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There must be something wrong with Qin Yue speaking in a language that she can't understand, but she didn't ask in his face.

Asked in front of him, she couldn't find out the result, so she thought of quietly asking the doctor.

The doctor smiled and said, "Mrs. Qin, don't worry. Qin is always worried about his physical condition, worried about sleeping again. "

"Is it really just like this?" Ask simply.

If it is true as the doctor said, there is no need for Qin Yue to explain to the doctor in French that she does not understand.

"Yes." The doctor nodded, but his eyes twinkled.

"Doctor, please tell me the truth." Simple firm way.

She knew that it was more difficult to ask Qin Yue's people what he didn't want her to know than to go to heaven.

Knowing that she couldn't find out, she still didn't give up. Catching the attending doctor, she had to ask clearly to rest assured.

The doctor said helplessly: "Mrs. Qin, Mr. Qin asked me in French, just don't want you to worry about him, you have to understand his intentions."

"Is his condition very bad?" Because I don't know what Qin Yue and the doctor have concealed from her, but Jane has been full of thoughts, thinking of all kinds of possibilities, the more she thinks about it, the more afraid she is.

The voice and body began to shake with fear If she doesn't know the details, she will be driven mad by her brain hole.

The doctor sighed and said: "the HDR virus has been in Mr. Qin's body for some time. The virus has spread to the whole body, oppressed Mr. Qin's visual nerve, and his vision has been affected."

Seeing Jane in a hurry, the doctor knew that hiding it from her would only make her more anxious. When she said it, she would not be confused or disobey the meaning of Qin and Yue.

After listening to the doctor, Jane finally understood.

No wonder she felt that Qin Yue's eyes were not as vivid as before. In fact, his vision was affected, and that stupid man wanted to hide it from her again.

"Thank you, doctor." Jane took a deep breath and said, "since he doesn't want me to know, I pretend I don't know. Don't tell him how much you know."

Qin Yue didn't want her to worry. She pretended that she didn't know and didn't worry, so he didn't have to worry about her anymore.

After the doctor left, Jane leaned against the wall outside the ward and cried in confusion. She was moved to cry, or her heart was blocked.

Qin Yue, Qin Yue, big fool Qin Yue, big fool Qin Yue?

Don't forget that he is a businessman.

Aren't businessmen good at calculation?

He can call the wind and the rain in the market, which must be his ability, but why is he so stupid in front of her?

Is it because she is his wife?

It is because she is his wife that he will treat her well and bear all that she should bear for her unconditionally. O

does he know, she doesn't want to.

She hopes to stand on the same high ground as him, be able to see him in the same light, and support each other to taste the ups and downs of life together.

But he didn't understand. He thought it was good for her to do everything for her.

After crying, Jane wiped away the tears and adjusted her mood before returning to the ward.

After entering the room, I heard Qin Yue's voice: "just ran to where, you don't talk with me, I'm almost asleep."

He was looking at her side, but Jane knew that he could not see her clearly. Otherwise, he would not be so calm when he saw her red eyes.

Jane didn't answer his words. She was afraid that when she spoke, she would lose control in front of him.

She turned to the bathroom, filled a basin of hot water, went back to the ward, sipped her lips and said, "I'll wash your face and wipe your body."

Qin Yue smiled weakly: "Mrs. Qin, do you feel bored when Mr. Qin gives you such a big trouble?"

"If you don't want me to bother you, you'll get better soon." Jane's mouth was a little angry, but her hands were very gentle, as if she would hurt him by washing his face.

Qin Yue could not see her expression clearly, but he could imagine it.

Maybe it's like them decades later. He may be older than her. Then she will take care of old Qin as she is now.

Mr. Qin, Mrs. Qin - I hope they can go to that day hand in hand. No one is allowed to leave anyone behind and take the first step.

"By the way, how is Shen Yuan?" Qin Yue didn't forget the culprit who let himself lie here.

Jane ran wiped his body and said, "Shen Yuan is now in Jiangbei military region. The little uncle said, when you get up, you will be handed over to deal with people, so you need to get better soon. Now your body is still very weak, don't think about his affairs for the moment. "

"If you lie here and can't move your body or mind, it's easy to be stupid. What will you do if you don't like me?" Qin Yue tries to chat with Jane in a relaxed tone.

"Salad." Jane took a look at him. After wiping, she went to change a basin of water and a towel. She sat beside to clean Qin Yue's hands.

Qin Yue's palm is very big, and his fingers are long and beautiful. She holds his hands and cleans them one by one. She is careful not to neglect every nail seam.

She knows that Qin Yue is very clean. She can't help him to do big things. It's better to do these little things.

"Mrs. Qin, how can I marry such a virtuous wife as you?" Well, to marry her is really the most correct decision he has made in his life.

"Then you will get better soon, or I will be abducted by other men." This man can also say sweet words. Jane is very happy to hear them, but can't help but feel sad.

"No man has the courage to abduct my Qinyue woman." Qin Yue's tone is still not as powerful as usual, but it has its own domineering attribute.

"I'm your woman. I've been yours all my life." Jane felt angry and funny, and couldn't help but reach out to point his forehead. "Stupid man."

Qin Yue smiles gently: "silly woman"

"you are stupid." After cleaning up, Jane pulled the quilt, covered it up, and said, "you should take good care of yourself now. Don't think too much about other things. Don't forget you and me."

"I've slept too long. I don't want to sleep any more. Worry that if you go to sleep, you won't be able to sleep again. Then you will cry again. " Qin Yue said it easily, but there was a breath in his heart.

He is very weak now, he can't guarantee how long he can stay awake, so he hopes she can talk to him all the time, so he won't go to sleep.

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