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One dagger stabbed into the fierce abdomen, but the enemy didn't get rid of his hatred. The man stabbed two more, one more than the other, in order to kill him.

He bit his teeth and grabbed the hand of the person who stabbed him. He sat on the enemy's body and quickly pulled out the dagger which was inserted in his abdomen. With this dagger, he could directly insert it into the enemy's vital point. It was quick, accurate, and deadly!

After killing the enemy, lie's whole body strength was almost drained. He felt extremely hard to hold the dagger in his hand.

He tried to open his eyes and saw that all the enemies had fallen down, and his thin body fell heavily on the ground as soon as the tense nerves were released.

Bang -

his body fell to the ground and made a loud noise.

For a moment, he felt that the world was spinning, and the things in front of him were blurred.

His body is very painful, his head is very heavy, his limbs are weak, his mouth is dry and his tongue is dry. It seems that he may swallow the last breath at any time and never wake up again.

But he will never let himself swallow the last breath so easily. He will accompany Xiaoran to grow up slowly, so he must clench his teeth to support it.

He remembered that Xiao ran was right behind him.

Yes, he has to accompany Xiaoran to fulfill his promise to her He kept saying to himself, we must keep on, we must keep on, in order to fulfill our promise to Xiao ran.

He covered his injured abdomen, slowly climbed to small Ran's side, said softly: "but don't be afraid, the bad guys have been killed by brother Liege."

"There are people over there. It seems that they are over there..."

In the confusion, lie heard the voice of bodyguards. Their voices were getting closer and closer, as if they were coming here.

"But if someone comes, you'll be fine." Lie said softly, stretching out his hand to touch Xiao Ran's face, but when he thought that his hand was stained with blood and so dirty, he took it back angrily.

He smiled, because when he laughed, he pulled the wound, and the smile was worse than crying. But he still tried to smile and talk to her: "however, brother lie may not be able to accompany you in the future. When brother lie is by your side, you should be more sensible and grow up happily, happy every day. "

"You're dying, you think of other people!"

The two bandits who had just been beaten down by lieran got up again. They came to lieran and Xiaoran fiercely, but their goal this time was not Xiaoran, but lieran.

Compared with not catching Qin lelan and going back to make a deal, so many of their brothers are folded on the stinky boy, which makes them more embarrassed.

None of them would be reconciled if they didn't break up Liege

"Look for someone quickly. No one can find the young lady. It's not easy for you."

Not far away came roars and rapid footsteps. The bandits knew that Qin lelan's bodyguard had come.

The bandits take a look at each other. They plan to seize the last moment, take Qin leyran away before the bodyguards arrive, or kill Qin leyran. They can also make an appointment when they go back.

But they just had an action. Strong one turned over and held two bandits' legs to prevent them from approaching Xiaoran.

"Goddamn jackal, you protect your master so much, you die!"

The two bandits scolded, stepping on the strong hand with one foot, and the other one broke the strong hand with the other hand. They did not discuss, and they carried the dying strong and threw it into the sea of rolling waves.

After throwing lie into the sea, the two bandits knew that there was no way out and jumped into the sea together.

When Xiao Ran's two bodyguards arrived, they saw this scene. They wanted to stop it, but it was a step too late.

After he was thrown into the sea, he was soon engulfed by the waves

Two bodyguards picked up xiaoranan and looked at it immediately. The fight was so messy on the spot, only xiaoranan was unharmed.


When Xiao ran woke up, it was several hours later. She first blinked her long eyelashes, then slowly opened her eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a lot of people, grandparents and aunts, and my father and mother came back.

Seeing mom and Dad, Xiao ran smiled happily, held out two little hands, and said happily, "Dad, but I want to hug you."

Qin Yue reached out and hugged little ran, saying softly, "well, Dad hugs our ran baby."

"But I miss my father and my mother." Xiao Ran has forgotten to be angry with her parents before going to bed.

Less than a day after she left her father and mother, she wanted to miss her father and mother very much, but fortunately, her brother accompanied her when her father and mother were not around.

Thinking of brother lie, Xiao ran raised his head from his father's arms, blinked his beautiful big eyes, looked around, and did not see brother lie.

In the past, when everyone gathered around her, brother lie would stand quietly in a corner and look at her. As long as she called brother lie, brother lie would smile at her.

Where did brother lie go today?

Xiao ran looked left and right, but he didn't see brother lie. His face was full of disappointment.

Jane found it carefully, and guessed that her daughter must be looking for her brother.

In the past few months, in addition to the rest time of xiaoranan, lie almost keeps company with xiaoranan.

So don't like to talk, ice cold a big boy, only to small is different.

He loves Xiaoran as his family, so Xiaoran relies on him so much. If he doesn't see him for a while, he will look for him everywhere.

Xiao Ran's dependence on strong is far beyond their imagination.

Now in order to protect Xiaoran, lie is thrown into the sea by the enemy They sent out search and rescue personnel, who had been searching for several hours, but still had no news.

I was seriously injured and fell into the sea of rolling waves. I'm afraid I have nine lives

Think of such a good child so no, Jane just feel that the breathing is not smooth, heartache a smoke.

"Mom, where's brother ran? Why didn't he stay with ran? " Small ran flat flat mouth son, said not wronged.

Brother lie told her that he would accompany her all the time, waiting for her to sleep and wake up She woke up, but brother lie was not around. Xiao ran felt so sad and sad.

"However, brother Liege......" Before she had finished saying a word, Jane swallowed it again with heartache.

How can they open their mouth? They tell Xiao ran that brother lie was thrown into the sea. They don't know where he went. They sent many people to find him, but they couldn't find him.

It's very possible that brother lie has gone to such a far place that he will never see him again.


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