison.”

“Okay Daddy, when l become a Novelist, my first story will be that of daddy and mommy.”

“That’s good pumpkin, don’t forget you are still going to take care of daddy’s business.”

“I won’t daddy.”

“Good boy.”

“Mummy when is anuty Daisy and grandma visiting?”

“They will visit soon, okay!”

“Alright mummy.”

“Roshan daddy is tired and needs to rest, l will go prepare his bath.”

“Daddy are you tired?”

“Yes am very tired pumpkin, mummy needs to bath daddy we will be right back okay!” Gray said and winked at me and l chuckled.

What a pervert.

Daisy ended up with Robin and they got married a year ago.

Gray has been the best husband and father l could ever dream of, l love him so much.

I now work as the CEO of Roshan enterprise.

He recently built the company in our son’s name.

“Roshan to your room, mummy wants to attend to daddy.”

“Okay mummy.”

“Wait mummy, you didn’t tell me the title of your story.”

“Am sorry pumpkin, the title is One night stand

Pregnant for a stranger.

“Thank you l love you mummy.”

” I love you too pumpkin.”


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