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Anonymity, give up the power struggle, give up all that should belong to him, silently accompany Xiaoran, and be her most loyal guardian.

Such an idea would never have existed a few months ago. Now he not only thinks about it, but also intends to do so.

Two days ago, Pei xuanzhi called to urge him to return to country a and told him that his two brothers were fighting in dark. At present, the situation in country a is tense, and the president and his wife are looking forward to his return.

He was in a foreign country and other villages, and he had no right-hand assistant around him, so he was easily the victim of his two brothers' struggle.

Obviously, he knows that if he stays in Jiangbei for more than one day, his life will be threatened for more than one day, but lie is still reluctant to leave.

He would rather face the danger that may threaten his life, and he would not leave xiaoranran, but he would feel heartache when he thought that she was crying for brother Liege, but brother Liege would never hear her, and could never come back to her.

He promised xiaoranran that he would not cheat her, and would do his best to stay with her and grow up slowly.

He said that he would always be with her, and when she needed him, as long as he shouted a strong brother to show up quickly, he would show up at her side for the first time.

"Ran Ran knows that brother lie is the best. He will not cheat ran." Small ran nest in strong brother's arms, said softly.

Brother lie said a lot to her, but I don't remember much, but I firmly remember two sentences. First, brother lie will always accompany her.

Brother lie will play games with her, watch cartoons with her and go to kindergarten with her. In a word, brother lie will always be with her to protect her and help her run bad guys.

She also remembered that as long as she missed brother lie, she took the necklace that brother lie gave her and called "brother lie show up quickly", and brother lie would appear beside her.

"Ran Ran......" What else did lie want to say, but he found that the weeping little guy had gone to sleep in his arms.

He kneaded little Ran's head, carefully put her into the bed, couldn't help but reach out and pinch the tip of her nose: "it's a lovely little guy."

"Brother lie......"

In my sleep, Xiao ran gently called brother lie. The smaller the voice was, the faster lie put his ear on Xiao Ran's mouth. He couldn't hear what she said.

"However, go to sleep. Brother lie is with you." Lie pulled the quilt to cover Xiao ran. The air conditioner in the room is too big to let the little guy catch cold.

Buzzing -

suddenly the mobile phone in his pocket rings. He immediately presses the mute button, instinctively glances at xiaoranran, and sees that he didn't wake her up, so he picks up the mobile phone and goes outside the room to answer.

"What is it?" When he answered the phone, he dropped such cold words.

"Three little, if you don't go back to country a, the president's wife will be crazy." Mr. Pei's urgent voice came from his cell phone.

Hearing Mr. Pei's mention of the president's wife, lie was silent for a moment.

Today's president's wife of country a is the wife of the president's successor, that is, strong's own mother, and she has only such a child as strong.

Nowadays, the eldest son and the second son of the president have been fighting for the right to inherit the president. They may threaten the third son at any time. How can the president's wife not be in a hurry.

Silence for a long time, strong just slowly said: "you tell her for me, I will stay in Jiangbei for a long time, please take good care of her."

"Three little, what are you doing? Don't you know that staying here is always dangerous? " Hearing lie's words like this, Mr. Pei is more anxious.

"I always knew what I was doing." Said the strong.

Before, he obeyed the man's orders in everything.

Since he was born, he is different from other children. While other children are still drinking breast milk, his mother has left him in ice water to soak.

His mother often said to him, "only when you suffer from hardship can you become a human being.".

He had never doubted his mother's words before, but when he came to the Qin family, his thoughts changed.

The foundation of a person's foothold is not how powerful and invincible you are, but love in your heart.

As long as you have love in your heart and people who want to do their best to protect you, you will naturally become powerful.

Apart from his own goal, he should be indifferent to anyone else and everything. Such a powerful man is lonely and he doesn't want to be.

"Three little......"

Don't wait for Pei xuanzhi on the other end of the phone to finish, lie quickly hangs up the phone, and he promised Xiao ran to accompany her, so he must do it.

Even if he can't stay with her for a lifetime, at least he will stay with her for a few more years. He will leave when she grows up, is more sensible and can protect herself.

Just thinking about it, lie suddenly heard a sound in the room. He immediately pushed the door and burst in, glancing at the big bed in the room at the first time.

Just before he went out, Xiao ran slept well in the bed. At this time, the bed was empty, and there was no shadow of Xiao ran.

With a look of fierce silence, he soon found that the originally closed window of the room had been opened. He didn't think much and rushed to the window immediately.

When he saw Xiaoran was carried on his shoulder and ran away quickly from the window, he jumped down from the window on the second floor.

Fortunately, there is a lawn under the window. It won't hurt too much when I fall on it. I tumbled and quickly stabilized myself. Then I got up and rushed to the kidnapper.

Last time, it was his dereliction of duty. He didn't take good care of Xiaoran. Xiaoran was hurt. He left a plum blossom on his forehead and left a psychological shadow.

He promised her that he would take good care of her, beat all the bad guys for her and never let anyone bully her again.

So, as long as he is in one day, he will never allow anyone to hurt his little Ran Ran, no one can!

With this idea in his mind, lie had two wind and fire wheels under his feet, which were so fast that he soon caught up with the two bandits who wanted to take little ran away.

He rushed forward quickly, raised his legs and tripped the empty handed gangster a among the two gangsters.

Bandit a fell down and ate a mouthful of grass. He struggled to get up, but he fell so hard that he didn't get up after a long time.

Lie didn't entangle with the kidnapper. He tripped him and ran after bandit B immediately. His purpose was to snatch back the little one in the bandit's hand.

But because Xiao Ran is in the other side's hands, strong dare not attack.

The first fear is to hurt Xiaoran, and the second fear is that bandit B will take Xiaoran to threaten him.

He followed the bandit B closely and looked at the little ran who was shouldered on his shoulder by the bandit B.


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