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When such a big thing happened, the little guy didn't wake up. It must not be that she was sleeping heavily. It should be that two bandits gave her some medicine when they took her away.

Damn it!

The rage in the chest rose rapidly with a low incantation.

These animals are inferior. If you dare to prescribe medicine to such a small child, he must have scratched their skin.

Anger has influenced strong thoughts. If those people dare to give Xiao ran medicine, then he will let them return ten times and one hundred times.

Strong eyes from the body suddenly turned to the body of bandit B, eyes sharp as a sharp arrow out of the string.

After strong found the right time, a pounce hung the foot of bandit B. bandit B fell forward, his hands loosened, and the little one who was shouldered on his shoulder flew out easily.

Seeing xiaoranan's small body flying out, he got up and rushed forward at the speed of 100m Sprint. He ran fast enough, and before xiaoranan landed, he received xiaoranan safely.

Seeing that little Ran has nothing, lie takes a big breath, reaches out and rubs her head gently, saying softly, "but don't be afraid, brother lie will beat the big bad guy away."

Although Xiao Ran is unconscious, lie believes that she must have perception. In order not to make her afraid, he will tell her that he is right beside her.

Kidnapper B got up, crooked his head and spit out a mouthful of saliva. He shouted fiercely, "boy, if you want to live, get out of the way. Don't get in the way here."

Lie will be small Ran's head in front of the chest, palm subconsciously cover her ears, this just looked up at bandit B coldly.

At this time, bandit a who just fell off and chewed grass arrived. He fell worse than bandit B, and his anger was naturally greater than that of bandit B.

He looked at him intensely, and his eyes were scornful: "where the hell did you come from?"

Lie still looked at them, coldly, without saying a word.

Fierce don't talk, the bandit's anger is very big, the bandit a shouted: "Stinky boy, Grandpa asked you, you dare not answer. Grandpa, I'll let your grandson know what it's called "dog and mouse meddling"

Before they were ready to kidnap Qin lelan, they had already made preparations and checked the people who often followed her.

What kind of background are the others? They can feel it clearly. Only this stinky kid who hasn't worked for a long time has not found any information about his identity.

Generally, there are two possibilities for people who can't find the identity background. One is that the identity background is too flexible, so they can't find it.

The other is that the identity background is so common that it has no use value, so it can't be found.

A person with a strong identity background will never be willing to be a small attendant of a small fart child.

Therefore, when investigating strong's identity background, these people ruled out the possibility that his identity background was very powerful.

After the possibility of identity background is ruled out, the strong identity background naturally only has a common identity that can no longer be common.

The two bandits didn't pay attention to Liere at all.

If you fight alone with these two people, lie will definitely win, but now he is holding a small ran in his arms, and the chance of winning against them is very small.

He stepped back quickly, put Xiao ran aside on the grass, and took off his shirt to cover her.

Slowly do all these things well, and then strong got up slowly. He looked at the two bandits with the unpredictable eyes and said coldly, "if you want to die, come here!"

"Young man, I'm not young yet. If grandpa doesn't give you some color, you may not know what is fear. " Bandit B sneers and says.

Just now they were only running, and let the little boy take advantage of it. He really thought he was invincible in the world.

Look at this childish face of the stinky boy. It's no more than fifteen or six years old. Fifteen or six years old or quickly back to his mother's arms to roll, rather than in such an occasion to try to win.

Lie didn't answer again, there was no expression on his face, his eyes were calm, and no one could see what he was thinking.

Fighting, a lot of time fighting is not physical strength, but the psychological quality of fighting, a strong psychological quality is also a strong one.

After the two bandits put down their cruel words, they expected that the suckling boy would be a little afraid. But now, depending on his situation, he is not afraid, but he is more powerful.

The two bandits exchanged their eyes and decided to make a quick decision to get rid of the trouble before leading the little guy's bodyguard.

Young to die, if not blame them, it is his bad luck, but run to many things.

The two bandits counted ten thousand, ten thousand did not count, this child is much better than their estimated ability.

At the same time, the two bandits rushed to lie, but before they got close to him, they were kicked back by him.

The two bandits fell heavily on the ground. The bones seemed to be broken, and they cried twice in pain.

In this way, they finally realized that they were too light on the enemy.

Strong shot quickly, so fast that they didn't see how he did it at all.

When they fell to the ground and looked at Xiang lie, lie still stood there quietly, and there was no emotion between his eyes and his eyebrows, as if he had not moved at all, and it was not him who defeated them.

"This kid can't be inferior to those two bodyguards around Qin leran." Bandit B whispered to bandit a.

Bandit a nodded and said softly, "Qin Yue loves his precious daughter so much that he won't put a person beside her for no reason. We think it's too simple."

Drivers, bodyguards and others are all Qin Yue's hands for her baby daughter, but Xiao Ran's brother is not Qin Yue's choice.

Brother lie's life is saved by a word of xiaoranan. When he asks to stay by xiaoranan's side, xiaoranan agrees.

So the most powerful assistant around her really has nothing to do with her father, Qin Yue. She has a good eye.

The two gangsters exchanged a look again. One of them put his hand into his pocket, unlocked his cell phone and dialed a phone number: "we are blocked and need support."

They are sneaking into Bihai villa to steal people. There are more than a dozen people coming. They are going to steal people from every corner of the potential villa, and they will withdraw together.

Some of them stared at Qin lelan's bodyguards and knew that they were not around her, so they took advantage of this best time to start.

This is a smooth road without any shade. I stole people easily. Who knows to kill such a bad boy half way. Seeing his fierce appearance, I will never give Qin leran away.


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