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It took two hours to finish a meal.

After that, everyone went back to his room to have a rest. Only Qin Yue went to his study and was busy dealing with Sheng Tian's affairs.

Jianran coaxes Xiaoran to sleep and then comes to the study. She asks nothing more. She goes to Qin Yue's back to help him beat his shoulder.

Qin Yue grabbed her hand, raised it to her mouth and kissed her. She said softly, "it's been a hard day today. Go to have a rest earlier."

Jane shook her head: "I'm not tired. You're busy. I'll be with you for a while. "

How can she rest in her room when he works with illness.

"Silly girl, don't take care of everything." Qin Yue pulled her to her lap and sat, nodding her forehead. "You are the little lady of Qin family. I married you to make you happy, not to be a servant."

"I'm happy." Jane snuggled up to his chest with a smile.

Can do a little thing for Qinyue, even if it is a trivial thing, Jane is very happy.

Qin Yue chuckled, "silly!"

"I'm not stupid." If she were stupid, she would not have agreed to marry him, and she would have missed such an excellent husband.

"Well? Really not stupid? " Qin Yue holds her face and lowers her head and kisses her gently.

Just being kissed by Qin Yue, Jane's face turned red. I don't know why. The child is four years old. She still blushes easily.

"Qin Yue, don't do that." Simply push him, don't start, don't let him kiss her again.

"What a pity!" Qin Yue suddenly said this.

His eyes couldn't see, and the most regrettable thing for him was that he couldn't see Jane's happy, angry, coquettish appearance, and Xiao Ran's growing up day by day.

"Sorry for what?" Asked Jane, puzzled.

"I'm sorry that I didn't spend every moment with you and your child." Qin Yue shut down the computer and held Jane up. "Compared with children and wives, work is not worth everything."

So he went back to his house to accompany his wife and children, and let those under him do the work.

"You let me down, I can go myself."

"I want to hold you."

Listening to Qin Yue's words, Jane's delicate face is red again.

She gently hooked his neck and kissed him on her face: "Qin Yue, your eyes must get better quickly.". We all have to be good all the time. "

"Of course, we will be so good." Qin Yue said definitely that he didn't know that there was a conspiracy ready for him, so he waited for him to jump into the pit they designed.


In the evening, Qin Xiaobao was thirsty and went downstairs to get a cup of fresh juice. When he went upstairs, he saw brother Mu carrying his sister-in-law back to the house.

Her wooden brother is not wooden at all to his wife. They have been married for so many years, but they are all four years old. But they are still like new swallows with their sister-in-law. Their eye contact is full of deep feelings.

Seeing them, Qin Xiaobao can't help but compare himself and Zhan Nianbei with their husband and wife.

Zhan Nianbei's stinky bastard bun went back to the guest room to have a rest after eating. He didn't even say hello to her.

In front of everyone at the dinner table, he also said that he wanted to have some children with her to play with. He would not recognize people at the table.

He wants her to marry him like this, so he can daydream.

Thinking of Zhan Nianbei's man who doesn't know how to be tender and sweet at all, Qin Xiaobao has a belly full of fire. He goes upstairs and rushes straight to Zhan Nianbei's room.

I don't know what that bastard is doing?

Qin Xiaobao put his ear to the door and listened secretly for a while. There was no movement in the room.

Did he fall asleep so soon?

Qin Xiaobao reached for the door handle and turned it slightly. The door was unlocked and opened as soon as he turned it.

She crept into the room, intending to give Zhan Nianbei a surprise attack.

Qin Xiaobao rushed into the room and searched every corner of the room. He almost didn't turn over the carpet to see if Zhan Nianbei was under the carpet.

What a nuisance!

Qin Xiaobao was so angry that he kicked two walls hard. The bastard in the north of zhannian dared to leave quietly. I don't know if I'm going to date any foxes.

He'd better not appear in front of her, or she will punish him severely.

Qin Xiaobao angrily returned to the room, kicked the door open, and then vigorously threw the door: "son of a bitch."

As soon as the words were scolded, Qin Xiaobao looked back and saw the naked Zhan Nianbei lying on her bed.

It's no exaggeration to say it's naked, because Zhan Nianbei only wears a pair of bullet pants.

Even the naked Zhan Nianbei Qin Xiaobao has seen and even touched it, but I don't know how. When he saw Zhan Nianbei's "sexy provocation", Qin Xiaobao blushed.

"Don't open her face, stutter:" Zhan Nianbei, something to put on clothes again

"Where haven't you seen me?" Zhan Nian lies there red and beckons, "come here, go to sleep."

"If you want to sleep, go back to your own room and sleep, i..." Qin Xiaobao is so nervous that he can't speak. He can't help but turn around quietly and glance at Zhan Nianbei.

This man's figure is very good. He has been rolling in the military area for a long time. His skin has been suntanned into a healthy wheat color. The lines of his abdominal muscles are just right. He looks very beautiful.

"I'm sleepy. Come to bed." Zhan Nianbei yawned and said impatiently.

The man came to her room and said these words to her. Did he want her to misunderstand or what? Maybe he just wanted to get along with her like a normal couple?

In just a few seconds, Qin Xiaobao's thoughts have turned around: "that you..."

"What are you talking about?" Zhan Nianbei turns over quickly and comes to Qin Xiaobao with long legs. Before she makes any response, he has picked her up.

Qin Xiaobao pushed him: "Zhan Nianbei, what are you doing?"

"Sleep!" He held her tightly, like a big pillow, and rubbed her twice, "Qin Xiaobao, let's have a baby."

It's not right to let her have a baby with him. She can't easily agree.

Qin Xiaobao said: "I am only 22 years old this year, which is the best age in a woman's life. My career is just a brilliant time. Do you think I'll be so foolish to give up my freedom and give up my job to accompany you to have children? "

Zhan Nianbei gave a little meal and said, "if you don't want to, go to sleep."

Qin Xiaobao nuzui, in the heart silently read: "son of a bitch, can not fight for more than once?"

She likes him so much, not to mention giving birth to children, just to give up her own life, and she is willing to, can't he see it at all?

Thinking of this nervous man, Qin Xiaobao kicks him hard with his outstretched foot - bastard!


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