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As soon as the two bandits sent out their distress signals, the people scattered in all the hidden corners of the villa quickly surrounded them.

A dozen enemies, blocked in front of the fierce and small ran.

"Thanks to the trust of the eldest brother, the eldest brother has entrusted such an important task to you, but you can't even deal with a small fart child," sneered the rescuer

When they received the news that they needed support, they thought that there were many and powerful opponents, and only when they came did they find out that it was such a small child, who was about to laugh.

"You..." Kidnapper A is so angry that he wants to fight.

Bandit B pulled him back, gave him a look, and said: "I admit that we two usually flatter the boss, but we have no other skills. But today, when we come out to do business together, we'd better do it first and go back to other things. "

"I also know that I am incompetent, which proves that you are not hopeless." Another gangster added in a strange way.

Just as they were fighting among themselves, lie quickly counted the number of the enemy, and there were 15 enemies in front of him.

He estimated that the skill of the people who came to support him was not much different from that of the bandit ab. according to the skill of those two people, he was confident that he would not deal with the problem of ten people.

It's not a big problem to deal with ten people. With five more, it's not easy for him to defeat them alone.

But no matter how difficult it is, even if he doesn't win at all, he will try his best to fight the enemy to the end.

Because their goal is Xiaoran, he will never give Xiaoran up.

Strong looked back and saw that Xiao ran was lying by the sea. The enemy couldn't attack from the back. He wanted to protect Xiao Ran's safety. He only needed to block her in front and prevent the enemy from approaching.

After understanding the situation at this time, strong's heart stabilized a lot. He could not beat these 15 people alone, but as long as he delayed for a long time, Xiao Ran's two bodyguards found that when they were abnormal, Xiao ran would be saved.

He wanted to delay, but the enemy wanted to make a quick decision, and quickly took Qin Yueran to the task force.

"You two are optimistic. Take a good look at how those who beat you were defeated by me. " The enemy made a gesture, and another man received a signal to rush out of their team with him and set off for the fierce attack.

The fierce reaction was quick, and they fought back quickly. After a few rounds, not only did the two big enemies not take advantage of it, but both of them were covered with color. The man who just talked big had swollen half of his face.

Two enemies were defeated, and fierce success attracted everyone's attention. A dozen of them swept their eyes on him, hoping to swallow him.

In this way, no one dares to despise the big boy in front of him any more. Everyone has corrected his attitude and put forward the attitude of facing the enemy.

Everyone, look at me. I look at you. I nodded at the end.

Before Lieh could understand what tactics they were going to use to attack, 15 enemies rushed to him. They were not as strong as Lieh, but they were better than many people, and attacked by chariot.

Every time he rushes to fight back, lie tries his best. At the beginning, he still remembers one move to attack the enemy regularly, but slowly he just attacks back at random.

He hit the enemy with two fists, and then he would get another one or two. After a long time of fighting, both sides were seriously injured. The sharp corners of his eyes and mouth were all blue and blue.

However, he did not flinch a step. Even if he risked his life, he would protect Xiaoran and not let anyone take her.

Strong don't let the enemy take Qin leran, the enemy must take Qin leran.

Originally, their plan was to catch Qin lelan quietly, try not to make things worse, but to block their way and become their biggest obstacle.

The enemy exchanged a look at each other, prepared some people to clean up, some people rushed to rob people and took the little girl away first.

If lie is not distracted to protect Xiaoran, his victory will be greatly increased, but if not, his purpose is to protect Xiaoran.

It's a private sea area of Qinyue in Bihai villa. No one dares to come here, so it's hard to find that there's a fierce fight going on here.

The fight is still going on, because there are many people on the other side, and lie is getting tired. He has eaten several fists of the enemy in a row, and his walking pace is empty.

Strong attack power is weak, the enemy attacks repeatedly, strong also rises to resist, when he is about to fall, the enemy has been hit by him to lie down most.

Lie has been fighting, but he did not leave xiaoranan. Xiaoranan lies behind him. Whoever wants to meet xiaoranan, unless he steps on his body.

So as long as he has a breath, no one can move.

Strong has already hit red eye, more fight more ruthless, more fight more brave, the enemy comes to him to fight one, two he to fight a pair.

The more he fought, the braver he was, and the other people went mad. They fought madly. After a long time, there were fifteen enemies and three left.

The fewer people left, the crazier they are. They have to get rid of the violence that hinders them.

"Damn it, this suckling bastard is a loyal dog." One of the remaining three spit out a mouthful of saliva with blood and water, swearing.

Strong corner of the eye received a heavy blow, his vision has some fuzzy, but he still did not step back, firmly and incomparably in front of small ran, to be her most loyal guardian.

Guard her, let her never suffer any harm.

"Fuck him!" Said one of the remaining three, gnashing his teeth.

Strong wipe off the blood on the corners of her mouth, look back at small ran, her face is pink, her eyes are closed, it looks like she is asleep.

"However, as long as brother lie is by your side for a day, brother lie will protect you and never let anyone hurt you again."

Column in the heart quietly said, and then look back at the enemy, the eyes are cold and appalling, he kicked a fly, a row kicked down two enemies.

Don't just seize the opportunity and rush to Liege. Put Liege on him and try to control him.

But lie didn't catch him. Xiao Ran's bodyguards didn't come. Xiao ran was still in danger. He couldn't fall down. He had to defeat the last three enemies to ensure Xiao Ran's safety.

However, after all, he is a human being. If he grits his teeth, he will reach the limit

Lie could not hold it. Suddenly, a cold dagger stabbed him in the abdomen. He heard someone say, "die, you bastard, dare to do harm to our good deeds, you fucking die!"


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