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“Excuse me?”

” You heard me b---h.”

“Can you stop calling me a b---h” l yell at him.

I don’t care anymore, am dizzy right now and he is adding to it.

” Did you just talk back at me you w---e” he yells.

I can’t control it anymore.

My legs are wobbling and my eyes are heavy.

” Stop yelling” l manage to say as l find myself falling slowly.

I felt a strong arm around my body as l pass out.




I woke up feeling light headed.

My vision is blurry.

Where am l?

I open my eyes slowly to get a better view.

The door opened and Daisy walks in.

” Phoebe, oh my goodness! How are you feeling?” She ask.

“I don’t know, why am l here?”

” Oh sweetie you fainted. I got a call from your boss, l had to rush down here.”

” His voice was so deep and sweet,l wished we never stop talking.”

” How are you feeling?”

” A bit light headed but l can manage.”

” I need to get back to the office.”

” No you don’t have to, Mr Gray gave you some days off.”

” I think he was the one who brought you here, the bills have been paid.”

The door opens and the doctor walks in.

” How are you feeling? He asked.

” Better” l reply.

” Are you her guardian?” he asked Daisy.

“Yes, yes l am” she replied.

” Seriously Daisy.”

“Miss, can l talk to her? ” The doctor asked.

” Yes go ahead”. I reply.

” Come with me, the doctor said.

” Be right back, sweetie”she said and follows the doctor.




(Mintues later)

Daisy walks in her face gloomy.

“What happened?”

“What did the doctor say?”

” Should l say is badnews or good news , well l don’t know how to place it.”

“Talk to me Daisy” l said anxiously.

” You see, it ve been long, we went out for shopping, why not use this opportunity.”

” Daisy you are diverting my question.”

” The doctor said you can be discharged, let’s go out later and have some fun” she said excitedly.

” What’s with the mood swing, a moment ago you were looking depressed and now you are squealing excitedly.”

” You are a physco, you need to see a doctor” l said.

” I just met one not quite long you know.”

” Yeah, yeah, whatever.”




Am home now l was discharged not quite long ago.

I feel much better.

I wrap a towel around my body and enter the bathroom.

Mintues later l was done and l walk into my room.

“Tada! Daisy scream waving a dress to my face.

She was dressed already.

” You said we were going out for shopping, why should l wear this and why are you dressed like this?”

” A compliment, would have been nice.”

” Going out for shopping doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look good, we might meet our prince charming you know” she said and winked at me.

I put on the the gown.

It’s a silver colored strapless gown.

I wore a black heel to match.

” You look stunning girlfriend” Daisy compliments.

” You don’t look bad either, you are beautiful.” I reply.

She helped in maintaining my hair and applied little make up on my face.

So much for shopping.

We look,

” Goergous” we both chorused.





“Are you thinking about the lady?”

” What lady?”

“The new Secretary.”

” Off course not, why would l?”

” Well it’s obvious you are.”

” Why not give her a call?”

” But man, you are so unbelievable, why will you tell her to do a thing like that? You have lots of ladies you can mess around with, why the secretary?”

” Because she is a s--t and l hate the fact that she is pretending she doesn’t know me.”

” How do you mean? Have you met her before?”

” It was kind of a one night stand and the following morning she disappeared and later reappeared in my office some days later.

” What! You slept with her.”

” That means you both knew each other?”

” Off course, she knows me, she is pretending.”

” And how sure are you?”

” Am hundred percent sure, it’s not like she lost her memory or something.”

” Alright,she seems decent.”

” Are you sure she is the one?”

” Stop doubting me Robin, l know what am saying.”

” Okay, l get it but she is very beautiful you know, with those curves and straight legs.”

” I can’t believe you slept with her already.”

” Are you into her?”

” No am not, why?”

” Stay away from her.”

” You are being possessive, she is a s--t remember.”

” Stop it Robin.”

” Okay, but you should admit the fact that you are attracted to her.”

” Am not.”

“Then why do you care if am into her?”

“I don’t know, just stay away from her.”

” Pick up, your phone is ringing.”

” Is the doctor right?”

” I thought you said you weren’t worried.”

” I am not worried, he only said she was discharged.”

” You like her.”

” Okay, how about l ask her out on a date.”

” You dare not.”

” See it, you like her , admit it already, the earlier the better.”





“Come on Phoebe, try this on”.

” Geez, Am tired Daisy.”

“Just this once okay?”

” Put it on”.

“Woooow! You look sexy, stunning, beautiful, georgous and amazing.”

” Yeah, yeah, thanks, can l take it off?”

“Tsk! You are so boring.”

” Let’s go eat am hungry.”

” Me too.”

” You go first, l will pay for them.”

” Alright meet me in the restaurant.”



“Daisy l know you are hiding something”.

” Say it already.”

” What did the doctor say?”

” Chill okay, let’s finish our meal.”

” No tell me now, l want to here it now ”

” Please just tell me already.”

“I didn’t want to spoil the mood.”

” The doctor said you are pregnant Phoebe.

You are one week pregnant.”



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