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"You don't talk, you know that children are more important than work. Do you need to take time to have a good rest?"

Qin Yue chuckled, "Xiao Ran has only her strong brother in her heart now. Where can I have my father?"

When xiaoranan is older, he must find a way to let lie go. He cannot let other men in xiaoranan's heart, which is more important than his father.

Of course, this idea is only in the heart of Qin and Yue, and it can't be told to Jianran. Otherwise, with her loving attitude towards her daughter, she will definitely not agree.

Jane smiled and said, "that's because brother lie loves her. Of course, she would like to be close to brother lie. You father should be aware of the sense of crisis, or your daughter will be abducted one day. "

Qin Yue's face sank, and he snapped, "if that boy dare to run away from my daughter, I will not interrupt his dog legs."

Jane ran gave him a white look: "little Ran's father, please pay attention to the words."

This man, my daughter will grow up sooner or later. Sooner or later, someone who loves her will marry her. Can he be a father?

Qin Yue said positively, "little Ran's mother, you should also pay attention to your words."

When Qin Yue said that, Jane burst out laughing.

Small Ran's father, small Ran's mother, how ordinary and simple words, but also the most warm words.

While they were talking, the driver had arrived at the destination.

Looking at this gothic villa in front of her, she suddenly remembered that it was the place Qin Yue had brought her to the public for the first time.

Jane still remembered the blonde girl in the villa who didn't speak Chinese very well. She also remembered the non universal dress - Butterfly love!

I remember Ivan, the talented designer with a special position in the design industry!

Ivan, as a person, was met once in Milan, but at that time, she forgot all the past things, and naturally forgot that she had such a fate with that talented designer.

So Qin Yue said to give her a mysterious surprise, is to bring her to meet the figure given by the master she dreamed of?

Jian ran looks at Qin Yue and opens her mouth before she says, "Ivan has come to Jiangbei. I plan to formally introduce you to him and learn design from him."

There are so many things in this period of time that I haven't designed my own works for a long time. The previous position of chief designer of PM company has been temporarily replaced by others.

What she didn't know was that PM company had been acquired by Qinyue for a long time, and now the biggest shareholder of PM company is Jianran.

Ivan has always been the most talented designer in Jane's mind. It's her greatest wish to learn from him.

But this wish, after experiencing too many tribulations, has been simply and deeply hidden in the bottom of her heart, so deep that she herself is about to forget that she once had such an ideal.

Now Qin and Yue say so. The fire in Jane's heart, which is eager to learn from the most famous talented designer in the world, broke through the wall she built and sprang out wantonly.

What mysterious person, what Qin Xiaobao, what Qin Yue's eyes For the time being, she was simply left behind, and the flame in her mind that she wanted to be the most famous designer in the world was rekindled.

"Ivan is never close to anyone. Would he like me to study beside him?" As soon as the simple voice fell, I saw the gate of the villa slowly opened from inside.

The beautiful figure in the memory also appeared in front of them with the opening of the gate. It was the little blonde girl that I saw a few years ago.

Now it's no longer a little girl. A few years later, the girl grew up and became more attractive. She smiled and said, "Hello, Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin! Ivan has been waiting for you for a long time. "

Not only are the people beautiful, but also the Chinese level is high. It's a long sentence without hesitation, and there's no mistake in saying a word.

"Hello!" With a decent smile, Jane couldn't help but stare at Julie for a second. A few years ago, the little girl was more and more adorable.

"Come with me." Julie turned around and picked up her long skirt. She still walked like she did a few years ago.

"Good." The answer is still simple.

Qin Yue's eyes couldn't see. Naturally, she wanted to cooperate with him to walk slowly, and even wanted to help him enter the house.

Qin Yue is ungrateful, holding her hand and holding her to walk in, his pace is still calm and elegant, no panic, just like his feet can see.

"Leo, long time no see!" An extremely languid male voice came to their ears, and Ivan appeared in front of them with his untidy hair and clothes.

He was wearing a light blue shirt without buttons, showing a large area of strong pectoral muscles. What was more attractive was the deep and shallow kisses and scratches on his pectoral muscles.

He put his hands in his trousers pocket and held a smoking stick in his mouth. He looked more lazy and more lazy.

I glanced at him roughly. I couldn't help blushing. Don't stop looking at him at the beginning.

"Long time no see!" Qin Yue replied with a deep voice. Even his close friends didn't see how warm his attitude was.

“Asteria? Mrs. Qin? Jane? " Ivan looked at Jianran, smiled, and said, "what should I call you?"

"Hi Ivan!" "I'm Jane," Jane said politely

Asteria is an English name given to her by Jane Zhengtian. Although the name is beautiful, when she thinks of it, Jane will think of the years when she had to be separated from Qin Yue and her children, so she doesn't like it.

Mrs. Qin, that's the identity attached to Qin Yue. It's the identity she introduced to others when she was with Qin Yue.

Today, she is here to "pay a visit to the teacher", so it's more appropriate to use her own name.

"Jane, nice to meet you!" Ivan, a eccentric personality, seldom greets strangers with such a new and hot attitude, so it seems that he also prefers the identity of simplicity.

He turned to Julie and said, "honey, go and prepare some snacks that you are good at to entertain our two distinguished guests."

At Ivan's command, Julie turned around with her skirt and ran briskly to the kitchen, like a dancing butterfly.

"You don't mean to accept a good apprentice. Today I brought you people. How can you thank me?" It is clear that he brought people to "learn from teachers", but what Qin Yue said was like Ivan asking him to introduce his apprentice.

"Tea instead of wine, I will accompany you drunk." Clearly speaking to Qin Yue, Ivan stares at Jane and looks up and down.

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