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I paced up and down in my room.

What happened to Phoebe?

Her line isn’t going through.

She couldn’t have slept over, it’s not possible how could she sleep in his house they have not gotten closer to that extent.

I pick up my phone and called grandma.

“Hello! Good morning grandma” l greeted.

” Good morning my dear” she said from the other end.

” Hmmmm, grandma is Phoebe there with you?” I asked.

” No, she hasn’t visited for a while,Are you not together?” She asked.

” Bye grandma l will call you later” l said and hung up.

What’s happening?

This is 9am in the morning, if she slept out she should have been home by now.

Something is wrong.

What should l do? her line is not reachable.

The office.

I should go to the office.

I dressed hurriedly heading to the office.





It’s 9am already and Phoebe is not yet to come.

She has never been this late.

Is it the wound? I said inwardly.

I tried calling her but is not reachable.

Robin walks in.

Mr Gray! you look worried, what happened? he asked.

” Do l look worried?” I asked.

“It’s obvious, so tell me, what is it?” he asked.

Phoebe didn’t come to work today, l kinda missed her, l tried calling her but it’s not reachable.

I was hoping to see her today to thank her for making me sleep so peacefully in so many years.

“The recipe worked?”

“Yeah l slept like a baby.”

” Wow! That’s good news, why not employ her to be your personal maid instead of your secretary.”

“Are you crazy!

“Just kidding, l can see love in the air.”

“Her absence is making you worry this much , that’s good, she definitely have her reasons for not coming.”

” Yeah, maybe” l said.

Someone bargs in, a lady.

I have never seen her before.

What’s she doing here, if she is here for sex am not in the mood for that.

” Robin the lady called.”

“My goodness! Daisy what are you doing here?”Robin asked.

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‘Am here for an important reason, am sorry for not showing up on the date, something came up” She said.

“It’s okay, how have you been?” Robin asked.

“Have been well, how about you?”she asked.

“Am gud” Robin replies.

“You both know each other!

“Yes” Robin replied.

“Are you here to see me?” Robin asked.

“No, besides l never knew you work here

am here to see Mr Gray.”

“Gray! Robin said.

“Why do you want to see me” l asked.

“Where is Phoebe?”

“Phoebe! How do you know Phoebe” l asked.

“Phoebe Adwin is my bestfriend, we stay in the same apartment and l remember vividly when you called and invited her to your house to come make you some kind of recipe and since yesterday she hasn’t returned.” She explains.

“What! How did this happen.”

” My driver told me he dropped her at her apartment.”

“Well l didn’t see her, she isn’t with her grandmother either, she can’t be anywhere else, we are her only family.”

What if she is with a client? I said inwardly, l felt pain in my heart at the thought of another man touching her.

No, something is wrong some where, her line isn’t reachable and her Best friend should have knew if she was with a man.

” Mr Gray you are not saying anything, where is my friend” she half yelled and glared at me.

This lady does have some guts.

” Calm down pretty” Robin tells her.

“How will l calm down when Phoebe is missing.”

” Miss Daisy will you keep quiet and let me think” l yell at her and she rolled her eyes at me.

Seriously she should thank her stars that she is Phoebe’s best friend l would have taught her a big lesson.

“Robin help me contact Alec he needs to help us find her, he should check all the IP cameras in her house and the environment, we have to find her quickly.”

“I will be right back, Daisy please be calm okay! Robin said as he walks out.

“Yes, we have to find her nothing should happen to her in her condition.”

“What condition?”

” Never mind am giving you 48 hours to find her or am filing a missing report and off course l will tell them my friend got missing after she left to meet the almighty Gray Mensah” she said sarcastically and roll her eyes.

What a physco, is that even a threat.

” Bye Mr Gray”she said and shut the door behind her.

How can this happen?

I will make sure l eliminate those bastards when l catch them.

“Robin what did he say?”I asked

” He is working on it, be patient okay, we will find her.”

“Oh my God! What if something bad happens to her? ”

” Nothing will happen okay,try to eat your breakfast.”

“Why is this happening? I lost my appetite.”




🌹 Phoebe 🌹

Am feeling light headed.

Where am l?

I tried to open my eyes but l was blind folded.

I panicked as l recalled what happened last night.

I was sedated.

Who is after me?

Who have l offended?

I tried to move but my arms and legs are tied.

Oh God! Where on earth am l?

What’s going on?

What wrong have l done?

Hahahaha, l Suddenly heard the laughter of a woman.

I listened carefully the laughter sounds near.

The laughter stopped and the woman speaks.

” Untie her”

That voice sounds familiar.

I was untied.

“Please don’t hurt me” l plead.

“Phoebe dear! She calls mockingly.

She even knew my name.

“Who are you and how do you know my name?” I asked in fear.

“One question at a time sweetie, it’s a good question though and am going to answer accordingly.”

I felt a hand on my face and she removes the blind fold.

“Surprise! She said.


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