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All my attempts to replace my credentials were futile. Getting a police report was a big problem. They wanted me to give them bride before the report could be issued. But I am a new person now, I can’t give bribe anymore. All my years of labour in school were burnt in minutes by a woman I called my wife, just to get back at me. Well, I can’t blame God, I was only swallowing what I chewed.

Many things I suffered in the hands of Jocelyn were unthinkable and cruel. Some I have never shared with anyone before. How can I tell people my wife was beating me? How can I tell people my wife denied me sex for 365 days of a year? How well can I explain my emotional pains and my secret groaning? My marriage was resemblance of hell fire. Many times I have thought of suicide but that will hinder me from seeing God on the last day. I can’t endure these sufferings here on earth and still end up in hell.

To further frustrate me, Jocelyn started bringing different men into the house I should have referred to as our matrimonial home. I will serve her and also serve her numerous boyfriends who treated me like a houseboy. They do a lot of things in my presence yet I mustn’t react. She hugged, kissed and romanced them right in my presence. At night i wud hear their moans, during sex but I had to keep mute. I will clean up their mess without partaking in it. I wanted to marry a rich woman, a rich woman I got.

When the suffering was too much and was becoming unbearable I to told pastor I want a divorce. I was ready to live all my life without marriage. Pastor Lanre tried to discourage me from seeking for a divorce but my life was at stake and my Christianity was not guaranteed with Jocelyn. Divorce was better than what I called marriage. I would have been ordained as a minister in the church but my marriage was the setback.

What would you advice me if I was your brother?

Don’t you think my punishment is too much for my sin?

If you are in my shoe what will you do?

The Bible discourages divorce, wat wud u advice i should do ,should i wait for my wife to die so that i can b free, and then remarry? Wat do u think? ……..

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