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"Qin Yue, speak well!" Said Jane angrily.

She's really wrong about this man. When she talks to him about business, he always talks about things. He's not serious at all.

"It's the same with talking well. My wife's design is the best in my heart."

This is the first time that Qin Yue called Jianran "wife". Hearing her blush, her voice unconsciously softened a lot: "what?"

"Why is your face red again?" Qin Yue didn't notice the two words he just casually said. He just thought that his simplicity was where he had gone?

"Nothing." Jane jumped out of his arms, eager to escape, and then stay with this man, do not know how to be flirted with him.

Qin Yue grabbed her and laughed badly: "your physiological period is not over, let's endure for another two days."

Hearing Qin Yue's words, Jane was even red at the root of her ear and punched him in the face: "what?"

"Your mind, I know." Qin Yue held her and rubbed her hard. "The timing is not right. Don't ignite randomly. I don't want to be bloody! '

"You, villain!" Jane really wants to cry without tears.

It's just that he's thinking about something. What kind of insect has gnawed his brain. She just wants it. Before he talks, she doesn't think about anything, OK?

"Jianran -" Qin Yue suddenly and seriously called her name.

"Well?" He spoke seriously and sat up straight, ready to listen.

Qin Yue said, "after I deal with this important thing around me, let's go to the Aegean Sea together."

He has been preparing for some time. When Xiao Yuanfeng's business is finished, he will take Jianran and his family to the Aegean Sea. In that romantic and beautiful place, he will make up for the wedding that has owed Jianran many years.

"Eh? Why do you want to go there all of a sudden? " Aegean Sea is the place where Jane planned to go many years ago when she made money.

Once, a man said to her, "but when you graduate, let's go on a trip to the Aegean Sea."

As she was busy drawing the fashion design, she replied to him, "OK. But it depends on how much money I can make after my work. "

When she fell in love with that person, she never wanted to spend a cent on him. That's why that person always said she was stupid.

Other people's girlfriends are expecting to spend more money on their boyfriends, and she doesn't want him to spend it on her.

In that person's view, it's natural for his girlfriend to spend his money. Anyway, money is not earned by him, and he doesn't care about spending it.

However, Jianran always thinks that no matter how close the relationship between the two people is, they are two different individuals. She can make money by herself and how can she spend the money of Nanjing so naturally.

She has made it clear to Gu Nanjing, but when she graduated from University, the man still sent her the air ticket.

When she couldn't resist Gu Nanjing, who was excited and flattered, she received a phone call that the city would hold a new fashion design competition.

When she signed up for the competition, she refused to go to Gu Nanjing. At that time, Gu Nan didn't look for her for several days.

He didn't look for her, and Jane was busy with her work. She didn't want to go to Gu Nanjing. She didn't even know he was angry.

Later, Gu Nanjing made a step first. When they chatted, they knew that he was angry from Gu Nanjing's sad words.

Since then, Jane has been trying to make money. She wants to wait until she makes enough money, and then she asks him to go, but her plan is defeated by the later changes.

Later, she seldom thought about the beautiful, romantic and mysterious place. Today, when Qin Yue suddenly mentioned it, she couldn't tell her feelings.

When I think about the people who were not in the world, I can't help but take a deep breath. It's all so long, like the people I knew in my last life.

Now I think it's so untrue.

"Don't like it?" Before investigating Qin's Yue, he saw a piece of information. She wanted to go to Aegean Sea. So he chose to choose their wedding address. Did she not love it?

"No dislike." Jane smiled. "On the contrary, I like that place very much, but I haven't been able to see it. If you have a chance, take our natural baby, let's go and have a look. "

It's a wonderful thing to go with the beloved man and their two children to the place she once dreamed of.

"Well, that's what we have to say. When we have finished the work at hand, we will go out for a walk together. " Because it's a wedding ceremony, of course, we can't do without the presence of our family as witnesses. We can't do without our family members in Qin Yue's plan.

But Jane has a little bit of selfishness. She hopes that Qin Yue and her are the only people on this trip, and they will take their little ran with them.

She thinks so in her heart, but it's hard to say. It's not good to make her family think she's such a mean person.

"Well." Jane nodded.

"Not happy?" However, Qin Yue could not see the change of his expression. His observation was always very accurate.

"I'm glad to go to such a beautiful place."

"If there is any opinion, it's too late to say it."

"Can you really give me some advice?" If she said it, would he think she was a person who didn't respect her elders?

"Is there anything else I can't say in front of me?"

Jane glanced at him and said cautiously, "I'm very happy to travel with my family, but this is the first time you've asked me to go so far. I hope selfishly that this trip is only yours and ours."

Let's say it in one breath. Jane is relieved. She can make another appointment with her family when she goes on a trip. She wants to leave the memory of their family of three in her first trip.

"Well, listen to you." Qin Yue smiled and rubbed her head. "It's not a big problem. It's not cute to be in front of me."

"Isn't that a big problem?" As the daughter-in-law of the Qin family, her husband arranged a family trip, but she objected to it and didn't want to go out with her family. It's not a small thing.

Qin Yue said, "tell me, what's the big problem?"

It's better not to let the family go together. Let the family go there to prepare first, and then surprise Jane when they are in a hurry.

Hope is a surprise, never a scare.

"Mr. Qin, thank you for being so kind to me!"

Thank you for his consideration. When he said such a big thing like this, it didn't seem that it was a big deal, but she did it.


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