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I enter the office happily. Today am in a very good mood.

For the past few days I and Daisy went to different places and we had a lot of fun all thanks to Mr Gray for giving me some days off.

I visited grandma and explained everything to her, she didn’t react the way l expected. She was calm and told me to keep the baby.

So am cool.

I and Stella exchanged greetings and l headed to my office.

There were some files on my desk, l was supposed to present it to Mr Gray the other day l fainted.

I have to get his coffee.

I went out to get coffee and headed to Mr Gray’s office.

I knock gently.

” Come in” he said.

I enter the office and stare at Mr Gray, his hair is messy, his eyes are red and puffy, he looks stressed.

He didn’t sleep.

I pity him.

After the days work he can’t sleep.

I thought he uses hyponsis, why didn’t he sleep? I ask inwardly.

“Sir here is your coffee.”

” You may leave” he said not sparing me a glance.

He look so stressed, l can help him but am afraid to talk.

How am l going to start a conversation with him?

I turned to look leave but couldn’t.

I have to tell him.

” Sir, l heard you have insomnia, l know a recipe that can help you sleep without being hypontized.” I said in a rush.

He raises his head to look at me.

He stare at me for what seems like forever.

My breathing became heavy and my palms are sweaty.

” Then why don’t you teach me?” He said.

I looked at him in surprise, this wasn’t the answer, l expected.

I expected him to yell at me and tell me to get lost.

” Yes, sure, yeah l will” l stuttered.

” Good, but before then get ready you will accompany me to the construction site in Cape Town.”

” Sir l ……

” I guess you should cancel the appointment you have with your client.”

” What?” I ask with knitted brow.”

“Get ready you may leave”.

” I hate this man.”




” Robin you don’t have to come with me.”

” And why shouldn’t I? Am your P. A so l should be there.”

” Stay here and sign the contract with Mr li.”

” Does it mean you will be going alone?”

” No, am leaving with someone.”

“who are you ditching me for?”

” Wait don’t tell me it’s the secretary.”

” Yes she will accompany me.”

” I thought as much.”

” But that isn’t the work of a secretary besides she is a woman.”

” You can nag all you want, she is coming with me.”

” Should l book an hotel?”

” We will be coming back by noon, besides l have a pent house there in case we can’t come back today we can stay there for the night.”

” Hope is not what am thinking?”

” What are you thinking?”

” Nevermind, have fun.

“Robin don’t be silly, what are you talking about?”

” Have fun, I have work to do Mr Gray.”




Author’s pov

They arrive Cape Town at 11am.

They went straight to the construction site.

Phoebe felt uneasy, she didn’t like the idea of being here and following Mr Gray around. He was too intimidating.

She walked gently behind him.

They got to a part were the construction is still going on.

Phoebe look around observing the work being done.

She looked up to the second floor where the laborers were busy moving a brick on the other side of the place.

But someone suddenly pushed one pile of brick and it was going to drop on the spot Gray is currently standing.

Phoebe didn’t think twice.

” Mr Gray” she cried and pushed him away.”

Gray slumped on the ground and the brick hit her right hand.

Ah! Phoebe cried as she fell on top of Gray.

Gray face turned pale when he saw blood oozing out from her shoulder.

His body trembled and the tips of his hand turned cold.

” Miss Phoebe” Phoebe he called and lightly patted her.”





Am still conscious and can hear Mr Gray calling out my name.

” Phoebe wake up please l will take you to the hospital.”

He lifted me gently and place me at the back seat.

Though l was still conscious, l was weak and loosing my energy.

The blood continued to ooze from my wound.

He tore his shirt and wrap it around my wound to minimize the oozing.

Drive he told the chauffeur.




Unknown pov

“Why did things turn out that way” she yells at the person on the other line.

” Am sorry miss, it was a mistake.”

” Shut the hell up you coward, the brick was supposed to fall directly on her, now he is going to like her more for saving him.”

” Was she severely injured.”

” Yes and unconscious.”

” Good no more mistakes.”

Sure thing miss.

“l don’t want her to die too quickly, l still have to deal with her for a little while.”

” Keep an eye on her.”

” Yes l will.”

” Good.”




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