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"If you scare me any more, I'll never talk to you again." Jane said to Qin Yue viciously, but her gaze at him was very gentle.

She quietly watched the distinct features of Qinyue. She had known him for many years and had slept with him for so long.

But every morning when I open my eyes to see him, his delicate face will still amaze her.

In this world, there is no lack of good-looking men, but there are so many good-looking, gentle and considerate men like Qin Yue, who can't be found.

Is it because he looks so good, because he was born in a big family like the Qin family, so last day I had to arrange a lot of hardships for her?

His grandfather was replaced, but he called the murderer grandpa for more than 20 years.

This fake grandfather has been lurking around him for so many years, poisoning him quietly, making him comatose twice, and his eyesight is getting worse. I don't know if he can recover.

Looking at him again, the man's heart is really strong. At this time, he can't see clearly, but there's no flustered look in his eyes. His look is still soft and calm, as if these things are not important for him.

Jane doesn't know. For Qin and Yue, it's really not a big thing that can be cured if they can't see. What can make him care is whether she is around him or not.

Qin Yue has lived for twenty or thirty years, only one experience of emotional collapse, that is, when he came back from a business trip a few years ago, there was no such experience.

Jane is gone, and his world is broken.

Now that Jane has returned to Qin Yue, he still can't imagine how he survived the years when he lost her.

"Hiss --"

heard Qin Yue take a breath of cold breath, but the brain has not yet reacted, people have rushed to the side of Qin Yue's disease, worried: "Qin Yue, what's the matter? What's wrong? "

Qin Yue grabs Jianran's hand and chuckles, "do you want to talk to me or not?"

"Qin Yue, you bastard!" Jane thought that his face was white when he pulled the wound, and the naive man was teasing her.

She was so angry that she threw his hand away. This time, because she didn't notice the strength, she pulled the wound of Qin Yue and made him hiss again.

"You..." Jane was angry and distressed. She just wanted to do something, but Qin Yue pulled her whole body on him.

Qin Yue's big palm raised, clasped her back head spoon, pressed her head to herself, and kissed her severely.

Jian ran was afraid of crushing Qin Yue's wound. She was too scared to move. She could only shout: "Qin Yue, are you crazy?"

This man, how dangerous is the wound tearing? Doesn't he know?

Qin Yue smiled and said, "I'm not crazy. I just want to tell you that I'm not as weak as you think. Don't worry about me. Let go of my heart."

Jane was so angry that she bit her lips and stared at him plaintively. She told her that she could speak well. Why did she use such a rude way?


Small ran with a strong nasal voice suddenly came, Qin Yue and Jane ran at the same time follow the reputation to see small ran by grandpa.

Her eyes were red with tears, and her little body was still twitching. It seemed that she must have cried very sad not long ago.

"Dad." Qin Yue and Jian ran shouted at the same time.

Before he came to the hospital, the doctor called Qin's father and told him that Qin Yue was awake, so it was no accident that Qin's father saw Qin Yue awake.

Qin's father gave Xiaoran to Jianran and said, "when it was just dawn, the little guy woke up. Open your eyes and look for your father. If you don't see your father, you'll cry. We can't persuade her, so we'll hold her. "

"Dad, I'm giving you trouble." Jane held little Ranran and kissed her pink face.

"I'm little Ranran's grandfather. Tell me about the trouble." Qin's father looked at Qin Yue, paused, and said, "Mozhi, you take good care of yourself in the hospital. I will deal with other things."

"Dad, there's something I have to deal with myself." Qin Yue didn't say it clearly, but his father knew what he said.

"Good." Qin's father nodded and said, "you three are talking slowly. I still have something to do. Let's go first."

Seeing Qin's father leave, Jane took back her eyes and noticed that Xiao Ran's forehead was scarred like a plum blossom mark, which made her very sad.

"But baby, is it still painful?" Jianran asked in a low voice in Xiaoran's ear. She didn't want Qin Yue to worry about it.

"But it doesn't hurt, but it needs dad to hold." In Xiao Ran's heart, she still felt that her father was the most intimate person.

Mother is a new mother, although she also likes her mother very much, but her mother is not as close to her father.

Only her father has been with her all the time. She has been with her since she was very young, so she is still the father's dearest.

At a young age, she didn't know that her mother was the one who gave birth to her. If she didn't have a mother, she wouldn't have one.

"Well, come here, Dad." Qin Yue wanted to sit up and hug his daughter, but he protested as soon as he moved the wound, so he had to give up.

Then she touched her head and said patiently, "well, my father is hurt. Now I can't hold you. You can be next to my father, but you can't touch my father's injury. You know what? "

"Dad hurt? Will it hurt? " Hearing that his father was hurt, Xiao ran was heartbroken, and Bian Bian's little mouth was another expression about to cry.

"But next to Dad, Dad won't hurt." Qin and Yue put their hands on the and tried to move aside to give Xiao Ranran a place.

"I'd better hold it." Jianran is worried about Xiaoran. She is too young to know the importance. Let her go to Qinyue and meet him for a while. What can I do?

"Put me here." Qin Yue didn't worry at all. Of course, he knew the most about how sensible he was when he brought up the child himself.

Xiao ran sat beside Qin Yue and saw that her father's face was white. She was very sad. She fell down on her father's face and said, "Dad, but it won't hurt if she's kiss."

So when she wrestled, it would not hurt for Dad to kiss her, so she also used the same method to help dad.

"Well, it's amazing, but kissing dad doesn't hurt at all." Qin Yue, with Xiao ran, said very exaggeratively.

Dad said that the kiss would not hurt, but Xiao ran held dad's face a few times, leaving her father's face with several fragrant saliva marks.

After kissing my father, Xiao ran lies down beside him and chats with him, which looks serious.

Because of xiaoranran's company, Qinyue is also in a lot of spirit. When you say something to me, father and daughter, you are very happy to talk and ignore the simplicity beside you completely.

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