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Qin's father ate a shrimp dumpling and praised it repeatedly: "it's good. Call your mother, brother and sister-in-law, and Xiao ran some other day. Let's have a taste together. w. " Qin's father pushed Qin Xiaobao's favorite bowel powder to her side and continued," your mother told me that we will live in Jiangbei for a long time in the future, and see how the people in Jiangbei live in advance. "

Qin's father was moved and ignored Qin Xiaobao's awkward identity.

In other words, he never thought Qin Xiaobao was not their child, so when planning his future life, Qin Xiaobao still existed.

Qin's father's good words, listening to Qin Xiaobao's ears, but let her heart a sour, later Later, she was afraid that she would never have a chance to have dinner with the Qin family.

Qin's father put down his chopsticks and worried: "Xiaobao, eat first, then think about other things when you are full. Look at you. If you get thinner, your mother won't recognize you. "

"Well, I'll have more then." Qin Xiaobao gives his father a brilliant smile and restores his old smiley face. "Dad, Xiaobao is so happy with your love."

When she was very young, her parents left, but over the years, she was happier than many children. w.

she never felt that she was a child that no one loved or wanted.

Thinking of these, Qin Xiaobao breathed a sigh, her heart was not so depressed, and she quietly cheered for herself.

She is Shen Wenyuan's granddaughter, but what does that have to do with her continued love for the Qin family?

She will not live with the Qin family in the future, but wherever she goes, she is happy to think of them behind her.

After breakfast, father Qin drove Qin Xiaobao to Jiangbei military region.

In the past, Qin Xiaobao would run to Jiangbei military region to make trouble in three days, and try to meet their commander Zhan Nianbei.

Today, I also went to Jiangbei military region. Maybe I could see Zhan Nianbei, but Qin Xiaobao wanted to flinch because she didn't know how to face Zhan Nianbei.

It used to take a long time from downtown to Jiangbei military region, but today it seems to be getting faster. She didn't want to arrive so soon when the car had reached the Jiangbei military region.

After getting off, Qin's father said to Qin Xiaobao as he walked: "Xiaobao, you will go to see Shen Wenyuan alone in a moment, and I will wait for you outside. No matter what he says to you, you'd better have your own opinion. "Dad, I'm not the little girl who just came to Qin's house. I've grown up. Black and white, right and wrong, I have a clear mind, you don't worry. " The things Shen Wenyuan does are those that are nailed to the board.

Qin Xiaobao promised to see Shen Wenyuan this time, not to listen to Shen Wenyuan's cry, but to persuade him for the last time, hoping that he could repent. Maybe Zhan Nianbei read that he had a good attitude to correct, and that she could spare his life. She could also take him away from Jiangbei to choose a place where no one knew them and let him live in his old age.

"Well, dad knows you're grown up." Father Qin stops and rubs Qin Xiaobao's head. "Go in, kid. No matter what happens, don't forget that dad is waiting for you outside. "

"Thank you dad!" Qin Xiaobao smiled, went up to give Qin dad a hug, and then turned around and went to the place where Shen Wenyuan was imprisoned with a soldier.

Qin dad has been standing in place, quietly looking at Qin Xiaobao's back, she walked so that he could not see, he did not leave, because he promised to wait here for her to come out.

Knowing that Qin Xiaobao has come, Zhan Nianbei has long been sitting in the general monitoring room of Jiangbei military region. No matter where Qin Xiaobao goes, he can see her every move.

He saw her separated from Qin's father and watched her follow the soldiers to see Shen Wenyuan. He didn't even miss her clenching her fist because of small tension.

Zhan Nianbei's eyes moved with Qin Xiaobao's appearance in different monitoring pictures, which was tense, as if he was beside her.

Finally, Qin Xiaobao follows Xiaobing to the place where Shen Wenyuan is held. Xiaobing says to her, "Miss Qin, Shen Wenyuan is locked here. Do you think it's you who are going in or we'll invite him out?"

Qin Xiaobao is a big star in Jiangbei military region, and they are the conqueror of the commander of xuanzhan army. So Xiaobing has a very good attitude towards her, as if he was facing zhannianbei himself.

"You wait for me outside. I'll go in and see him." No matter how complicated her feelings towards Shen Wenyuan were, she remembered that he had been kind to her. No matter what he wanted to say to her, Qin Xiaobao still wanted some personal space for him.

The place where Shen Wenyuan is held is a separate small room, which is made of steel and looks very solid.

This kind of place is a prison for the captured spy suspects. Only a separate cell can prevent them from exchanging information.

Qin Xiaobao added, "Xiao Yang, please open the door for me, and I'll go in and talk to him."

"Miss Qin, don't be polite to me." Qin Xiaobao is so polite. He is not used to it.

Before Qin Xiaobao came to Jiangbei military region to fight and kill, or he would blow up the base camp of zhannianbei. A living specimen of a female devil's head, anyone who saw her would like to hide far away.

Today, Qin Xiaobao is polite and polite all the way. Is it really doubtful that Qin Xiaobao is still the one we know?

Not only do the soldiers who lead the way have this question, but their commander Zhan Nianbei has to doubt the truth of Qin Xiaobao.

Qin Xiaobao, who didn't know about Anfen all day long, was more energetic.

If he married her home, he could take her up the mountain to hunt pheasants and fish in the sea, and a girl could use it for a boy!

When Zhan Nianbei was having a dream, Qin Xiaobao's scream came from his earphone.

He returned to his senses, glanced at Qin Xiaobao in the surveillance screen, but did not see her.

Zhan Nian jumped up and rushed out with his walkie talkie: "Xiao Yang, what happened?"

From the walkie talkie came the intermittent voice of little soldier Yang: "commander, Shen, Shen Wenyuan, he Dead. "

Is Shen Wenyuan dead?

Zhan Nianbei couldn't believe the news he received.

Shen Wenyuan, the old man, still wants to see Xiaobao and escape when he has a chance. He will never commit suicide.

Excluding the possibility of Shen Wenyuan's suicide, there are still two possibilities: accidental death and homicide. Which one does Shen Wenyuan's death belong to?

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