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Ep 10

“Have you been adamantly looking for a wife,” Lance challenged, rolling the d--n boulder right at me.

“I have, but they all end up sleeping with me too easily. If they’re going to be that eager for sex, they can get that anywhere,” I explained, annoyed at the realization.

“Maybe you’re not trying to get to know them. Women like to be heard, Vince,” Nettie chimed in.

“And I love to listen, as long as it’s not rubbish. Yet every time I try, that’s all that comes out of their mouths!” It exasperated me at this point. I didn’t want to marry a d--n bird brain.

“How about this, the next woman that interests you in the slightest, you’ll try to get to know her first before knocking the boots,” Lance suggested. It wasn’t a bet, and I knew that. It was a test of my self-control. Could I really court a woman before getting physical with her first?

“You’re challenging me again, uncle,” I chuckled inwardly as I turned around to face them.

“I have to. Your father won’t do it,” he mentioned most offensively as he laughed audibly. I joined him, realizing he was right.

“Ladies, you’re dismissed. Thank you,” I announced to the maids as they lingered with their heads down and hands folded behind their backs.

“Thank you, Your Royal Highness,” the women chorused. This time, I was fairly impressed with the harmony. I watched as the three women prepared to leave and without a doubt, Tiffany shot me a menacing glare. I raised an eyebrow at her strange response. The moment they were no longer in the room, I joined my aunt and uncle on the armchair across from them. “One of those maids really hates me,” I murmured irately.

“You slept with her and left her in the dust, what do you expect,” Nettie commented and Lance’s eyes went wide. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she apologized as she quickly gave me away. “I didn’t mean to read you but your face tells me a lot, Vincent,” she apologized sincerely.

“It’s fine, Nettie,” I dismissed, but then something came to my mind. “If you can read my face, can you tell me about my future wife; if I’ll even have one,” I motioned impatiently.

Nettie shook her head. What did that mean? Was I getting f-----g married or not?!

“For this one, I’ll let her decide if she wants to deal with you or not,” she laughed.

Before I could respond, Troy came into the room to notify me that Taliah and her team are all set up. “We’re not done here, Nettie,” I pointed at her jokingly as I followed Troy out of my chambers. They set the interview in the King’s Drawing room. As I entered, the entire room averted their attention to me and all sincerely bowed.

“Good afternoon, Your Royal Highness! My name is Taliah Hendry and I’ll be your interviewer today. It’s such a pleasure to finally meet you,” she introduced herself respectfully. We firmly shook hands before gesturing for me to have a seat. I sat in the off-white armchair across from her as we continued to have a brief conversation. She was a charming woman of some middle-eastern background; I would assume Indian if I had to guess. Once we’d gotten comfortable and Taliah’s makeup had gotten touched up, the producer notified us they would go live in three, two, one.

“Good evening, England! I’m Taliah Hendry and tonight on this episode of Talks with Tal, we have our very own Vincent, Prince of Wales,” she introduced in a very charismatic tone.

“Hi,” I greeted as I kept my gaze on the bright TV host. She sent a friendly smile my way, and I returned it.

“So before we begin, are there any questions off limit to you,” she asked for verification.

“Nope, shoot me with everything you’ve got,” I leaned into my chair and clasped my hands.

“Okay. Foremost, you’ve just gotten out of a six-month deployment from the Royal Air Force as a Flight Lieutenant. What are your plans now that you’re back home?” She asked the first question on her card. That wasn’t bad.

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