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🌹 Phoebe 🌹


“Phoebe long time know see.”

“What’s happening?Did you brought me here?”

“What do you think?”she said looking at me with sharp gaze.”

“How could you? what wrong have l done!”

“Oh! You v’e forgotten so soon, how you stole my first love you b---h.”

“It’s been Seven years ago why are you still dwelling in the past? and besides l never stole him, he distanced himself from you because of your attitude, you kept bullying the weak.

You did a lot of shit Selene, l and Zake never dated, we were just friends he wanted to make you jealous, he wanted you to stop being stubborn and unruly,he wanted you to change but instead you became worst, you don’t know how heartbroken he was before he left the country.

“Enough, don’t push the Blame on me, you stole him pretending to be saint, so that l will be the devil in his eyes.”

I loved Zake more than anything and you knew it, but you made him stop loving me.l hate you Phoebe. I will make sure you never experience anything called love, l will make sure you experience ten times the pains l felt when Zake left me.”

“Selene, when will you ever change, you keep concealing your mistakes and put the Blame on others, don’t you also remember you slept with his best friend, why won’t he hate you?” I said and her palms landed on my cheeks.”

“Selene you slapped me” l gasped in shock.

“And l will do it over and over again, don’t be too surprised, more are coming have always been a devil you know.

Where should l start from.

“Goerge broke up with you because, l told my father to make him marry me or he loses his job, he was preparing to propose to you but as the she devil l am l can’t let that happen, so l came up with a plan and it worked perfectly, l guess Goerge truly didn’t love you, he loved his job more, so he agreed.

we did a private wedding and l divorced him

some months later.

“No, it can’t be you must be lying”l cried.

“Save your tears sweetie there are more you haven’t heard, preserve the tears for them.”

“I was there the day Goerge broke up with you, l knew you may want to get drunk so l arranged for a man to do a sex tape with you and for a waiter to Spike your drink so you won’t remember much of what happened.l wanted to send it to Goerge so he will hate you forever but unfortunately my plans gone wrong.

Recently l was trying to let go of the past but again you snatch the heart of the one man l have a crush on.

I was the one that arranged for the bricks to fall on you accidentally when you went with your boss to a construction site hoping you will die, l still can’t imagine that Gray Mensah fell in love with a dumbass like you.

I told my father to arrange a marriage contract between me and Mr Gray but he was stubborn all because of you f-----g c--t.”

If he loves you this much what will he do when he finds out the truth about you.

“Selene stop this madness, Mr Gray is my boss and we aren’t in love, l never stole anything from you, you are acting immmaturely, l don’t even know anything about the marriage contract.”

“What else do you want to steal from me? huh what?

“Selene, it’s time you grow up and accept your mistakes stop putting it on me, l knew you were up to no good but never knew you will start chasing the men l love.”

“Oh! You agree you love your boss.”

” It’s only when you die that my mind can be at rest.”

“Selene, those things happened when we were in high school, why not let go of the past.”.

“Never, l hate you Phoebe.

I hate you”

“You hate me for no reason because have done you no wrong, all the things you mentioned does not have anything to do with me, you are just too wicked that’s why Zake left you, you are devil Selene” l said and she slapped me across the face.

” You can slap me all you want but it’s never too late to correct your mistakes.”

“Enough, now let me explain how your death is gonna be like.

“Am going to put you in a car with your arms tied up.we will mess with the car brake and put some explosive device on it.

Come to think of it how will you control the steering when your arms are tied behind your back?.

Impossible right?

Suddenly your car brake stopped working and then you encounter a car crash and ones the car hits something

Booooooom!the car will explode and you will be built alive.

“Aren’t l clever?”She asked and laughed evilly.

“Say something Phoebe, don’t you like the idea.”

“Suite yourself you devil reincarnate” l yell at her.

“Hahahaha! She laughed wickedly.

“What will Gray do when he finds out his little secretary who happens to be his baby mama have been roasted alive.”

“What are you talking about”.

“I know you are pregnant and that’s the reason l hastened in killing you so soon.”

“You don’t know who is responsible for the pregnancy and yet you are so close to him, what will l call it foolishness or stupidity?

“I will tell you who is responsible for your pregnancy so you know how stupid you are and this will make your death more painful.”

“You really know who is responsible, please tell me.”

“Don’t be desperate you are going to die soon remember.”

“It won’t be bad if l at least know who he is before l die” l replied.

“So you are prepared to die, how interesting.”

“The father of your baby is no other person than your boss Gray Mensah but you were to stupid to not find out and this is the reason l so badly want to kill you.”

“No! it can’t be you are lying.” I cried.

“It’s a lie.”

“Fool,you are a fool Phoebe”

“Sparrow prepare the car.”

“Phoebe say your last prayers.”




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