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“Aww, thanks,” I chimed, about to accept the umbrella.

“Your Royal Highness. We can get her a different one,” the annoying guard held the umbrella.

“Hank, it’s fine. I have plenty more,” he snatched the umbrella out of the guard’s hand and extended it to me once again. This time I quickly grabbed it. That bastard wouldn’t try it again f-----g with me. I wouldn’t let him get the chance.

“Thank you, Sir,” I bowed, “I’ll be heading home now.”

“Hank, come with me. John, please escort her to the exit gate. Ma’am, it was very nice meeting you,” he confided as he took my hand and gently kissed the back of it. Oh, this was definitely a prince!

He wasn’t really my cup of tea, but that was flattering. I’ve never had a man kiss my hand like that before so I was definitely acting like a fangirl and embarrassing myself. “I mean… Mmm… I mean,” I gushed sheepishly as he smiled. “Thanks, Sir. Same to you,” I finally got out as I smiled at him. Well, shit, he was a little cutie. God, don’t make me turn a Prince’s world upside-down.

He smiled even wider and nodded his farewell.

I turned to leave the castle with the Prince’s umbrella, their Royal insignia was visible on the handle.

“Sir,” I called to the new guard that was escorting me. “Which prince was that one,” I asked, hoping to diminish my ignorance with some knowledge.

“That was Prince Rodney, Duke of Sussex,” he informed without a problem. “Trust me, neither of them are that nice,” he chuckled. D--n, I thought I was a Disney Princess for two seconds. I guess reality’s not meant for the weak-minded.

When I finally made it back to London, it was still midday and pouring down with rain. Because it was still pouring pretty badly, I took a taxi from the bus stop since it was still a ways away from our townhouse. Once I arrived at the house, I paid the cab driver the fare and thanked him before rushing out of the rain.

I unlocked the door and leaned against it with a sigh. My suit pants and the flats that I changed into were soaked. Even my purse’s exterior was saturated from the rain hitting me sideways. What was the purpose of an umbrella if it didn’t do its job against the rain?

I left that question to float in the back of my mind and went upstairs to take a shower. As I approached my closed room door, I noticed a taped note. I snatched it off the door and read it thoroughly. The more my eyes registered every word he wrote, the angrier I felt.


You’re going to hate me and I understand why but I can’t live here anymore. I’m not making any income here and it’s really f-----g with my mind that we don’t know what happened to mom and pops. I really can’t rest in this shit-hole without taking initiative to find out. Please don’t follow me to New York until you’re ready. I don’t want you to get involved in what I may or may not do to make a living out there. But just know, I love you my G.


I crumpled up the letter and immediately dialed his number. If he doesn’t answer, then he just lost a f-----g sister.

“Shadé,” he solemnly answered on the third ring. His background was very noisy.

“You stupid son-of-a-b---h! I f-----g hate you,” I cried into the receiver.

“Don’t get loud with me, Shadé. I hate when people yell at me,” he dared to reply with that.

“You f-----g left me, Ezra! I’m not in the f-----g wrong here,” I shouted, regardless of what he said.

“Sis, you will be fine. You’re a Black woman,

the strongest kind of woman out here,” he countered calmly as I dropped to the floor sobbing, my head in my hand. “Please don’t follow me out here until you’re financially comfortable,” he begged as I heard an announcement for Group B to board a flight in the background.

“But Ezra, why are you leaving me here? You’re not f-----g financially stable your d--n self,” I angrily argued, my voice beginning to rise.

“Let me be the foundation, Shadé. When you come to New York, you’ll have a place to lay your head. I promise,” he affirmed, still maintaining his calm demeanor. “I love you—.”

I hung the phone and threw it across the room. The second it landed, I immediately went into an angry panic, hoping that I didn’t break it. “Oh shit,” I groaned as I picked up the phone, screen cracked and unresponsive. Great, Shadé, now we have to get a new phone. Just f-----g great.

I sat on the floor and leaned against my bed, thinking about what I was going to do. Ezra told me not to chase him, but it’s easy for him to say when he just up and left. And I could probably leave as well but I didn’t want to go back to New York in an even worse state than I was before. Unlike Ezra, I couldn’t just go back and hop back into the drug industry. God, it pissed me off even more because he tried so hard to keep that hidden from me. Did he think I was stupid?

“I’m going to start over.” I made a promise to myself. By God’s will, I’ll get this job at the Royal Household, get a one-year work visa, and when the year is over, I’ll return to New York and start from scratch. Will I see Ezra again? I don’t f-----g know. What about my dad? I hope so. Mama Grace? I wish. And my mom? I don’t know how to answer that.

I pulled my knees up to my chin and cried even harder as I heard another wave of rain pummeling the roof. I was literally alone.

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