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I lay quietly on the hospital bed.

” Doctor how is she?” Mr Gray ask anxiously to the doctor who approached him.

” We have already stitched the wounds on her shoulder and aside from the deep wound, there are no other serious injuries.

The X-ray result is good, we did not see a broken or cracked bone on her shoulder.

However, her wound was swollen due to the force of the the bricks that hit her shoulder.

To avoid it from being infected, you should apply anteseptic ointment.

And due to her condition, you should take good care of her.”

” I will”he replied.

The doctor gave him the prescriptions

Of the medicines l should take.

I knew what he meant by my condition, but l guess Mr Gray didn’t understand.

I sit on the bed and rest my head on the head board.

After a while Mr Gray walked closer to me.

“Why did you do that?” He asked with flush of concern in his eyes.

” I wasn’t thinking and beside anyone in my place would have done same” l said not looking at him.

Mr Gray balled his hand.

” You almost got killed.”

I didn’t respond.

He sighed when he heard nothing from me.

“We can’t go back anymore” he informs.

“What! Why?” I ask and finally look at him.

“It will be hard for you to travel due to the wound” he explains.

” But it’s just an hour and forty minutes to travel through” l argued

” No, we should stay here until your wound gets better” he insisted.

“Where are we going to stay?”l asked.

” I have a penthouse here, so you should not worry.”

” My best friend will get worried if l won’t go home” l tried to find an excuse.

“Your best friend” he said and chuckles.

“Are you Sixteen?”

” You can call to inform her you won’t be coming for a few days.”

“For a few days?” I ask in disbelief.

“Yes we are not leaving until your wound is healed.”

But l …………..

” Can you please keep shut, am tired of this argument, don’t forget am the boss here, we are staying for a few days and that is final ” he stated coldly.

I almost forgot, have been talking to Gray Mensah.




It was already five pm,l was discharged from the hospital.

We went to Mr Gray’s penthouse.

I look around and am amazed, Mr Gray has a great taste in interior desighs.

” Would you like to have a rest?”

” Yes” l replied.

” Come with me” he said.

I walk behind him.

The house looks clean and well kept.

Do someone stay here? I wanted to ask but l kept shut.

You are with your boss, Gray Mensah remember, l mentally scold myself.

” This is will be your bedroom for the meantime” he said as we enter the room.

” Thank you sir.”

I admire the bedroom, it’s so beautiful and spacious.

He went upstairs, after about ten minutes, he was back with stuffs on his hand.

” Here, change your clothes” he gave me a piece of cloth.

I took the clothes and he went upstairs.

Gosh! this dress is too short.

How am l going to wear this?

I can’t even lift my hand.

I sighed and drop the dress on the bed.

The door opens and Mr Gray walks in.

He was wearing a short and singlet.

He looks hot, no l mean superhot, that’s still an understatement.

Those abs are enticing, l was beginning to drool over his musculine body.

” What are you staring at and why haven’t you changed your clothes?” He asks.

” I can’t lift my hand” l reply to the latter.

” It would be hard for you to move your shoulder because of the wound.”

” I will help you.”

” What? I said in disbelief.





I will help you take off your clothes l tell her.

Her eyes widened in disbelief.

I don’t seem to understand why she is hestitating.

It’s not like l haven’t seen what she is hiding.

” You don’t have to worry, am not h---y, so l won’t take advantage of the situation.”

This lady is making me talk too much.

” Thank you sir but am okay with the clothes, thanks for your concern” she said and l chuckle.

” What’s with the change, are you now a Nun or something.”

” Remember l have to apply ointment to the wound so am taking it off whether you like it or not.”

A call came through,l left the room to receive the call.

” Hello buddy.”

“Hey bro, there is bad news.

” What bad news?”

” Mr li refused to sign the contract.”

” What! is he insane?”

” What’s wrong with his f----d up head.”

” He is demanding for something, something huge.”

“Have met his demands what else does he want, l worked so hard for this contract, why didn’t he sign it?”

” Boss, you have to come over, am afraid l can’t tell you what he wants, it’s complicated.”

” You should come over as soon as possible, l don’t know if you can meet this demand of his but we can’t afford to loose the contract.”




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