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Spirit Soul — Overlord Dragon

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He had brought Mu Ye too many surprises. Although Mu Ye was not sure if it was truly suitable for Tang Wulin to absorb the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark, naturally he would not stop the process. That was a ten-thousand-year soul ring, not a ten-thousand-year spirit soul. The fusion of soul rings would not affect a Soul Master’s spiritual power. Was it not difficult for one to obtain a ten-thousand-year soul ring? Furthermore, this was something that he had killed himself and his body had absorbed it of its own accord. It should be beneficial to his body.

As he looked on, the black soul ring was already above Tang Wulin’s head after shooting forth from afar and was descending gradually.

Now that he had undergone his martial soul’s second awakening, Mu Ye was not worried in the least that Tang Wulin could not absorb this ten-thousand-year soul ring. His body’s strength was enduring, and his spiritual power was at least at the rank of Spirit Sea or it would have been impossible for him to undergo so many days of vigorous cultivation.

It was a whole forty-nine days! Even for him, under the devil’s training of the Body Sect’s previous sect master, he had completed the second awakening of his martial soul on the twenty-eighth day. It was said that under the devil’s training which stimulated one’s potential, the longer it went on, the amount of pain would increase, and it would be more terrifying.

However, Tang Wulin had stoutly persevered for forty-nine days. Other than his great potential, his extremely indomitable willpower was also the reason he was able to do it. Otherwise, he would have collapsed early on.

What shocked Mu Ye throughout the training process was that although this child was in such pain, so much pain that he would have wished to die, as long as there was something to eat once he woke up, he would display a contented expression after he had his fill. How powerful a heart he must have! He would try again on the second day. The more he was put down, the more valiantly he fought.

Under normal circumstances, a person should have been progressively dejected after being trained this gruelingly. However, although he was not quite used to it during the first two days, after that he even seemed to be enjoying the entire ordeal. He did not feel any burden from all this. His body’s regenerative abilities were also very strong, so he must have been supported by those heaven and earth treasures-type food. However, the premise was that he must be able to digest them first! In terms of eating, he was truly the most formidable person Mu Ye had ever seen.

It should not have been a problem for him to absorb the ten-thousand-year soul ring with his body’s qualities and spiritual will. That was something obvious. It was definitely something great to have a ten-thousand-year soul ring as a fourth soul ring as it would lay a firm foundation for his upcoming improvements. The strength of the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s body was also sufficient. The only thing he was unsure of was the compatibility with his martial soul.

As Mu Ye observed, the black soul ring had already come down from above Tang Wulin’s head and was about to merge with him.

Suddenly, an unexpected change occurred.

A deep roar suddenly came from Tang Wulin’s body. That was definitely not his own voice. Then, a ball of light formed on top of his head and surprisingly blocked the descending black soul ring.

‘What was that?’

Mu Ye shifted his gaze toward it. He saw with a shock that a small illusory image had appeared on Tang Wulin’s head. A head that was proportionally larger, thick and powerful legs, a pair of sharp claws, and a long tail.

No matter how one looked at it, it appeared to be the Overlord Dragon, the primordial creature which only existed in legends!

Mu Ye had known for quite some time now that Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul was useless, but under his gradual nurturing and improving, he had named it Goldsong.

‘But what was this small and exquisite Overlord Dragon?’

Then, something that shocked him even more occurred. The image of the Overlord Dragon lifted its head and opened its mouth wide. It leaped upward and swallowed the black soul ring in one swift movement.

‘Did it eat a soul ring? What was this?’ Even with Mu Ye’s vast experience, he had never witnessed something like this before!

The little Overlord Dragon smacked its lips, and then it released a roar skyward. It leaped up above Tang Wulin’s head. As Mu Ye’s stared at it with his mouth agape it increased in size. In an instant, it had turned into a giant shadow about sixty meters high. Its imposing and terrifying manner exploded abruptly. The pressure was so intense that the distant Devilsoul Great White Sharks fled into the depths of the ocean, for they dared not get close to him even by half a centimeter.

