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He smirked and let go of me.

I quickly adjust my dress and rush out.

What just happened?

I can’t believe l did that.

I stood shamelessly and let him use his perverted hands to roam my body.

I ran out of the building.

It was already late.

I got twenty missed calls from Diasy.

Why is she acting like my mom?

Have been standing here for mintues now, still l couldn’t hail a cab .

I sigh in fraustation.

I was interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

It’s Diasy, l knew she is worried.

I was so engrossed in my phone that l almost didn’t notice a car in front of me.

” Get in” l hear the familiar voice.

Can this day get any better?

” Get in” he repeats.

I open the car door reluctantly.

Am still embarrassed by what happened earlier.

But he is behaving has if nothing happened.

The ride was awkward.

Have never been this tensed all my life.

” Where do you live?” he asks.

” Windy hill” l reply.

After the long drive, we reached my apartment and the car came to an halt.

” Thank you sir” l say but he didn’t respond.

I step out of the car and shut the door.

Immediately he drove off .

I met Daisy at the front door glaring at me.

” Chill babe, it’s not what you think” l said.

” Who dropped you off? And why are you just coming?”

“Am sorry mom, can l please come in”

I said sarcastically.


“So, what happened? ”

” Tell me Everything.”

” Seriously Daisy, story acting like my mom” l said and roll my eyes.

” Answer me young lady”.

” Who brought you home?”

” My Boss.”

” Your Boss?”

“Yes my boss, Mr Gray.”

Oh my goodness!

” Are you for real” she says and squeal excitedly.

“Stop screaming, am tired.”

” Oh shut up and let me scream.”

” The almighty Gray Mensah drove you home.”

” So?


“What happened?”

” Never mind, l will sleep now.”

” You want to sleep without bathing nor eating just to escape a question?”

“You are so unbelievable”.

“Yeah, yeah good night.”l reply.

” Get up you smelling brat, go take your bath” she yells.

“Yes Mom” l reply and hurried to the bathroom.”




( The next day)

I woke up late.

Am feeling nauseous.

It’s morning why am I so tired.

How am l gonna explain the reason I came late on my second day?

I hastely took my bath and apply lotion on my skin.

I put on an armless red top with a black knee length pencil skirt, a black Jacket and red heel to match.

I pack a hair in a bun and apply lip gloss.

I saw a note on the dinning.

It reads:

” Make sure to eat before leaving sleepy head.”

How did we end up as best friends?

What a physco!

I board a cab and arrive at the company.

Am fifteen minutes late.

I reached the reception and Stella gave me a knowing look.

That look .

I think Mr Gray is here already.

I walk faster and got to my office.

” And why are you just coming?” I hear the familiar voice.

Oh no not again.

” Good morning sir, am sorry l came late

it was due ……… to traffic.”

” Yes due to traffic” l lied.

He stare at me for few seconds and walk past me heading to his office.

I sigh in relief.

I arrange my desk and got to work.

I was interrupted by the ringing of the telephone.

” Hello” l said.

” Miss Phoebe, l need you to bring my coffee in five seconds” and the line went dead.

Oh my God!

How could l forget?

I rushed out of the office like someone being chased.

I bought the coffee and ran walk to Mr Gray’s office.

I knock gently.

” Come in” he said.

I rushed in.

” Sir please am really sorry,Here is the coffee” l said and place it on the desk.

” You are late, am no longer interested in the coffee” he says and smirks.

Does he enjoy smirking at me?

” For coming late and failing to serve my coffee on time, am giving you a punishment”.

” Sir am really sorry, l won’t mind the punishment” l said.

” Good”.

” So how about you give me a blow job?”




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