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Qin Yue just came over: "what's the matter?"

Jane bit her lips and looked at him, thought about it, or planned to tell him: "the mysterious man called me anonymously again. The voice of the person inside changed. I couldn't tell who he was? Why did he call me again and again? "

She pointed to the package she had just received and said, "on xiaoranran's birthday, we received the same hand-made crystal shoes. He sent the same pair today. "

Qin Yue looked at the shoes carefully. It took a lot of thought to make the crystal shoes so beautiful and delicate.

With so much thought, the mysterious man sent two pairs of crystal shoes to Xiao ran.

The places where the mysterious people used to live are all photos of Xiaoran and Jianran. Their interests and hobbies are recorded one by one.

In addition to Xiao Yuanfeng, Qin Yue couldn't think of a second person.

He took Jianran in his arms, patted her on the back and comforted her, saying, "give me another two days. After two days, I will find the mysterious figure."

Liu Yong has already mastered the specific location of the mysterious figure. He's been monitoring him 24 hours, only to ask him to meet him.

"Who is the mysterious man?" Jane can't think it through.

"He's a mystery man." Qin Yue gave her a vague answer, without 100% confirmation that the man was Xiao Yuanfeng, he would not give Jane hope at will.

Seeing that Qin Yue didn't pay attention to it at all, she was very angry. She stared at him and said, "I'm worried."



What should she do if she really wants to hit him?

Trying to beat him so that he didn't even know his daughter.

"Well, I'll put the baby to bed first. You'll wait for me in the room."

"No, I'll coax her. Your eyes are just right. Have a rest."

"My eyes are all right." He hasn't coaxed Xiaoran to sleep for a long time. Today, he will take the baby with him. The main thing is that he has other thoughts.

This evening, let Xiaoran sleep in her own room. They haven't done anything for a long time.

Small Ran is also very sensible, dad said that there are important things to do, she would sleep in her own room.

Before closing his eyes, Xiao ran said softly, "good night, Dad!"

"But good night!" Qin Yue kisses xiaoranran's face and accompanies her to sleep before he leaves.

When he left, Qin Yue turned off all the headlights in the room and left the bedside lamp for Xiao ran.

When Qin Yue returned to the room, Jane had finished washing and blowing her hair with a hair dryer.

Qin Yue came to her side, took the air duct in her hand, and pressed her to the dresser and sat: "I'll come."

"Go lie down first." His eyes were just a little better, and she could not bear to keep him busy.

Qin Yue is determined to help her blow her hair, of course, it can not be simply refused.

Instead of a comb, he gently combed her long hair with his long fingers, and helped her with the wind tube.

He's heard about it before, so that people with feelings can keep their heads together.

Blowing, Qin Yue's attention is not on Jane's hair. He looks at Jane's face crimson in the mirror.

Can't help but bow down on her face secretly kissed, deep to call her name: "Jane ran..."

"Well?" Jane answered softly, only to hear his sexy and hoarse voice, and she blushed unconsciously.

Qin Yue put down the windpipe and carried her to the big bed

The room here is very hot. Qin Yue is enjoying the sweetness he hasn't enjoyed for a long time. He doesn't know that he woke up soon after he went out.

There was only a dim little desk lamp in the room. Maybe there was no one around. Suddenly, Xiao ran woke up.

She opened her eyes, and what was imprinted on her eyes was a dark, oppressive piece. All of a sudden, the scares she had received came to her mind.

She saw a lot of bad people. Those big bad people put her in the bucket and put the lid on it. She couldn't see anything, just felt scared and scared.

She was so frightened that her little body kept shaking and even forgot to cry. She got out of bed and hid in the corner, looking around with wide eyes and panic.

She's so scared. She's so scared. She's afraid that the big bad guys will come and catch her, put her in the bucket, and throw her on the ground.

And just when she was afraid, she saw the familiar figure, who loved her most.

Brother lie beat all the big villains away, rescued her from the big villain's hands, took her home, and returned to her father and mother.

Strong turn on the room light, the eye swept and saw hiding in the corner shivering small ran, he strode to her side, a hold her up: "ran, strong brother here, don't be afraid."

"Brother lie......" Being held tightly in his arms by brother lie, Xiao ran felt relieved and cried loudly.

"However, it's OK. It's OK. Brother lie is here." Strong stroked small Ran's head, softly comforted way.

Shen Wenyuan's people took Xiao ran away and locked her in a bucket. Since then, the little guy has been very afraid of the dark. When her parents didn't go home, she once hid in the corner and let him find it for a long time.

At that time, he found that she was afraid of the dark. In the evening, if she didn't turn on the light and stay by her side, she would hide in fear.

In this case, lie didn't mention it to Qin Yue and Jianran, because they took good care of Xiaoran when they came back. Xiaoran was with her parents and didn't hide anymore.

Tonight, he knew that Xiaoran slept in his room alone, and he would quietly guard outside Xiaoran's room. Just when he found out that the situation was not right, he went in to check.

As soon as he entered the room, he didn't see Xiaoran on the bed. His heart sank slightly. The little guy must be scared to hide.

Sure enough, his eyes searched for Xiao Ranran in the corner of the room.

Small ran wiped tears, flat mouth son, aggrieved way: "strong brother, but ran good afraid, afraid of big bad guy!"

Strong gentle pacify way: "strong elder brother accompanies ran, big villain comes, strong elder brother can beat big villain to run, but calm sleep."

Small ran blinks big eyes: "strong brother will always accompany ran?"

I will. Brother lie will always be with ran, protect ran, and never let the bad guys hurt ran again. "

"But I'm not afraid." Hearing brother lie's promise, Xiao ran suddenly felt less afraid.

Lie put her on the bed, pull the quilt to cover her: "but go to sleep."

Xiao ran tightly grasps brother lie's hand. If she wants to sleep, she should also grasp brother lie, so that she can sleep in peace.


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