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Jane treats Xiaobao as if she were her own sister. If she knew it was her own father who kidnapped and hurt Xiaobao, she would not accept it.

But that's Jianran's father. He can't know Xiao Yuanfeng's existence, but he doesn't tell Jianran that their father and daughter will never meet again.

Qin Yue was thinking deeply. Suddenly a phone call came in. He picked up his cell phone and connected it. He lowered his voice and said a word coldly: "say!"

Liu Yong's voice came from the phone: "President Qin, we have found new clues about mysterious people. I have sent the information to your mailbox, and please read the instructions to us. "

Liu Yong will call in the middle of the night. It must be a very urgent matter.

Qin Yue hangs up the phone, gently moves away the Jane ran lying in her arms, gets up and goes to the study, opens the computer and then opens the mailbox.

Liu Yong's email is filled with old photos. The photos seem to be dated.

The first picture is a man about 30 years old. He is tall and straight, with good matching of facial features and looks pretty.

After a close look, Qin Yue soon had an impression in his mind.

Many years ago, when he investigated Jianran, he saw this picture. The man in the picture is her biological father Xiao Yuanfeng.

The second picture shows a beautiful young woman with a smile on her lips. She looks quiet and beautiful.

In the photo, the women's eyebrows and eyes are very similar to those of Jane, but the stubborn spirit between them is missing.

Many years ago, Qin Yue was lucky to see Jianran's mother. He was quite impressed by her elders, so he could recognize that the woman in this picture was Jianran's mother.

The third photo is a group photo, in which a man and a woman are tall and handsome, and a woman is petite and sweet.

In the photo, they both look at each other and smile, and all their feelings are written in the eyes of each other.

On the back of the photo is a line of small characters - Xiao Xiao's love.

Xiao Xiao naturally refers to Xiao Yuanfeng, whose love should be Lu's love of Jianran's mother.

Xiao Xiao's love - also his surname, her first name.

Xiao Yuanfeng and Lu Zhiqing grew up together. They had no guesses. They had a marriage date, but they were ruined by a JianZheng day.

Looking at their photos, Qin Yue's eyes were dazed and a picture appeared. They two led the young Jane ran and walked together in the countryside.

In addition to the photos, there are many things about Xiao Yuanfeng. After reading them one by one, Qin Yue dialed Liu Yong's phone without any delay: "where do you all come from?"

Liu Yong said: "these materials are all from the mysterious person's residence. This evening, he found our man and moved his position. We haven't found him yet. "

Qin Yue slightly raised his eyebrows and said, "you've lost people again!"

"When we followed him, we found that the men of the commander of the war were following him," Liu said. Because you said you wanted to stop the chief of war's men from finding him, so our men all went to intercept his men. The mysterious man took advantage of this flight. "

Qin Yue said in a fierce voice, "if Zhan Nianbei wants to stop him, the mysterious man must be found out for me, and his safety must be guaranteed."

"President Qin, there is a saying that I don't know whether to say it or not?" Liu Yong said haltingly.

Before Qin Yue had to investigate Jianran, Liu Yong was assigned to do it. The photos Qin Yue had seen were naturally seen by Liu Yong, so today when he saw these photos, he was in a hurry to call Qin Yue and ask for his instructions.

"If you don't know whether to say it or not, don't talk too much." Leaving his words behind, Qin Yue quickly hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Qin Yue looked at the pictures downloaded in the computer again. The mysterious person is Xiao Yuanfeng, and there should be no suspense.

So what he needs to do now is to find a way to meet Xiao Yuanfeng alone.

Looking at it, Qin Yue suddenly saw nothing in front of him.

At the same time, he felt as if there were ten thousand stabs in his eyes, which made him sweat in a few seconds.

He closed his eyes, leaned back on the chair, raised his hand and rubbed his temples, trying not to lose his mind because of the pain.

Because he didn't want to worry about Jane, he asked her to hide some possible situations after taking the medicine.

He will occasionally be invisible and will be accompanied by severe pain, which even the doctor does not know how long it will last.

If you tell Jianran the truth, it's estimated that she'll be worried about sitting still, so the earlier Qin gets to talk to her doctor before the doctor calls her.

I don't know how long it took for the pain in the eyes to subside. Qin Yue blinked and his eyesight recovered, but he still saw things vaguely.

He closed his eyes again and rested for a while, then opened them again. The tingling in his eyes was gone, and the things in front of him were clear.

After a long rest, it is estimated that there will be no problems with the eyes for the time being. Qin Yue returns to her room and her simple side.


The long night is supposed to be the rest time after a busy day. At the same time, there are many people who, under the cover of the night, do something furtive.

In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, two men stand side by side in front of the floor window, overlooking the brilliant international metropolis.

They are in front of the building that stands out from the rest, Shengtian building, the new landmark of Jiangbei City, which is beyond the reach of many people.

Looking at Shengtian tower for a long time, two men standing side by side, wearing dark gray shirts, took the lead in saying: "Shengtian group, international financial group, ranked first on the list of the world's richest people, and his leader is not your age or my age."

Another man in a light blue shirt took over the conversation and said slowly: "Qin Yue officially took over Shengtian at the age of 22. Now, within ten years or so, Shengtian's business has expanded to dozens of countries around the world. If you ask about his talent, there are several people who can match it. "

"So what?" The gray shirt man sneered and said, "I will replace him in a short time. At that time, Shengtian group will disappear from people's eyes forever, and you and I will be the objects they worship. "

The blue shirt man sighed and said, "are you sure Qin Yue will come to see you alone?"

Hearing this question, the smile on the lips of the gray shirt man was deeper, and he said proudly, "I'm not sure about anything else, but as long as it's about simplicity, he will step into the trap I designed for him step by step according to my plan."

Shengtian's leoqin was originally an existence without weakness, but from one day four years ago, everyone knew that he had a weakness, that weakness was - simplicity!


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