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You often say that you are my husband." He is her husband. Of course, what he wants to do, she should support him without hesitation, without any reason.

"Good." Jian Ran's answer was that Qin Yue was very satisfied. He kissed her heavily with her face. It was the first time he had done such a close thing with her in front of others.

Looking at these two people kissing me and me, Zhan Nianbei was very upset: "it's important to do business now. I'll go back to you two later in the evening and keep warm."

He is not an old bachelor now, but also someone warms his bed. Seeing that other people are so close, he would like to put down all his work and go back to work hard with Qin Xiaobao.

But the time was not right, so he first stopped his nephew and his wife from showing their love in front of him. At night, they would do whatever they wanted, and no one stopped them.

Qin Yue let go of Jianran and gave Zhan Nianbei a cold look, warning him to stop talking nonsense.

He is the only one who can flirt with his wife. He is also the only one who looks shy. No one else can.

Qin Yue checked the safety belt attached to Jianran again. After confirming that Jianran was safe, he quickly opened the box under the seat.

In the box lies a new rifle, the latest product of Jiangbei military region, with a range of 400 to 1000 meters.

When this rifle came out, Qin Yue wanted to try it, but Zhan Nianbei was so precious that no one touched it.

See the favorite guy, Qin Yue lips slightly Yang, smiled and said: "no white call you a little uncle."

Zhan Nianbei taunted, "it's my uncle who gives you something. If you don't have something good, it's Zhan Nianbei. I really owe you."

"Nonsense!" Qin and Yue quickly picked the gun and loaded it. They put the gun on the window and aimed at the islanders.

Zhan Nianbei asked, "are you ready?"

Qin Yue nodded, "well."

Get Qin Yue's answer, Zhan Nianbei immediately speed up the flight speed, the helicopter like a bird quickly dive down, when reaching a certain height, Qin Yue pull the gun valve in his hand.

Bang -

with a shot, the head of an enemy, that is, the enemy who just led, has been shot.

After the leader fell down, when other people responded to shoot them, Zhan Nianbei had speeded up quickly, and the helicopter rose rapidly, far away from their attack range.

The two of them seldom get together at ordinary times. Even when they meet, they don't say much, but they don't need running in time to cooperate. They cooperate seamlessly.

Two people a movement, a small look, each other can see more, do not need to say.

As the saying goes, the first to catch a thief is to catch the king. The leader was shot dead by Qin Yue. A group of people had no leader and their hearts were scattered.

Having solved their leader, other people and matters will naturally be left to Liu Yong to deal with, and they will no longer need to worry about them.

"Are you happy?" Zhan Nianbei asked.

"I'm not upset. This is the result of the wrong person." Qin Yue put away the gun and replied calmly.

To deal with such a person, if you can make him feel happy, that person should not be called Qin Yue.

"Then sit still!" The voice didn't disappear, zhannianbei suddenly accelerated, and the helicopter soon flew away from the island, and flew farther and farther.

Qin Yue's body was injured, and Jian ran was bitten by a snake. Naturally, they couldn't rush to Bihai villa to meet their family.

We must go to the hospital to deal with the wound first, and then we can see our family and xiaoranran. Otherwise, xiaoranran will be sad to see his parents injured.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor confirmed that Jane was bitten by a poisonous snake. Fortunately, the poison of this kind of snake is not very toxic. Only a few hours after the poison attack, can the poison attack and kill people.

Thanks to Qin Yue's timely absorption of the poisonous blood for Jane, she could be safe for such a long time.

Now the doctor gives Jane a bottle of brooch to clean up the toxins in her body, and there is no bigger problem.

It was Qin Yue's injury that embarrassed Jane, because he didn't trust to leave her for half a step, so he asked the doctor to help him clean the wound in her ward.

He had scars left when he was crawling and rolling in the jungle, as well as traces left by her when they were there.

The contrast between the two traces is very obvious, which can be distinguished by the eye-catching people.

The doctor helped Qin Yue to deal with the wound and looked at Jian ran. It seemed that Qin Yue was so badly hurt, and she had the heart to put her hand so hard.

Jane bowed her head and dared not look at people. I wish I could bear it today. Otherwise, it would not be as if everyone knew that they had done something wrong on the island.

"Leave the medicine. You go out first." Qin Yue suddenly made a noise to drive away the doctor.

As soon as the doctor left, Qin Yue raised her head and saw that her face was crimson and salivating with shame.

He knew that this little woman, sometimes bold, but after bold, will be very shy.

When she was shy, she was really cute - in Qin Yue's eyes, no matter how she looked, she was very cute.

Qin Yue handed the medicine to Jianran, helped her to go along with her forehead hair, smiled and said, "OK, don't be shy. The doctors are gone, no one will laugh at you again. "

"I'm not afraid of jokes." He must not know, said Jane in a low voice, that he was the one who really made her shy.

Qin Yue rubbed her head and said with a bad smile, "you've left all the injuries on my body. Now I'm in charge of you."

When she saw Qin Yue's injury, she was very distressed. She ignored his bad eyes and said to herself, "it's all my fault. In the future, I must pay attention that I will not hurt you again. "

"It doesn't matter! I like you to leave a mark on me. " Qin Yue grabs Jianran's hand and kisses her. Her smile is gentle but bad.

She drew back her hand and gently applied medicine for him. She didn't miss every tiny wound and took care of it seriously.

Her serious appearance is very popular. Qin Yue can't help but bow down and kiss her gently on the face: "Jianran --"

he called his name in a deep voice. He wanted to say a lot to her, but he didn't know what to say to her.

"Well?" Jane answered softly, looked up at him, and bowed her head to help him deal with the wound.

He said, "I made you suffer."

"Why do you say that all of a sudden?" Jane looked up at him and said softly, "you didn't make me suffer. When I was with you, I was very happy, satisfied and happy."

Before, she always thought that she was lonely, no one loved no one, until she met Qinyue.


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