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Qin Yue is really good-looking when he smiles. She doesn't even know what words to use to describe his smile.

If she is forced to use a word to describe Qin Yue's smile, she will use the word that everything will lose its color because of his smile.

When I just met Qin Yue, he seldom smiled. When he smiled, he only moved his lips gently. He was calm and restrained. I don't know whether he was laughing or not.

For a long time, Jane thought that Qin Yue was a very serious person who didn't like to laugh, even thought that he would not laugh.

Later she knew that he had too much on his shoulders. He just used to face all people and things with indifference.

When he really took off his mask, he was a big kid, a big kid who was sick and afraid of taking medicine and injection.

Sometimes, Qin Yue is so childish that she is jealous of Lie's child. She is afraid that her daughter will grow up and her brother will be abducted.

I can laugh, lose my temper, and sometimes I'm childish - this kind of Qinyue is the most real appearance of Qinyue.

Jane wants to work hard to keep her Qinyue as he should have been and as he is.

She has been working hard to make herself a qualified good wife, to support him behind his back and give him strength.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't support him and didn't become the ideal wife in her mind.

"Jane, can you remember what I told you once?" Qin Yue said, I wish I could throw this silly woman into the sea to feed sharks.

"I remember everything you said to me. I remember it very clearly. I never forget it." It may be that consciousness is blurred, and there are more and more simple words.

What impresses Jane most is the day after they got married and cohabited. He told her that no matter what, they should live a good life and never break up easily.

Since then, Qin Yue has tried his best to be a qualified husband. When she needs care, he always appears at her side in time to give her the greatest support.

In the past, when she was innovating technology, someone asked her for trouble. He told her that her back was the president.

When Gu Nanjing looks for her, he will show up beside her in time and tell those people that he is her husband.

He said to her more than once that he was her husband, a man she could trust and rely on unconditionally.

He doesn't know. It's just because he treats her so well, so much better than everyone except her mother, that she tries to be nice to him and doesn't want him to worry so much about her.

Jianran is unwilling to explain the situation. Qin Yue has to check it. When he looks at Jianran, the color of her ankle skin is black.

Qin Yue took hold of her foot and immediately looked at the wound. The wound was very small and almost invisible. It was so small and poisonous that Qin Yue immediately thought of vipers in his mind.

"Bitten by a snake?" He was angry, but he tried to talk to Jane in a relaxed voice. "Did you see what it looked like?"

"I don't know." Jane shook her head. Her head was mushy. Even though she had just seen what the snake was like, she had completely forgotten it.

Qin Yue took Jianran up and moved him to a place, then tied his broken shirt tightly to her calf to prevent the poison from spreading.

Qin Yue did not think much, slightly raised the simple leg, lowered his head to suck in her wound, and soon drew out a mouthful of black blood.

"Qin Yue, don't do that. I don't want you to have anything." Jane shook her head and tried to take her foot back, but her strength was too small, Qin Yue's strength was too big, she couldn't move at all.

"Don't move! I don't have a wound in my mouth. It's going to be OK. " Qin Yue let out a light roar. He lowered his head and sucked at her wound again. He sucked out a black blood stain and then opened his mouth to spit it out.

"Qin Yue, don't do that!" Jane called his name softly, and tears fell from her eyes.

"Don't cry!" Qin Yue wiped her tears and continued to take drugs.

"Qin Yue..." She had a lot of words to say to Qin Yue, but her consciousness became more and more vague, and she forgot what she wanted to say.

In a trance, she seems to see a lot of people, see the dead mother, see Jane Zhengtian, see Gu Nanjing They seemed to wave to her, as if to ask her to come and join them.

"Don't pester me, I won't go with you!" Jane shook her head hard. She didn't want to go away with them. She wanted to stay with Qin Yue and Xiao ran.

She had left Qin Yue father and daughter for more than three years, missed all the growth experience of Xiao ran, missed Qin Yue.

She missed too much, so now she doesn't want to leave at all. She wants to stay with them and live with them.

"Jane, you can't sleep, you know?" Qin Yue spits out the black blood in his mouth and shakes Jianran's shoulder.

"But I'm so sleepy and sleepy." Her head was heavy, and she could hardly hear the voice of Qin Yue. It was black and numb in front of her. It seemed that it was dark.

Qin Yue understood that it must be the venom of vipers that was eroding Jane's body. If at this time she faints, I'm afraid it's difficult for her to wake up again.

With a flash of inspiration in his mind, he tried to speak to Jane in a relaxed tone: "Jane, what do you say our little Ran is doing at this time?"

"Little Ranran?" When it comes to Xiaoran, Jianran suddenly has a lot of spirit. "Our Xiaoran must be pestering her strong brother to play hide and seek with her. The more people play hide and seek, the more fun it will be. I wish I had more brothers and sisters. "

"How many brothers and sisters do you want to add to Xiao ran?" Qin Yue knows that Jane has always liked children.

She once told him that she had to have at least two boys and two girls. Later, the children had something to depend on each other.

"Yes! I want to give birth to a lot of little monkeys for you, and a lot of little friends to play with, but... " Speaking of it, her face suddenly darkened, "but little ran doesn't seem to like her younger brother or sister."

Qin Yue took another breath of Jianran's ankle wound, spit out the blood in his mouth, and said: "Xiaoran didn't dislike his younger brother and sister. It's just that someone said something in her ear, and she believed it. She thought that with her brother and sister, mom and dad would never love her again. As long as she knows that with her younger brother and sister, mom and dad still love her. She is so sensible and will definitely accept her younger brother and sister. "


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