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Hearing Qin Yue's voice, the two men turned back at the same time. When they saw Qin Yue standing behind them, the guns they held almost scared away.

Qin Yue has come behind them, and they don't even realize it. If Qin Yue can't make a sound, they may not be able to find his existence at this time.

They can't find Qin Yue, so they may be attacked by Qin Yue at any time. However, Qin Yue didn't attack them, but let them know that he was behind them.

Is it Qin Yue who thinks too highly of himself or Qin Yue who doesn't take them seriously? They have guns in their hands and Qin Yue is unarmed. Does he want to win them by hand?

The lewd man's reaction was very fast. He tried to shoot Qin Yue by pulling the gun valve, but Qin Yue's reaction was faster than him.

Qin Yue kicks his long leg and kicks it on the wrist of the wretched man. The pain makes the wretched man take a cold breath. His hand is loose and the gun in his hand flies into the air.

When Jane saw the gun flying out, she jumped on it instinctively and grabbed it. At this time, if she could get the gun, it would be tantamount to her life.

The gun of the lewd man fell off. Another man raised his gun and shot at Qin Yue after he was afraid. He said it was later and faster. The man had just shot. Qin Yue punched him and hit him on the chest.

Just as the man pulled the gun valve, Qin Yue grabbed his hand and let the muzzle of his gun turn. The bullet came out of the gun and directly hit the obscene man's chest.

Bang -

the bullet penetrated the obscene man's chest, blood splashed, and the face of death was terrible.

The lewd man's eyes were wide open, and he didn't want to believe that he was killed by his teammates' bullets.

If he died in Qin Yue's hands, he would have recognized that this bullet was a partner who had worked with him for many years.

Seeing that the lewd man was shot dead by the bullet, the man was more flustered. He wanted to withdraw the hand controlled by Qin Yue, but Qin Yue firmly controlled him. He made the most of his strength and couldn't get rid of Qin Yue.

He tried to shoot Qin Yue by pulling the gun valve, but at the moment when he pulled the gun valve, Qin Yue grabbed his wrist and circled back. The muzzle of the gun in the man's hand was aimed at his own head.

"No -" the man screamed, trying to release his hand, but the gun valve had been pulled by him, the bullet had been shot, and there was no room for maneuver.


The gun in his own hand, the gun valve he pulled, the bullet penetrated his head, and his brain was all over the ground.

Compared with the wretched man just now, this man has more eyes in his grave.

I think several of their brothers have been mixing in the road for so many years. What kind of activities have not been done? Killing, setting fire, robbing the bank They did what others thought would never happen.

The reason why the gold Lord paid a high price to invite them to ambush Qin and Yue was that their brothers had a good reputation in the way, had done enough bad things, and had used poisonous means.

Never thought of it. Never thought of it. Their brothers would be defeated by Qin Yue so easily.

When Qin Yue made a move, they didn't have the power to fight back at all.

Qin Yue's series of counter killing actions are too fast. When they pick up the gun, it's all over.

Just now, the two men who yelled and scolded at her had fallen into a pool of blood, motionless and ugly.

Jane took a look and was disgusted by the picture, but she still forbear. She looked at Qin Yue to see if he was hurt.

"Turn your head, don't look around any more," said Qin

Such a bloody picture, Jane would be afraid if she saw it. Qin Yue naturally didn't want her to see it.

Jane turned her back and dared not look at her again.

Qin Yue grabs the gun in the dead man's hand, then pulls up the insurance, and pulls Jane away after a few steps.

Qin Yue has long legs and can walk fast. She can only keep up with him by jogging.

She can see that Qin Yue is angry. She must be angry that she just didn't follow him down the cliff.

Jane opened her mouth and wanted to talk, but she was restrained by Qin Yue's low air pressure.

He drags her to walk faster and faster. He can't keep up with him when he runs simply. She says, "Qin Yue, can you slow down a little?"

Qin and Yue still don't talk.

He said simply, "the enemy is dead. We don't need to run any more. Would you slow down a little bit?"

Qin Yue still doesn't speak. The air pressure around him is getting lower and lower. He feels that the volcano may erupt at any time.

Said twice, Qin Yue all stuffy voice ignores a person, Jane also no longer takes a hot face to stick his cold buttocks.

When she stopped talking, Qin Yue suddenly said, "do you listen to what I have told you?"

"I --" Jane said for a while, not knowing how to refute Qin and Yue.

Why is he so fierce? She is not his child. How can he use the tone of training younger generation to scold her.

Although it's very dangerous for her to do so just now. If she's not lucky, she may be the one lying in the pool of blood at this time, but she's not good at anything now. Qin Yue is still so angry. As for?

Qin Yue said, "Jane, if you don't listen to me and run around, I will break your legs."

He broke her leg, carried her on his back, held her, and protected her, so that she would not be able to run around and would not be in danger.

"I didn't think that much just now." Just now, when the situation was so urgent, she just wanted to make Qinyue safe in her mind. She could not think of so many other things.

"Follow me, and dare to take another step!" Qin Yue held her tightly and didn't listen to her explanation. This little woman, always so disobedient, always does not put her own personal safety in mind.

Just now she ran away suddenly, he heard the sound of the gun again, half of her life was almost scared to run away.

Qin Yue's Qi didn't subside, and his pace was still very big. However, her body strength had been exhausted for a long time, and there was no way to keep up with him.

In the present situation, it seems that Qin and Yue are dragging on with simplicity.

"Qin Yue, the enemy has been eliminated," she murmured. So where are we going now? Can we go back to the dock and wait for you? "

Qin Yue put his hand around Jianran's waist and led her on: "the enemy's purpose this time is to get rid of me. There are definitely more than these two people lying in ambush on the island. Let's go to the cave for a while."

The enemy hiding in the dark has spent so much time, dug such a big hole and waited for him to jump in.

Now he jumped into the pit. The enemy who was hiding in the dark thought of thousands of ways to let him die, so it was not only these two people who ambushed them.


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