Rays of dark golden haze came out from the body of the Overlord Dragon like threads. They then tunneled into Tang Wulin’s body from all directions.

The haze first swirled around the blades of Bluesilver Grass, then, it slowly crept upward along the Grass until it finally reached Tang Wulin’s body.

“Roaarrrrr!” Another furious howl that dashed to the skies was heard. The voice of the Overlord Dragon was obviously filled with excitement.


Mu Ye was astounded. He had never expected something like this to happen. ‘Where did this illusory Overlord Dragon shadow come from?’ It looked somewhat like a spirit soul, but he had never heard of a stored spirit soul on someone’s body that could be absorbed only when the person achieved a breakthrough!

The huge Overlord Dragon’s figure gradually shrunk. Tang Wulin’s bright blue Bluesilver Emperor vines had slowly taken on a darker hue and the bright blue had turned to a royal blue. Its color and luster became a deeper shade, and the vein network which looked like a spine within it had also silently turned a dark golden color. It now appeared stronger than before.

The Overlord Dragon spirit soul. It was truly the Overlord Dragon spirit soul! A weak martial soul such as the Bluesilver Grass fusing with the Overlord Dragon spirit soul was not a situation which anybody would have ever imagined!

No, the martial soul of the current Tang Wulin was not the Bluesilver Grass any longer, it was now the Bluesilver Emperor. He reckoned that only the Bluesilver Emperor was able to endure such a powerful spirit soul. The only thing unknown to him was what the first soul skill this Overlord Dragon spirit soul would give to Tang Wulin’s Blue Emperor martial soul would be.

That was a pity. Did he not have bloodline soul skills as well? It would have been incredible if the Overlord Dragon had merged into his bloodline. That was a being that could be on par with an actual dragon! It was the unyielding spirit soul of the legends. Why did the unyielding one choose him? Mu Ye was more happy than shocked. He was even more convinced that his disregarding of his status and accepting Tang Wulin as a disciple no matter the cost was the correct choice.

The black soul ring slowly rose from beneath Tang Wulin’s feet. With that, his imposing manner rose once more. After going through so much, he finally became the final member of his team to reach the rank of a four-ringed Soul Ancestor.

His aura intensified, and the Bluesilver Emperor vines slapped the water’s surface gently. The vines which had attained the girth of a human’s arm gradually increased in thickness after fusing with the fourth soul ring. In no time, they were already as thick as thighs.

The bulking up of his martial soul was undoubtedly the sign of his own improvement. Bluesilver Emperor and the Overlord Dragon, these would have originally been incompatible. However, under the neutralizing influence of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline, they had fused into one.

Mu Ye gasped inwardly in his heart. From this moment on, he reckoned that nobody would ever call Tang Wulin’s martial soul weak anymore. It seemed like his fourth soul ring had the ability to greatly enhance his own martial soul.

The rays of light gradually faded. Tang Wulin opened his eyes slowly, and the instant he did, a look as cold as ice flashed across them.

Because Mu Ye had been keeping a close eye on him, he realized with shock that when Tang Wulin opened his eyes, his eyes had vertical slit pupils that gleamed coldly and were full of bloodlust. However, this condition of his had only lasted for a brief moment before he returned to normal. His eyes slowly turned clear and bright.

That must have been a special change brought about by the fusing with the Overlord Dragon spirit soul. It was fine as long as he had recovered.

Tang Wulin could always tell what changes had occurred to his body. Currently, he only felt that he was filled with an unprecedented feeling of strength. This was especially true for his Bluesilver Grass. They were no longer the weak blades of grass and vines. Every blade of Bluesilver Grass was like an extension of his body, and they now possessed the same powerful strength he had.

He finally understood where the Overlord Dragon which had disappeared that day went. Surprisingly, it had turned into a spirit soul and hidden within his body. It fused with his body of its own accord only after he had broken through to the rank of four rings.

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