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It was Qin Yue who made her understand that she was not so bad. She was unique and could not be replaced by anyone.

Qin Yue also let her know that there is such a person in the world who is willing to hold her in the palm of his hand.

"Fool!" Qin Yue said in a low voice.

To meet such a fool as her in this life is his blessing and the most precious wealth of his life.

"You're stupid." Jane applied medicine to the last wound on his body, stopped and asked, "do you move to see if it still hurts?"

"No pain!" With her in his heart warm, how can it hurt.

"How could it not hurt?" He is like this again. No matter what happens, he always insists on it and never says it.

He's a human being. He's not beaten by iron. How can he not hurt.

For Jane's Distressed eyes, Qin Yue held her in her arms and rubbed her chin against her head: "with you, I really don't hurt!"


When Qin Yue and Jian ran were ambushed on the island, Xiao ran, who was in the Bihai villa on the other side, was also attacked. However, the attackers were not as blatant as they were to him.

If the people behind the scenes want Qin Yue to disappear and annex Shengtian, then the existence of Qin lelan must be an obstacle. Even though she is just a four-year-old, she has become a thorn in the eye of others.

Just to deal with this little child, they didn't spend so much thought as to deal with Qin Yue.

The mysterious man has found out that when Qin leran goes out, he will always be accompanied by four people, a driver, two bodyguards with great Kung Fu and a big boy.

The identity of the big boy is unknown. It seems that those who are thin and weak are not aggressive. Even if they are aggressive, they are certainly not as aggressive as the other two bodyguards.

So they took advantage of the rest of the big boy with Qin lelan to attack and try to take people away.

Qin leran is a little grumpy today. He doesn't want to sleep when he takes a nap. His parents said that they would come to eat with her at noon, but they lied to her.

She waited for a long time and didn't wait for mom and dad. She called mom and dad and they couldn't get through.

She called uncle Liu again. Uncle Liu told her that it's very important for mom and dad to go to work. If there's no signal on the mobile phone, it won't work.

Mom and dad always tell her that she is their most important baby, but they go to do important things again. What is more important than her?

Small ran feel very hurt, feel his little heart was hurt by a million points.

How could I not be the most important baby for my parents if I am so sensible and cute?

Because of the anger, Xiao ran didn't eat her favorite strawberries at lunch time, and the angry people didn't care.

Grandma, little aunt and grandpa don't want them. She asks brother lie to take her back to the room for a nap.

But she's really angry. She's so angry that she rolls around in bed. Her brother speaks to her, and she doesn't care.

"Ran Ran......"

"But don't pay attention to brother Li."

"But why don't you pay attention to brother lie?"

"Brother lie is not obedient. Brother lie and his father and mother lie together."

"However, if you don't pay attention to brother lie, he will go first." With that, lie pretends to leave. How can he know that when the little guy's mouth is flattened, he is ready to cry for him to see.

"Brother lie won't leave but don't cry!" Lie quickly held the little guy in his arms, rubbed her head, and said softly.

"Brother lie......" Xiao ran was so sad and sad that he cried loudly for brother lie's name, and put all his snot and saliva on brother lie's clothes.

"But don't cry! Brother lie is here. Brother lie will be with ran all the time and will never leave him alone. " See small ran cry so sad sad, strong both heartache and helpless.

"Don't be surprised, brother lie." Think of strong brother also want to leave himself alone, small ran more sad, crying a little body a smoke.

Lie hugged her tightly in her arms and patted her back gently: "no, my brother promised ran that he would stay with ran all the time."

"Pull the hook!" Little ran held out his little hand and wanted to do the big thing by the way of a child.

"OK, pull the hook." Strong also doesn't dislike the childishness of xiaoranan's practice. He stretches out his big hand to pull the hook with xiaoranan, and says seriously, "pull the hook and hang it. It's not allowed to change in a hundred years."

"If you change it, you will become ugly." Xiao ran wiped his tears in his brother's arms again, which made him laugh.

"Well, if you change it, you will become ugly." Strong gently pinched small Ran's nose, "our ran cried like a kitten, but it was ugly."


Hearing that brother lie said he was ugly, Xiao ran suddenly stared at her brother with big eyes of water spirit.

It's incredible that brother lie dares to dislike her ugliness. She's so cute. Brother lie says she's ugly!

Can we still be friends?

"Brother lie is joking with Ran Ran. We are the best looking children in the world." Strong smile said, bowed his head gently kissed a small ran powder toot's small face egg son.

Before, he had never been in touch with children. He didn't like magical animals like children very much.

He thinks that children are the most unreasonable creatures in the world. They cry when they want to cry, and laugh when they want to laugh. They never need any reason.

Will come to small Ran's side to accompany small ran, there is only one reason, small Ran is his benefactor, he wants to repay her help.

That time, he was seriously injured. If there was no Xiaoran, he would have been killed by his eldest brother on that rainy night.

Originally, he wanted to stay with Xiaoran for a while and then left. Later, he found that many people tried to get rid of Xiaoran's idea.

More importantly, in the process of getting along, he found that children were not as annoying as he thought.

Little children will be inexplicably happy, but also inexplicably laugh, that is because they have no intention, like a person they will show, hate a person, they will show.

Xiaoran is naive and lovely. The people around her are always attracted by her and want to send the best things in the world to her.

Slowly, he stayed by Xiaoran's side, no longer to repay his kindness, but simply to protect her, like his little sister, to protect her, take care of her, and let her grow up carefree.

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