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Even if she can't bear it, Jane will, because Qin Yue is her husband. When he falls down, she must shoulder the responsibility she should. it's a good thing to confirm the source, but at present, no unit or individual has the medicine to solve the HDR virus Jianran is Qin Yue's wife. No matter what happens, Qin dad thinks that Jianran has the right to know all the truth.

"Dad, you mean..." Jane shook her head and didn't want to believe the truth. "Qin Yue really gave me a reaction just now. He will be OK. He will be OK."

Qin's father continued: "Jane, I'm telling you this to make you understand that it shouldn't be easy for mu Zhi to really wake up. You have to be mentally prepared. "

"No matter when he wakes up, I will accompany him to take care of him," said Jane, nodding with great firmness

In a word, Qin's father nodded happily, and said, "don't be too tired. If you are tired, you should go to rest. Don't wake up with admiration, and you will fall again."

Jane nodded knowingly: "Dad, I'm ok. It's because my mother's health is not good. Why don't you accompany her back to nuoyuan and let her have a good rest all night. By the way, please look at Xiao ran for help. I'm afraid she will be sad if she wakes up tomorrow morning and can't see her father. "

The situation in Qin and Yue is not stable. Jianran dare not leave the hospital at one step. Xiaoran is taken away and then rescued. For such a long time, she hasn't seen Xiaoran and doesn't know how it is going?

You lie is at home to take care of xiaoranan. It's easy to be reassured, but it's better to have a relative with xiaoranan.

"Well, I'll go back to rest with her first." Qin's father is strong, and he can survive staying up for several nights without sleeping. But Qin's mother is not in good health. It's estimated that it will take several days to get over her nerves after staying up for a night.

The son's body is important, the wife's body is also important, Qin's father still decided to send his wife back to rest first.

By the way, they also want to see the baby granddaughter they haven't seen for several months. She must be taller and better.


After Qin's father and mother left, there was only one person left to guard Qin Yue. In an instant, it seemed that the whole world was quiet.

Without flashiness and impatience, Jane can also sit down and quietly accompany Qin Yue, talk with him, and say those things that she usually wants to say to him, to be ashamed of saying to him.

She grabbed his hand in one hand, touched his forehead in the other hand, murmured, "Qinyue, I really like you so much that I feel like I can't live without you. Qin Yue, you asked me to give our family a dress of three designs. I have already designed it quietly, and I will wait for the finished product

"You told me to give me a romantic wedding. I've been waiting, waiting for that day to come. Waiting for you to tell people all over the world that Jianran is your wife in Qinyue. You should treat Jianran for a lifetime. "

"You also told me that you would hold my hand and walk on until our hair was gray and could not move any more. You would still be with me."

The most romantic love in the world is not to tell me how much you are, but when I grow old and ugly, you are still inseparable and two hearts are closely related.

Simple love experience is not much, first love is still betrayed, she once thought that the world's men are so playful, she also once no longer believe in the world's real existence of love.

Later, she met with Qin and Yue. Their marriage was a combination of nothing. But their marriage, which had not been existed before, was slowly getting along with each other, so that they could not be separated from each other.

Qin Yue never said "I you" or "I like you" to Jianran, but he interpreted her with action in his life.

Hearing Jianran's similar words, Qin Yue's eyelashes blinked again, and all of Jianran's attention was on him, so she didn't miss it.

"Qin Yue, don't worry. We are not worried. Let's wake up slowly." Jane doesn't want to put pressure on Qin Yue. Let him not worry. Step by step, he will surely wake up.

Not only that, Jian ran holds Qin Yue's hand and feels Qin Yue's fingers move. He seems to want to hold her, but his strength is too small and he fails.

Jian ran held his hand in both hands, raised it to his face and rubbed: "Qinyue, it's OK, it's OK, we're not in a hurry."

She comforted Qin Yue gently. Qin Yue heard her voice, and her pale but still sexy thin lips moved to respond to her.

When she saw his pale lips, she simply leaned down, printed them on his lips, and kissed him gently. She took a few sips of his lips like a baby sucking, as if to add some color to his lips in such a way.

Kissing, Jane felt that Qin Yue was actually responding to her kiss. He was really responding to her, not that she felt wrong.

But when he felt it, he fell asleep again, as if it had just been her illusion.

But Jane knew that Qin Yue was conscious and knew everything that happened outside, so she was satisfied.


When Qin's father and mother returned to nuoyuan, it was early in the morning, and Xiang Xiu, the housekeeper, had been waiting at the gate to meet them.

Seeing their car arriving, Xiangxiu immediately greeted them: "Sir, madam, you have had a hard journey."

Qin's father nodded, got out of the car and supported his wife. He said nothing else.

Qin's mother smiled and said, "Xiangxiu, things at home have caused you trouble."

Xiangxiu took the conversation and said appropriately: "you look up to me, so I came to manage nuoyuan. It's my responsibility to manage the family in a well-organized way. Why bother?"

"Well, if you can help manage the family, we can rest assured." Said mummy very politely.

In fact, mother Qin is not polite to say so, but Xiangxiu's ability is really good. Xiang Xiu also helped Qin Yue manage other hospitals in the United States before, which won the recognition of Qin Yue.

Later, after Jane Ran's accident, Qin Yue replaced all the servants in his family and transferred Xiang Xiu from the United States to manage nuoyuan.

Xiang Xiu smiled politely: "thank you for your praise."

Qin's mother said as she walked along, "it's not long. Go to have a rest, too. I'll see my baby granddaughter. "

It's been a long time since I saw their baby. Qin's mother thought that she could see Xiao ran immediately, and she took a lot of steps. Before long, she left Qin's father far behind.

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