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Zhan Nianbei is like that, but I'm still talking to her here.

Qin Xiaobao couldn't help turning a white eye at him.

What's the point of saying it?

I really want to shoot this love action movie with her. It's not just talking about it with my mouth, but also acting up.

Zhan Nianbei is not in a hurry. Qin Xiaobao is in a hurry for him. He wants to hold him and press him on the bed to do what she wants to do.

When she had this idea, Qin Xiaobao had reached out her hand and claws, but she took them back forcibly.

She kept telling herself that she was a girl. She should be reserved and pay attention to her image. Don't let Zhan Nianbei think she was a very casual girl.

In fact, she is not a casual girl. She is brave and always does something that other girls dare not do. That's because the object is Zhan Nianbei.

, Qin Xiaobao, I'll give you five minutes to think about it. If you want to, you has the final say, I will not force you.

Zhan Nianbei was a little hoarse and had some sexy voices ringing in Qin Xiaobao's ear. She was so upset that even her ears were red.

In order to cover up his heart that can't wait to put Zhan Nianbei down, Qin Xiaobao shouted: "Zhan Nianbei, are you a man?"

Zhan Nianbei eyebrows a pick: "what?"

Qin Xiaobao was discontented and said: "I asked if you were a man or not? If it's a man, hurry up. What kind of devil is it? "

This time, before Qin Xiaobao finished speaking, he was pinched by Zhan Nianbei. He asked her to look at him and teased him: "Qin Xiaobao, don't blame me for not knowing how to pity her."

"Zhan Nianbei, stop fucking nonsense!" If he doesn't hurry up, she won't wait.

This time, Zhan Nianbei didn't say anything more. He leaned over and kissed her fiercely. He kissed her forcefully and domineering

When his lips touch her lips, Qin Xiaobao makes a satisfied voice. This fake and serious smelly man finally begins to act.

Want her to run after him for so many years, finally sit on the love of this ship, let him take her to ride through the wind and waves, natural and unrestrained forward.

"Damn it!"

Zhan Nianbei hasn't made the next move yet. Qin Xiaobao has started pulling his clothes By the time she calmed down, she had pressed Zhan Nianbei under her.

Both of them are not peaceful people. In an instant, it seems that the thunder has caught the ground fire, which is out of control.

Just then, the door was suddenly opened and two people burst in. When they saw clearly the situation of men and women in the room, they were stunned by the scene in front of them. They even forgot to go out politely and close the door with them to let them continue what they should do.

Qin Xiaobao is up, with his back to the door, and he is very excited. He doesn't notice anyone breaking in. Instead, Zhan Nianbei reacts fast enough. A counter pressure catches the quilt and covers Qin Xiaobao's half exposed scenery. His fierce eyes shoot coldly at the person: "get out!"

"I'm sorry! We didn't see anything! Nothing! " The two intruders suddenly realized that they had to turn around and run away.

"Zhan Nianbei, how the hell did you do it?" As soon as the two men left, Qin Xiaobao kicked Zhan Nianbei's shin.

Didn't this smelly man just lock the door?

How can anyone open the door and break in?

Such a big man can't even lock the door. What else can he do?

Seeing that she can be killed by him, he is short of the last step to achieve success, but he is destroyed by others. This kind of mood is worse than eating flies.

"Shut up!" Being interrupted, Zhan Nianbei must be more miserable than Qin Xiaobao. He got a phone number from his cell phone and said in a deep voice, "send some brothers to guard the door. Who dares to break in and shoot!"

With that, Zhan Nianbei has thrown out his mobile phone, intending to put an end to possible harassment and enjoy today's feast.

"Zhan Nianbei, you..."

"Go on!"


The temperature in the room went up for a time. The brothers outside felt the heat in the room.

From time to time in the room across the door came the growls of their commander and the groans of Qin Xiaobao.

The time lasted from noon to evening, and the house was finally quiet. The brothers outside the door had to lament that their physical strength in fighting with the commander of the army could not be compared with that of ordinary people.

At the same time, they also have some sympathy for Qin Xiaobao. After the serious injury, they have to deal with the overpowered commander. It's really hard for her.

They think Qin Xiaobao has worked hard, but Qin Xiaobao himself enjoys it very much.

It's just that she has more energy. Compared with Zhan Nianbei, it's worse. When it's over, she's tired to sleep.

Zhan Nianbei looks at her and feels touched in her heart. It's a little sweet and warm, and a lot of touching.

Thank her for following him all the time. Thank her for not caring about his parents and elders. Thank her for letting them go together to today.

When Zhan Nianbei was grateful, Qin Xiaobao in his arms suddenly murmured, "Zhan Nianbei, you son of a bitch, will you die if you move lightly?"

Take a look. This girl is such a person. She is so tired. She has the strength to scold him in her dream.

"Ugly girl, I'm in a good mood today. I don't care about you." Zhan Nianbei looks down and kisses her face.

He is a rude person, never know what gentleness is, but he still carries Qin Xiaobao to the bathroom to help her clean.


Qin Xiaobao didn't wake up until noon the next day. He opened his eyes and saw Zhan Nianbei's beautiful face. His heart beat faster.

I have to admit that she can be firmly attracted by this man and has a lot to do with his good-looking face.

This son of a bitch has a bad temper, but this face is really beautiful. The only one who can compare with her wooden brother is this son of a bitch.

She woke up. The smelly man was still sleeping so hard. Qin Xiaobao felt unbalanced in his heart.

"Stinky bastard, you sleep well!"

Qin Xiaobao moved for a moment, and the pain was like the pain of a broken frame. It was not less than the pain she had suffered a few days ago.

Ah ah, she cried out angrily.

The reason why she is in pain is because of the battle with her in this single bed.

She is suffering from pain here. Zhan Nianbei sleeps like an innocent person.

Qin Xiaobao was very dissatisfied. He pushed Zhan Nianbei down from the hospital bed with his hands and feet.


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