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While Ivan was staring at Jianran, Qin Yue suddenly slapped Ivan on the shoulder. With just a little effort, he heard the sound of bones clicking.

Qin Yue approached Ivan, nodded slightly, and whispered in Ivan's ear, "I still want you to put these two beads in your eyes. You'd better not look around!"

"You know who I like..." Ivan raised his voice suddenly with an ambiguous smile. "Leo, your woman, how dare I think about it?"

Ivan is a designer that Jianran appreciates very much. His personality and what he has done have been clearly understood by Jianran for a long time. Even if he looks at her more, she doesn't think it strange. It's the smile that Ivan just smiled at Qin Yue that makes Jianran uncomfortable.

But Jane didn't have the heart to think about the two of them. When she came here, she was full of thinking about fashion design.

Qin Yue said in a deep voice, "as the saying goes, medicine can be taken at will, and words cannot be said at will. Before you speak or do something, you should weigh it up

The reason why Qin Yue brought Jane here to study with Ivan is that she was too worried.

Jianran is worried about him, Qin Xiaobao, mysterious people, too much food to eat. She always wakes up at night. In more than half a month, she lost a whole circle.

If we don't find something to distract her and make her worry about this and that every day, it's estimated that in another half month, she will be so thin that he won't even know her.

"Leo, are you warning me or implying me?" Ivan reached out to hook Qin Yue's neck, and Qin Yue backed away in time to avoid him.

“Ivan!” Qin Yue said in a deep voice, obviously angry.

"Two in the room, please!" Ivan is also very aware of the current affairs. He knows that he can't get good fruit after joking.

The character of Leo Qin, Ivan, was known many years ago. Many people know how ruthless his means are.

Especially in front of his woman, if anyone dare to touch his bottom line, he will become a useless person before tomorrow.

Even if they had known each other for many years, as leoqin's best friend, he had never been an exception.

These two people are so angry that they have the intention to take a good look at the house, the mountains of cloth and the environment in which the world's top fashion designers work.

"My studio is on the third floor. If Mrs. Qin is interested, I will allow you to have a look." Ivan has seen the simple mind for a long time, and she has talent in fashion design, but her bad luck has been buried these years.

Although she designed a series of hot underwear with her talent and won a new award on the top podium in the world, due to the lack of good works in the later stage, she rarely appeared in their circle, and many people are about to forget her as a new person.

"May I?" Jane was very surprised.

I've heard for a long time that designers like Ivan won't allow people to enter their workshops at will. One is that many people will think that others will destroy their inspiration if they enter, and the other is to worry about others stealing their work.

"Go." Qin Yue clapped Jianran's hand and smiled at her gently. "Have a good look. I'll see what I want to see. I'll wait for you downstairs."

"Well." Jian ran smiles at Qin Yue, hugs him and kisses him, then turns and runs upstairs.

After Jane ran away, Qin Yue slowly raised his hand and gently touched the place she had just kissed on his face.

Seeing Jane so happy, Qin Yue thought it was worth doing much for her.

All along, Jane likes design very much. It's for his own sake that he binds her at home with emotion, so that she can't continue to pursue her ideal.

Later, he should learn to let go properly and let her do what she likes.

As soon as she entered the room, all her attention was attracted by the messy manuscript in the room.

The whole third floor is Ivan's studio. The ground is full of paper balls, big and small. Ivan's design manuscripts are pasted on the walls everywhere.

Walking in his office, Jane just felt like walking into a museum of original design manuscripts, each of which is precious and rare.

Seeing all this, Jane felt that there was a fire burning in her heart.

The heart that has been silent for a long time and wants to become the world's top designer is completely ignited by this fire.

As long as she works hard, one day she will become an excellent designer like Ivan, designing all kinds of clothes with good looks.

Well, Jane clenched her fist and cheered herself on. She can do it, too.

In a pile of manuscripts, Jane saw a hand drawing similar to butterfly's love for that dress, which was semi-finished.

The picture is very similar to butterfly love, but it has some different details, which makes people feel that there is something missing, but Jane did not think of it for a while.

"You know why you've been separated from Leo for more than three years?" Just as Jane was watching attentively, there was a light male voice behind her.

Jane looked back at Ivan. Her eyes were crystal clear and full of questions.

"In our small town, there is a legend that butterfly love, life with each other, death with each other..." After a pause, Ivan said again, "it's not a good sign that a good butterfly has been torn in your body."

"I thought it was a scientific and civilized society. I didn't expect that Ivan would believe some gossip." Jane chuckled.

She doesn't believe that if Gu Nanjing didn't get upset at the charity dinner party many years ago, and Qin Yue didn't get angry with her, then Shen Wenyuan would not have cut her off to get her son later.

Shen Wenyuan killed her own father and replaced the real grandfather Qin. These things happened more than 20 years ago. At that time, she had not met Qin Yue, nor put on Ivan's butterfly love.

All this may have been settled in the dark, but Jane is not superstitious.

"I think it's boring. I'll make a joke with Mrs. Qin." Ivan leaned against the door, still in a wild and uninhibited shape. "I've accepted your apprentice. I don't want to pay too much red envelopes for my apprentice. Let Mr. Qin of your family send me a house full of sky, sea and sky."

What a lion!

But who can let others have this ability? And Mrs. Qin just wants to worship him as a teacher. Mr. Qin loves Mrs. Qin, let alone a house. Even a real estate is willing to give away.

"Well, that's the deal. I'll have the key in your hand tomorrow. In the future, when Jane wants to learn, you should always be there. "

Speaking is later Mr. Qin, in order to coax his wife happy, is so willful!

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