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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E445

Story 2 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 445

After a night, it seems that everything has returned to its original point.

Last night, Xiao ran was not scared to hide. Qin Yue did not experience temporary blindness. All things have passed.

This morning, Qi Qi, the Qin family, gathered at the dinner table. As soon as you say something, I will continue to go to the kindergarten to express my opinions.

Qin Xiaobao said with a smile: "however, you are going to kindergarten today. The little girl has prepared many delicious strawberry flavors for you and put them in your schoolbag. You can eat them at any time when you are hungry. "

In recent days, Zhan Nianbei, who has been eating and drinking at Qin's house, put his hand on Qin Xiaobao's shoulder and stretched out his hand and pinched Xiao Ranran's face: "however, when you go to the kindergarten of Jiangbei military region, you are covered by an uncle and grandfather. No one dares to say more when you walk horizontally."

"Zhan Nianbei, however, is still small. Don't take her bad." Qin Xiaobao said again.

In those days, she was turned by Zhan Nianbei, and turned to the circle where he didn't pay attention to anything, which made her no longer feminine. She could not move but shout, shout and kill.

"Qin Xiaobao, are you hating yourself?" Zhan Nianbei slaps Qin Xiaobao on the back. Because he doesn't control his strength well, he hurts Qin Xiaobao.

Qin Xiaobao bit his teeth and scolded angrily, "Zhan Nianbei, you bastard, want to kill people for money?"

Zhan Nianbei: "how can I repay you?"

"Stop playing, you two. Our main character today is ran Baobao." Qin's mother stopped the two of them from fighting again, then looked at xiaoranan and said kindly and gently, "however, grandma has nothing to give you, but when you go home in the evening, you will be able to eat the strawberry meal that grandma made for you personally."

Qin's father said calmly, "but baby, grandpa has nothing to give you. Grandpa wishes you a happy day in kindergarten."

Qin Xiaobao added, "Dad, you are the baby's grandfather. You are so mean that you don't prepare anything for her. Just send a blessing."

Qin dad said: "however, there is nothing missing from the baby. It doesn't matter if I'm a grandfather or not, as long as I love our baby well."

Jianran, who has been taking care of xiaoranan's meal, smiled softly and said, "in fact, it's not important for our ran baby whether grandparents and little aunts give her gifts or not. What's important is that everyone loves her."

Qin's family all hold Xiao ran in their hands and hurt. The gift is not so important for her. Everyone's company is the most important.

Everyone is happy to talk about Xiao Ran's going to kindergarten again, but as today's heroine, Xiao ran doesn't say a word. Tears roll in her big eyes, and it seems that she may break down and cry at any time.

Small Ran's abnormal moment attracted everyone's attention, and Jane worried: "ran baby, what's the matter? Why don't you say something? What's wrong? "

"Mom -" Ran Ran Ran Ran Ran into her mother's arms, and pea tears fell from her eyes one by one.

"Baby, what's the matter?" Jianran holds xiaoranan in her arms. When she sees the little guy crying, she is in great pain.

My grandparents, aunts, uncles and grandfathers, as well as my father, almost at the same time, asked, "but what's the matter?"

"But don't go to kindergarten." But wipe the tears, said not wronged.

It's been a long time since she went to kindergarten. In addition to her brother's company, she has already forgotten those children in kindergarten.

She only knew that when she went to kindergarten, she couldn't let her brother accompany her all the time. What if the villain came?

"If you don't cry, if you don't say you don't go, it's no big deal." It's Qin Yue, the president, who is so cold in other people's mind.

Everyone said that there was no principle for him to dote on his daughter. He never denied that his daughter, like his wife, should be doted on well.

"Well, if you don't, don't go." Others followed suit.

Anyway, it's also fun to go to kindergarten. Playing is also to make xiaoranan have fun. Xiaoranan doesn't want to go. Naturally, no one will force her to go.

Xiao ran doesn't go to kindergarten. Everyone in the Qin family is willing to follow Xiao ran. No one wants to see her sad.

However, there is a person who is not willing to be used to xiaoranan. Xiaoranan is four years old and knows a lot of things. She must grow up slowly.

Jane doesn't care about Xiaoran, but she does care more about Xiaoran than everyone. So sometimes, she has to do something that everyone won't do to Xiaoran.

At this time, they all indulged xiaoranran, pampered her and asked her to do what she wanted. Later, xiaoranran grew up and all of them left. At that time, xiaoranran was left alone. Who else would pamper her and get used to her like the Qin family?

At that time, she must shoulder the responsibility on her own shoulders. If her ability is not enough, who can help her?

If she had been given some exercise since childhood, she would not have so much pressure when she took over Shengtian when she grew up.

Jianran thought more about it than anyone else, because she thought more about it for Xiaoran when she saw how hard it was for Qinyue.

She gently wiped away the tears for Xiaoran and said softly, "however, mom and Dad love you, and grandparents and aunts love you, but we have to tell you that no matter how much we love you, crying can't solve the problem."

"Mom -" little ran flattened her mouth, and tears of grievance would come out of her eyes from time to time.

"But, don't cry, listen to your mother. It's no use crying," said Jane

"You are not a mother! You are a bad guy. But the mother flies in the sky! " "Small Ran Ran is shedding a tear to shout to say.

As soon as Xiao Ran's words came out, the people on the scene took a cold breath. Their eyes shifted back and forth between Xiao ran and Jane.

Hearing xiaoranan's words, her heart seemed to be hit by a heavy object. At this moment, she understood that she had never entered xiaoranan's heart.

In Xiaoran's heart, she is just a woman who has replaced her mother's position. The mother that Xiaoran really wants, zbzviug, Xiaoran feels that her closest mother is still flying in the sky.

Because of the absence of three years in Xiaoran's life, Jianran has been working hard to be a qualified good mother.

She thought Xiao ran had already accepted her. Now, she realized that she had always been wishful thinking.


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