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“Daisy am serious, stop joking”.

“So am l Phoebe, the doctor said you are a week pregnant.”

“I stare at her for few seconds wanting to find a hint of unseriousness in her but there was none.”

” So it’s true?” I ask .

” Phoebe am sorry, l never knew things will turn out this way” she said pathetically.

” No! No way.”

” What have l done?”

” What have l done?”

” Phoebe stop crying, you are an adult, stop acting like a teenager who found out she is pregnant.”

” Am a disgrace Daisy, a big disgrace, what will l tell Grandma? How am l gonna explain that l got pregnant for a man l don’t even know?” I said and sobbed more.

” Stop it Phoebe, you are not a disgrace, the pregnancy is a week old why not get rid of it if it’s too difficult for you to handle.”

” No way am killing an innocent baby.”

” Am such a fool, l could have faced the consequences of my actions but l ran away from it, If l didn’t run away l could have gotten a glimpse of the man l sleep with.”

” What if Goerge is responsible for the pregnancy?”

” What are you even saying, l can remember the last time George and I got intimate and the pregnancy is a week old so that explains everything.”

” Am sorry l was just saying.”

” Phoebe you are a twenty two years old lady with a good job, you have a grand mother who loves you more than anything and you have me, you know l can’t trade you for anything, so stop crying you can move past this okay!”.

” We are in this together.”

” I love you so much bestest and it hurts me to see you cry.”

” Daisy aren’t you ashamed of me, if not am ashamed of myself and l know grandma will be ashamed as well, am done here coolval stories.”

” Phoebe wait up.”

“Phoebe please wait up.”

” Phoebe”

” Phoebe.”




I ran as much as my legs can carry me.

I just want to be left alone.

How did my life turn out this way?

First Goerge broke up with me and now am carrying the child of a total stranger.

I board a cab and arrive at Busua beach, this is where Daisy and l usually spent our time while growing up.

I sat quietly and allow the evening breeze blow my hair all over my face.

I cried freely on how damaged my life has become.

Grandma will be very disappointed in me.

She v’e always got high hopes in me.

I felt a presence beside me and l turn to see an older woman probably in her mid forties.

She dressed elegantly with expensive jewelries but looked depressed.

Why would such an expensive looking woman be depressed?

I have my own problems anyways.

I rest my head on my knees enjoying the evening breeze.

My phone started ringing, off course it’s Daisy.

I switch it off, l just want to be alone.

I felt a slight tap on my shoulders and turn to see who the hell was disturbing me but to my surprise is was the older woman.

I wasn’t pleased but l kept quiet l didn’t want to be rude especially to an older woman.

” How are you young lady? She asked”

I didn’t reply l just focus on the view ahead of me ignoring her, do l look okay to her?

” I know you are very sad and upset, so am l but we can share our problems, what do you think?”

I stare at her surprised, why is she acting all caring, we don’t even know each other.

Well that’s much better we don’t know each other and may never get to meet each other again.

There is no harm in sharing my problems with her.

Before l could respond she started talking.

” I once had a son, who cared for me more than anything in the world.But it’s all in the past now.

The son l have now hates me more than anything.

Although he is now a very successful young man, l only have to watch him from a distance.

I came back from the states some few days ago but there was no one to welcome me.”

” Why does your son hate you?” I find myself asking.”

” After his father died, three months later l started having an affair with his best friend.

My son was mad at me and told me to stop seeing him but l persisted.

Most times l left him all alone and travel to different places with my so called lover.

Most times my son will stay awake all night waiting for me.

I was so busy traveling the world and didn’t for once notice my son’s growing hatred for me.

I gave him money and other necessities but l never gave him the love and attention of a mother.

I feel ashamed am a disgrace to motherhood.”

” Stop crying, everyone has a story to tell, am pregnant and l don’t know the father of the baby.

I got drunk after my boyfriend who l dated for five years broke up with me.

I woke up to find myself naked in an hotel room, l ran away not waiting to get a glimpse of the man l slept with and here am l a week pregnant not knowing the person responsible for the pregnancy.”

” Oh! My darling, am sorry” she said and engulf in a hug.

I felt so comfortable it’s like l knew her before.

It was getting dark already, we both stood up and head out together.

” What’s your name?” she asks.

” My name is Phoebe.”

” You are a very beautiful lady Phoebe, promise me you will keep the baby and shower him with love and attention.”

” I promise.”

” I will like us to meet another time if you are interested, here is my card you can call me anytime and when you need anything.”

” My name is maya, it was nice meeting you Phoebe.”

” It was nice meeting you too” l said and collect the card from her.

” I will take my leave now.” I said.

” Good night Phoebe.”

“Good night Maya” I said relunctantly.

Calling her Maya will be very difficult for me, she would be the same age with my mother if l had one.

I switch on my phone, and Daisy call came through.

I smiled staring at the phone screen.

For some unknown reason l felt happy.

It’s true there are lot of people who care about me.

I just have to move on and like l promised l will shower my child with all my love and attention.




But do you think Phoebe made a good decision?

And who was the older lady?

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