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I wake up to the Ray of sunlight, geez, my head is spinning, guess l drank too much last night.

Where am I, l stare at the room in bewilderment, an hotel room?

I stare at my body that is covered with duvet, and I am stark naked.

Oh my goodness! What have l done.

My clothes are scattered on the floor and l can hear the sound of running water, the person l had sex with must be bathing.

I need to get the hell out of here, l pick my dress and hurriedly put them on, l gently open the door and storm off.

I can’t face him. What will he see me as a sluts? I should never had got drunk all thanks to Goerge, thinking about Goerge l can’t fight the tears that flow down my cheeks, after everything he broke up with me.

” Are you okay ma’am?” The driver ask .

” Yeah, am fine” l reply and smile faintly.

We got to my apartment and l alighted from the car.

Never thought l would have a one night stand, l try to remember his face but l can’t,l need to rest, my head is pounding.

I knock on the door.

The door opens and l Daisy stood there glaring at me.

” Good morning”.

” Good morning, your majesty”.

” What’s with the nickname?”

” I thought her royal majesty forgot about me and decided to stay with her prince charming forever.”

” Not funny, My head is spinning, do you have pills for hang over?”

” Did you get drunk? And why did Goerge not drop you off?”

” Enough of the questions, get me pills please.”

“Okay, am coming”.

” Here, take it” she hands me the pills and a glass of water.

” Thanks.”

” Ya welcome”.

I swallow the pills and gulp it down with the water.

” Look at your eyes have you been crying?.”

” Daisy please can l rest a little, l want to be left alone.”

” Alright, you can call me when you are ready to talk,” she says with concern and walk out.

I try to recall what happened last night, l remember drinking alot, sitting with a man, l remember touching his beard and and, oh my God am ruined.

What happened after then, l can’t remember, l can’t remember his face, how l end up naked in an hotel room l can’t remember.

He must have mistaken me for a w---e.

All this wouldn’t have happened if l had head home straight away, but instead l went drinking and wallowing in self pity.

Goerge is probably seeing another woman but here am l getting all worked and ended up in bed with a stranger, what a life.

My life is a mess right now, l just made myself look like a cheap dirty s--t.

The door opens and daisy walk in.

“So are you ready to talk?”

” I thought you said l should call you.”

” Am sorry am not that patient.”

” Start talking, l want to hear everything.”

“Goerge broke up with me ”

” Phoebe, stop joking around, tell me what actually happened.”

” That’s what happened Daisy, he broke up with me”.

I can’t believe am crying again.

” What the hell !

” Goerge broke up with you, how and why

What happened?”

” He said l don’t deserve him.”

” Just that, his he crazy or something.”

” Come on stop crying”.

“So where were you all night?l was worried you didn’t even call that’s unlike you .”

How am l gonna tell her, l got drunk and slept with a stranger.

“Phoebe, what are you thinking about, are you hiding something, say it already.”

” See Daisy , l don’t want you to judge me.”

” Off course, l won’t, don’t you trust me?”

” I do.”

” So spill.”

“I had a one night stand”.


“Look, Daisy it’s not what you think, l got drunk and woke up to find myself naked in an hotel room l can’t even remember the face of the person l slept with” l say and sob more.

” It’s okay, stop crying okay , stop crying.”

” Daisy, my life is a mess right now, how could Goerge do this to me, have been faithful all this years.”

“Calm down okay! Stop crying, stop wasting your tears, he is not worth it”.

” You have to get over Goerge , you are an adult so you shouldn’t get all worked up over the one night stand thing, go take your bath and freshen up.”

” And don’t forget to wash every spirit and thought of Goerge away from your body, you just have to move on my dear.”

” Thanks, you always have a way to cheer me up.”

” That’s why am your bestest ” she says and wink at me.







I came out of the bathroom, drying my hair and l found the bed empty.

Where did the b---h go?

Her clothes and purse are gone.

What! She left?

Seriously, her p---y felt so good, she didn’t even wait for me to gift her some money.

Am kinda attracted to her, she kept on moaning Goerge when we were having sex.

Who is Goerge to her?

Maybe one of her favorite client.

What a beautiful w---e.

So pretty.

Why did she leave?

That’s her business anyways, l got to get dressed for work.

I stare at the bed and something is shining on it.

I pick it up, its a bracelet.

Her bracelet, l wanted to throw it away but l found myself keeping it in my pocket.

Am interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

” Hello detective”.

” Mr Gray, l just found evidence that proves that miss Genevieve is behind the money that have been missing.”

” Then arrest her and make sure she rot in jail.” I say angrily.

” Okay sir.”

Good, l know she was up to know good.

I dail the number of my personal assistant who is also my best friend.

” Hey buddy”.

“Hello man, please help me arrange for a new Secretary.”

“Why, have you fired Genevieve already?”

” I will explain when l get to the office but for now do has have said”.

” Yes boss.” He says in sacarsm and l chuckle.




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