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However, she was squatting on the ground, and there were two small trees on her side. At present, she found that the enemy was coming to them, but the enemy did not find her.

However, as long as the enemy moves a few steps further, when they look around the two small trees, they will simply be completely exposed in front of the enemy.

Qin Yue is hanging on the cliff at this time. If there is any external force to intervene, he may fall off the cliff and fall into the shallow sea area full of rocks. The result can be imagined.

Just thinking of such a picture, Jane felt that her scalp was numb and her heart ached a lot.

Jane clenched her lips tightly. In any case, she must protect Qin Yue from any accident.

"In short, there is a cave formed by the impact of sea water below."

At the moment when Jane was distracted by her thoughts, Qin Yue's voice interrupted her thoughts. She shivered and said in a hurry, "well, first you hide in, I'll come down right away."

Seeing the enemy getting closer and closer, as long as they move a little further, they will surely see her.

Jane knew that there was not enough time for her to climb down the cliff and enter the cave with Qin Yue.

If she was found by the enemy just as she climbed down the cliff, she would have no choice but to die. If something happens to her, Qin and Yue may also be in danger.

At this time, the best way is for her to lead away the enemy. As long as she pulls away the enemy, Qin Yue will be safe.

"Qinyue, you go to the cave first, I will come." Thinking of this, Jane got up and ran without any hesitation.

Half bent forward, she ran to avoid the enemy's sight as much as possible, and ran a little farther. When she opened the distance with the enemy, she tried to attract the enemy's attention and lead the enemy away, so as to make Qinyue safe.

Jane ran ahead, biting her teeth, burying her head and desperately running. Behind her came the man's roar: "there, shoot them."

The enemy's voice came from not far behind, and then the bullets followed Jane like raindrops. If it wasn't that far away from them, Jane might have been shot.

Jianran runs hard with her teeth clenched. For Xiaoran, Qinyue and herself, she has to work hard.

They are a family of three, no one can do without them, so she must work hard, must continue to move forward, must let herself live, must let herself return to their father and daughter's side.

Thinking of Qin Yue and Xiao ran, it seems that their bodies are full of energy and their exhausted legs have strength. When they run, it seems that there is a wind under their feet and their speed is much faster.

She rushed into the jungle and temporarily blocked the sight of the pursuers under the cover of miscellaneous trees and weeds.

No, the pursuers are still shooting.

Jianran is still running desperately. She tells herself that she must escape, escape, and go back to see Qin Yue and her little Ranran.

The bullet fell behind her and felt closer and closer. Maybe at the next moment, it would shoot at her and penetrate her body, so that she would never see her husband and her children again.

Just when Jane had this idea, a bullet hit a tree pole in front of her, and she was shocked to stop her March.

"Run. Let's try another fucking run. "

Behind him came the voice of man's rage, followed by another shot, which was shot at Jane's feet.

Jane thought that the reason why the bandits were so angry was that she was running away.

She didn't know how to write the word "death". There were enemies chasing after her. If she didn't run, would she have to wait for death?

Jane looked back and saw that two men had gathered around her. They both had guns in their hands, and the muzzle of the guns was right for her.

"You alone, and your man?" Asked one of the men, who looked very lewd.

Jane looked at them, her eyes moved slightly, and she looked behind him.

She looked at their rear to see if Qin Yue had come, but in the eyes of the two enemies, as if she was telling them that Qin Yue was behind them.

The body of the two people who would like to have a simple look is slightly stiff, and the two people look back at each other almost immediately.

But there was nothing behind them, let alone Qinyue, and there was not even a ghost.

When they didn't see Qin Yue, they were relieved. At the same time, they were annoyed at the thought that Qin Yue's name could make them sweat.

"Dead woman, you dare to cheat us!" The wretched man pulled open the insurance, picked up the gun valve, and said that he wanted to shoot him.

Just as the man was picking up the gun valve, another man pushed the man in time, and the bullet flew past his simple ear.

"What are you doing?" yelled the wretched man

Another man said: "We collected money to kill Qin and Yue, but no one told me that I could buy one for free. Qin Yue's body hasn't been seen. What do you think of killing this woman? "

"What do you mean?" said the wretched man

The man said: "this woman is in our hands. As long as Qin Yue is not dead, he will definitely come to save her. We have lures to lure Qinyue, but we are afraid that the fish won't be hooked. "

Listening to the dialogue between the two enemies, Jane automatically clenched her fist, looked at them coldly, and said, "Qin Yue has fallen off the cliff. What's the use of you as bait?"

How Jane hoped that Qin Yue would hide well in the cave, never come out, never fall into the enemy's trap.

But she understood that Qin Yue would never look at her risks, and he ignored her.

The man said: "Qin Yue fell off the cliff, life and death are uncertain. You haven't even shed a tear. Don't tell me that you have no relationship with him. Even if he comes back alive, he can't be seen. "

"Simple hook lip, sneer way:" still really let you give say accurate

"What are you doing with all that nonsense?" yelled the wretched man. "Hang her up with a rope. Can Qin Yue still hide from her face?"

At this time, Jane Ran's eyes saw the tall figure striding behind the two bandits. Every step he took was firm and incomparable.

She would like to give Qin Yue a signal that he should not be stupid, and let him leave here as soon as possible. These two people have guns in their hands, and one bullet can kill people. He will never be the opponent of two people.

However, Qin Yue said in a voice, "you are right. As long as she is here, I will never show up."

Qin Yue was as gloomy as the voice from the hell suddenly sounded behind them. They looked back and saw that Qin Yue had been a step behind them.


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