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After yesterday's little episode, Xiao ran finally understood that this mother is her mother, and that she flew back in the sky.

She also knowingly accepted to go to children's school, contact more people, know some children of the same age and her size.

In the morning, a large group of children sent her out. She waved her hands to say goodbye to everyone and gave them a kiss.

Of course, her most reluctant brother is still around her, kindergarten is no exception.

Brother lie not only sent her to school, but also accompanied her to attend classes and play games at the request of Xiao ran.

When a "huge" partner sat in their class, they all crowded over to look left and right, and even wanted to touch it.

"He is Ranran's strong brother. You can't move him!" Small Ran Ran Ran blocks in front of brother lie and stops other people from approaching. One picture of him is mine. Who dare to move him? Who am I anxious with.

Seeing xiaoranan's lovely appearance, lie couldn't help but smile gently. He held xiaoranan in his arms, pinched her little face and said with a smile, "but don't worry, brother is just brother, but don't let other people touch brother, brother will not let other people touch him."

"Brother Liege is Ranran's brother, who can only be around Ranran to protect Ranran." In Xiao Ran's heart, it seems that she has taken brother lie as her belongings.

Brother lie is her brother and her brother alone. Don't hold her brother. Whoever holds her, she will beat him away.

"Well, brother lie will only protect ran and help ran to beat all the bad guys." Rub her little head hard, said softly.

"But it will protect brother Liege." Small Ran Ran straightened small body, a small adult's appearance.

Because brother youlie is always by his side. No matter whether there are children who recognize or not, the children don't care anymore, even forget their parents.

As for Xiao Ran's parents, the children didn't let them worry about it, but they didn't have time.

Jane learned from iavn in the villa for half a day today. When she came home, she would shut up in her room and paint. She was busy with her costume design, and didn't have time to pay attention to Qin Yue.

She will be so attentive, not to design other clothes, but to improve their family's three mouth dresses. After learning from iavn, she has a new idea and can have more interesting ideas.

Qin Yue, like her, went to Shengtian in the morning to deal with some things, and went home at noon to have a meal with Jane ran.

After dinner, Jianran is busy with design. Without time to accompany him, he stealthily takes Jianran's mobile phone to the study and waits for the mysterious man to call again.

Coincidentally, shortly after Qin Yue was busy sitting down, the simple mobile phone on the side rang, displaying the unknown call number.

Mysterious people use different phone numbers every time they call. Each number was opened many years ago, and there is no call record for each number, only monthly rent is deducted.

Qin Yue answered quickly, "you don't need to hide your identity anymore. I already know who you are. I want to ask you to meet. I don't know what you think. "

After he said that, there was a long silence, and he said, "you are calling to hear Jane's voice. Just listen to her voice, are you satisfied? Don't you want to meet their brother and sister? No matter what kind of identity you live in the world, you can at least hear your children call you father. "

After that, Qin Yue stopped again and gave her some time to think about it. At the same time, she was waiting for the other side to give her an answer.

"I can't understand what you said." The other side only said such a word, then quickly cut off the phone.

Looking at the hung up phone, Qin Yue raised his hand and pushed the eyeglass frame on the bridge of his nose, squinting his eyes slightly. Xiao Yuanfeng was unwilling to admit it, which was expected by him.

Xiao Yuanfeng has lived in anonymity for so many years, and has done some things behind Jane's back. He is afraid that he has left a way for himself from the beginning, so it is not easy for him to admit his identity.

As long as Xiao Yuanfeng is willing to meet with him, he will have a way to give him a new identity. He will not let anyone know Xiao Yuanfeng's identity except for Jianran.

This is his plan, but it is not easy for Xiao Yuanfeng to trust him 100%.

"Mr. Qin, are you busy?" Jane ran came in with the revised painting and wanted to show Qin Yue if he could give her some advice.

"Well, there's nothing busier than you." Qin Yue chuckled and said, "what can I do for you?"

Jane spread out the drawing on the desk and said, "I want to ask the president to help me see what's wrong with this hand."

Qin Yue drags Jane ran, holds her in his arms, buries his head in her ear and whispers, "President Qin never does anything without interest. If you want him to help you, you should show him the chips first."

With a blink of her eyes, Jane said in surprise, "eh, did the president of the chip receive it earlier? If he is not satisfied with such a big chip, I have nothing to say. "

"Do you have any chips?" As a client, how could he not know?

"Xiaoranran and me." Jane smiled softly. "What do you think of this chip? Is it big enough? "

"Well, Qin is always satisfied with this chip." Qin Yue kissed her on the face, and said again, "so Qin always decided to give you a generous gift in addition to helping you read the manuscript."

"What kind of gift?" A simple blink is a sign of expectation.

"Me." Qin and Yue pointed to themselves.

"You? You didn't give me you long ago. What's the meaning of another delivery? " She's been to school. Don't bully her. She doesn't know how to give a gift twice.

Qin Yue put on a serious look again: "the person who sent before, now give everything to you, I am yours, my everything is yours."

"Then I'll take it." "I'd like to ask Mr. Qin to see it for me. I always feel dissatisfied, but I just don't know where there is a problem."

Qin Yue took a careful look at VBL, and his eyes were picky enough, but he still couldn't see any problems with her painting.

"No problem," he said

"To find out the problem, we can make progress. Obviously there is a problem. You can't comfort me and say nothing. "

"I don't see any problem." Qin Yue didn't know how to design clothes, but his aesthetic outlook was not bad, and his wife had no problems in designing.


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