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Guess who came back like a f-----g Hot-Pocket-W---e? Ms. Anais Spicy Moretti. I had the beautiful Spanish woman on my bed on all fours, ramming into her arse at a rhythmic motion. She moaned my name pleasurably as she clutched the sheets.

I leaned forward a bit to cup and massage one of her large breasts. She arched her back, deep enough to lean backward and kiss my neck. I grabbed her chin and stared at her intensely, hoping she won’t f--k up like she did last time. I honestly loved seeing the look on their faces while I f----d them but obviously some thought it as the moment to kiss. Provided that they don’t make that mistake, it was almost like watching your favorite movie. You enjoy every aspect. However, like any old movie, it gets boring and you get the need to watch something else.

I pushed her back onto her hands and f----d her harder, the sound of her arse smacking against my thighs was like music to my ears.

“Uh uh oh! Vincent… ahh,” she moaned as she arched her back deeper. I smacked her arse, leaving a lovely red bruise on her soft cheek as I held her down by her slim waist.

As I felt myself about to come, I pulled out and gestured for her to turn around and pulled her hair out of her face. I quickly pulled off the rubber before pumping the long s---t of my curving d--k.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, awaiting my load on her tongue. Her anticipation turned me on even more.

I held her dark hair in my left hand and continued pumping the semen out of my c--k with my right. It only took a few seconds before my c-m went spewing onto her gorgeous face, her hair, and into her mouth.

That’s a lot of babies she’s swallowing.

I laughed at that thought and released my grasp on her hair. She licked the rest of my load off of her face before standing up and heading to the bathroom. I lied back on my bed and stared blankly at the ceiling of my canopy.

As Ana stepped out of the bathroom with a clean face, she came into bed beside me and placed her leg over my abdomen. Her slender finger traced my abs as she kissed my chest.

“Now that was an apology,” she effused, very satisfied with my service. I looked down at her, duly noting that she definitely wasn’t a wife.

“I can agree. It’s the only apology I’ll take from a woman,” I disclosed, bringing my forehead to hers before kissing her forehead.

“So you forgive me, daddy,” she moaned as she kissed my neck.

“Of course, Love,” I chuckled awkwardly, mentally cringing at the word ‘daddy’. It was just something about that word that didn’t sit well with me when women called me that. I looked at my phone’s lock screen to notice the time. “Aww shit,” I cursed as I hurriedly rushed out of bed.

She smiled as she bit her bottom lip. “You don’t want to go another round before you leave,” she asked me sweetly.

I didn’t have a problem with sleeping with a woman more than once. I would’ve f----d her again if I didn’t have an interview with Taliah Hendry in two hours. And even then, I still have to shower and get ready. “I’d love to, babe, but I have something very important that I must attend to,” I informed, planting a quick kiss on her forehead. She pouted but nodded anyway.

After a warm shower and Ana’s departure, I called up three maids to get me dressed. I didn’t need them to, but it was always optional, so why not take that option?

The three maids were all brunettes. However, one of them stood out from the other two. I remember her pretty face all too well because I’ve slept with her in the past… a few times. Dammit. I know I remembered her name. It was Tina… no. Teresa…no, but I remember that name from somewhere. Tiffany! Her name was Tiffany.

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