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Mr Gray came back after receiving the call.

He had an unreadable expression.

He started to help me take off my clothes.

I was speechless and my heart skipped a beat when his hand touched my skin.

He took it off carefully afraid l might get hurt.





I think am starting to regret this.

My heart beats faster when l saw her almost naked body.

She is now wearing a two pieces of underwear which revealed her fair smooth skin.

I can feel my temperature rising.

My throat became dry.

Am hard already.

I try to calm myself and suppress my emotions and desire.

Fortunately l was standing behind her, she couldn’t see my erection.

I started to apply the ointment on her wound gently, the scent of her hair filled my nostril.

My mind is in choas, am finding it hard to concentrate.

I applied it quickly before l lose my self control.





” Thank you” l sincerely said.

I was about to walk away but be hugged me from behind.

His arms on my waist and his face on my neck.

“What her you doing to me?” he whispers.

I froze in place.

What is he doing?”

I tried to free myself from his embrace.

“Mr Gray what her you doing?” I ask.

But he tightened his grip around me and speak in an hoarse voice” Don’t move or else you will regret it” he warned.

” Please let me go” l plead.

I tried to wiggle myself from his embrace, l don’t want to be near him anymore, am afraid l might not be able to control myself.

In a blink of an eye, he is in front of me.

” I told you not to move, don’t regret if l fo this” he said and kissed me.

My mind went blank, he is kissing me, Gray Mensah is kissing me.

I can’t help it, l kissed back and he tightened his grip around me and deepened the kiss and his hands roam my body.

Our lips were fighting for dominance.

Why does this feel so right and yet wrong?

I can’t do this, he is my boss, what will he think of me?

I can’t let him have entrance to my body do easily.

I thought of an idea with that thought l bite his lips.

Awh! He screamed and released me.

He touched his lips.

” Why did you bite?” me he asked annoyed.

“Am sorry” l said and ran to my room.

I got in and shut the door.

This is the second time l allow him touch my body.

I can’t let this happen again.

It must never happen again.

I kinda enjoyed the kiss though.

I hate the way l feel when am around him.

Ouch! My shoulder hurts.

I lay on my bed and slept off touching my lips.





I went to her room, she had already fallen asleep.

I stare at her little face, carress her hair and kiss her forehead.

Chat martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.

I pulled the blanket and put it on her.

Why am l feeling this way?

Do l like her?l can’t seem to concentrate when am around her.

I went to my room and opened my laptop but l can’t seem to concentrate.

I closed the laptop, picked a glass and poured whiskey on it.

The words Phoebe told me earlier kept playing on my mind.

” I know a recipe that can make you sleep without being hypontized.”





I woke up at nine in the morning.

I went to the bathroom, l brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I try to put on my dress, my shoulder hurts.

Ouch! I cried as l put on my dress.

I tie my hair in messy bun and walk out of the room.

The entire house is empty.

Did he left? I mumbled.

I searched the house but couldn’t find him.

I got to the dinning and there are already food on the table.l knitted my brow.

I noticed a note and read it

” I have to go check the construction site and buy some stuffs, you should eat and take your medicines.”

A smile curved on my lips.

So Mr Gray can cook.

So sweet of him.

I take a seat and started eating.

I was done eating.

I cleaned the dinning and washed the dishes quickly before he arrives.

I don’t want him to see me washing because of the wound.

I sit quietly and scroll through my phone

There were lots of messages from Daisy.

I heard the noise of a car engine.

I got up from my seat and opened the front door.

” You are awake! Mr Gray said as soon as l opened the door.

He entered.

“How are you feeling?”

” Did you eat your breakfast?”he asks in a rush.

“Hmm! I nod nervously, why is he being informal.

He approached me and kissed my forehead.

“Good”he smiled.

My body stiffened.

Did he just smile?

Why is this man acting so wierd since yesterday?

Did he eat something?

Have never seen him smile.

His smile was enchanting.

Why do l feel this way

This feeling has to stop, l can’t be attracted to him.

He is my boss and am pregnant.

“Here, l bought you this” he stretch his hand and gave me the big paper bag he is holding.

I take a peek inside the bag, there are dresses and …….

I froze for a moment and throw him a meaningful look.

He knitted his brow for a while looking at me.

“What?” He asked.

Mr Gray you bought me a

I didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

“Yeah, l bought you some underwear” he

said pointlessly and my face turned red.

He just said underwears like it’s no big deal.

“Thank you sir”l said.

“You are welcome.”

” When we are alone call me Gray.”

” Huh”

“You heard me get dressed we are leaving in an hour, something came up” he said leaving me speechless.






” Mr Gray welcome back,how was the honey moon.”

“I heard the Secretary got injured because of you, that’s true love.”

” Robin can you please be serious.”

“Am here for a reason and you know it.”

“Okay, but how is she doing, did you gave her some days off to heal up?

“Yes l did,so tell me why didn’t Mr Li sign the contract?”

Why is he making it difficult.

“Gray you have to calm down okay because what am about to say is not very pleasant to hear.”

” Say it, say it okay.”

” He wants a marriage contract.”

“He wants you to marry his daughter.”





Are you guys thinking what am thinking.

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