My Crazy Househelp

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My Crazy House Help

(She defiled me)

By. Humble Smith


Meet Bryan a god on his own, his name is on the air and no one in the whole country doesn’t know him..

Why wouldn’t he be known when he is the most cutest guy ever seen, some believed he isn’t a human..

He wasn’t only cute but also got the greatest voice ever, his voice could melt your would leaving you emotional, his music is all that would always be heard all around the city..

His life was perfect, having all this and also being the son of one of the most richest man in the country..he also has the best girlfriend..


She was also a singer and the best female singer known, they both matched and were the talk of the town when ever they walk together..

When they both sing, the whole crowd faints in emotion, it was always the best…

His life was going well till he found Sophia having sex with Jeremy who was his main rival in the world of music..

He couldn’t hate Sophia and forgave her immediately, but when he caught them two more times, it dawned on him that she never loved him…

His life turned to something else which couldn’t be explained..

He became the most coldest man any woman would meet, he hated them with all his heart..

Surprisedly to him, he couldn’t hate Sophia and that made him experience series of heartbreak from her…

He went into a world of sadness hating everything around him..

He would always stay alone and snub anyone who talks to him..

That was how his life turned into till he met Rose…

Rose is a young beautiful maiden not known for anything, she is poor so no one wants to know anything about her,

She is one of Bryan’s dying fan and real love him madly…

Fate brought them together as she as employed as his house help by his mother..

Rose would have to do anything possible to amend his broken heart…

There was something Bryan found in Rose that got him interested..

She is crazy….

She Is clumsy

She is funny

She made him laugh

She has a unique voice…

But would he ever fall for her??

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You won’t wanna miss it.

Its gonna be a blast

Your Author Humble Smith

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My Crazy Househelp - S01

My Crazy Househelp - S01

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