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"Ran Ran rest assured that brother lie will always be by Ran's side and will never leave ran alone." Strong with the big master small ran small hand son, gentle said.

"Brother lie......" Little ran blinked the big eyes of shuilingling and said softly, "but I want to listen to brother lie's story."

"Well, brother lie tells a story to Ranran." Strong touch small ran chubby face, lips slightly Yang, whispered, "a long time ago, a farmer met a snake..."

"But don't listen well, there are bad guys!" Small Ran Ran shook his head to say don't listen to the vicious story.

"Well, brother Neri will tell another story to Ranran." But he racked his brains and couldn't figure out what story he could tell Xiao ran.

In the fierce world, what he received from childhood was cruel political education, and pleasant fairy tales were things he had never touched.

"But listen to the story of snow princess." The story of snow princess xiaoranran has been read many times, but she still wants to hear it and see it, because she thinks snow princess is very beautiful.

Hearing the story of the snow princess, Xiao ran was relieved.

This story, he followed Xiao ran to read many times, has long been remembered, let him tell, no pressure.

Strong soft voice way: "strong elder brother gives the story that ran snow princess."

With his deep voice, lie Qingqing gently tells Xiao ran the story of the snow princess.

Listening to brother lie's deep voice, Xiao ran gradually fell asleep. Because brother lie held her hand and stayed with her all the time, she was not afraid and did not wake up.

In the other room, Xiao Ran's parents wanted to do something "earth shaking" in her absence.

But it hasn't started yet, and a very embarrassing thing happened.

Jane's physiological period has always been very punctual. I don't know if it's too tense in the recent period. When they were both in high spirits tonight, her physiological period suddenly came to visit.

The visit of physiological period, like a basin of cold water, splashed on two people with high interest and put out the fire in an instant.

"I'm sorry!" Jane turned over and got up. She was so shy that she had to hide in the bathroom to take care of her. She had no face to come out to see Qin Yue for a long time.

"Jianran -" Qin Yue knocked on the door of the bathroom and asked earnestly, "is there anything I can do for you?"

"You go to bed first, don't disturb me!" It's such a shameful time. She has no face to see others. She needs time to be quiet.

After taking care of it, Jane poured water on her face and looked at her face in the mirror, blushing, and her heart pounded.

I really lost her. She didn't have any preparation for this physiological period, which made her so embarrassed that she would hate to stay in the bathroom.

Jane lingered in the bathroom for a long time. When she heard no sound outside the door for a long time, she guessed that Qin Yue might not be able to wait to fall asleep.

She gently opened the door of the washroom, first put her head out to see the situation. How could she know that she would look at Qin Yue's deep eyes.

Jane was slightly stunned for a while. When she calmed down, she hurriedly backed away. Instinctively, she wanted to close the door and separate Qin Yue from the other side of the door.

but Qin Yue was faster than her. He quickly Kwai arrived at the door, but pushed the door a little harder.

But she was grabbed by Qin Yue and yelled: "what are you doing?"

Qin Yue grabs her hand and forcibly drags her back to the room. "Where else have I seen all over you?" he says

"It's not the same," she whispered, with her head down

"Lie down!" He ordered that his tone be domineering and strong, without any room for simple resistance.

"Oh." Jane, like a child who did something wrong, said softly, lying on the bed obediently, afraid to move.

Qin Yue pulled the quilt to cover her, rubbed her head, and said, "don't move, I will come."

"Well." Jane still dared not look at him, her face burning with shame.

After a long time, Jane was almost asleep, and Qin Yue came back.

With a bowl in his hand, he went to her and sat down: "drink this and then sleep."

Jane sat up and asked, "what is this?"

Qin Yue said, "brown sugar and ginger water."

Her constitution is rather cold, and she is not easy to suffer in every physiological period. As early as a long time ago, Qin Yue asked the doctor about the situation and knew that it was good to drink.

It's easy to be shy. Qin Yue can understand her. When she came to her physiological period, he never cared about her so directly.

He always quietly told the kitchen to pay attention to the food during the simple physiological period and try to make some light and warm food.

Jane took the bowl, took a sip, looked up at him: "it's so late, you let Xiangxiu and them get up and boil me brown sugar water. I'm so sorry."

"Body matters!" Qin Yue simply replied a few words, and did not tell Jane that the bowl of brown sugar and ginger water was cooked by him.

Looking at Jane ran finish drinking, Qin Yue took a paper towel to help her erase the residual juice from the corners of her mouth, and said: "lie down and rest."

"I'm fine." She was just a little bit uncomfortable, not very uncomfortable. Looking at Qin Yue's tense appearance, she thought how sick she was.

"Be obedient." Qin Yue didn't say much. It was still a short word. He got up and put the bowl in the hall, and then he went back to her and lay down.

He held Jane in his arms. A big, thick palm reached into her abdomen. He asked softly, "will it hurt?"

"No pain." Jane shook her head gently.

She never told him that she would feel bad during her physiological period. Why does he know?

"Qin Yue said:" hard words come out

She is always like this. No matter what happens, she always likes to hide in her heart and never speaks to others easily. Even he is no exception.

"No pain." "It's not a big deal. You're so nervous," she said

"I'm nervous because it's you." Qin Yue said in a low voice, at the same time slightly increasing the strength of holding her.

Jane leaned in Qin Yue's arms and listened to his steady and powerful heartbeat. She felt very relieved and gradually fell asleep.

Qin Yue couldn't sleep, thinking about many things.

Thinking about the mysterious man who kidnapped Qin Xiaobao, if the mysterious man is really Xiao Yuanfeng, how can he mediate the relationship between them?

Xiaobao doesn't want to pursue the kidnapper for her serious injury, but other people won't take it personally, especially Jianran.


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