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"It doesn't matter if you don't admit it." Zhan Nianbei raised his feet, got up handsome and clapped his hands on Mr. Pei's shoulder. "It's not that your president's third son is in Jiangbei. You're a little guy who doesn't know. He should know."

Mr. Pei smiled. He still laughed so badly and said: "commander Zhan, go to find him. What does this have to do with me? "

Zhan Nianbei glared at him, turned around and left: "Pei, don't play tricks with me, or you won't want to leave Jiangbei alive."

Mr. Pei said with a smile, "commander Zhan, how dare I play tricks in front of you. You go, I won't send you. "

After seeing off Zhan Nianbei, Mr. Pei immediately made a phone call. As soon as he got through there, he said in a hurry: "three little, Zhan Nianbei just asked about the HDR virus. I don't know where he heard the news."

HDR virus was originally an antidote developed by a to deal with HHR virus, but it was inadvertently developed as a semi-finished virus.

The intensity of HDR virus is ten times stronger than HHR virus. At first, the military wanted to destroy it, but somehow, some of it spread.

At present, the staff has not developed a specific method to deal with HDR virus, so If someone does something bad with this virus, it will have a great impact on country a.

Because of this, Mr. Pei can't admit it before Zhan Nian goes north. If he does, his influence on country a will be He can't afford it.

There was still a hoarse voice coming from the phone: "check it out and see what's going on?"

Mr. Pei paused and said: "I knew some news before, but I didn't think about it. Now that Zhan Nianbei is out in person, I wonder if it's the HDR virus in Qin and Yue? "

Hearing that Prince Pei said it was possible that Qin and Yue had been hit by HDR virus, lie almost immediately turned his head to look at Xiao ran, who was sleeping uneasily on .

Xiao Ran is very sticky today. She will follow him wherever he goes. She is not willing to separate at one step.

At night, he managed to coax her to sleep, and she was awakened before long.

She may have nightmares. She raised her small hands and grabbed them desperately. She made a noise in her mouth and her small body was shaking constantly.

It didn't take long for Xiao ran to wake up twice and cry Lie knew that she must have been surprised that day when she was arrested. There was still a shadow in her heart.

When I fall asleep, I have nightmares, but little Ran is still trying to sleep Because she remembers what brother lie said to her. As long as she sleeps and wakes up, her father and mother will appear in front of her.

Looking at xiaoranan, and thinking of what Pei xuanzhi just said, if xiaoranan's father is really hit by HDR virus

Thinking of this, lie immediately ordered: "you go to find out the matter. If there is any place we can help, try to help."

Hearing the master's order, Mr. Pei was puzzled again. Is this big boy or their three princes who never care about their own business?

Before, he always told them that he only needed to do his own job well and mind his own business. Recently, why is he more and more nosy? I don't know why?

of course, Pei can only vomit in his heart, and make complaints about his three princes face to face.

The head of their family, though young, has no idea how many times better than his two brothers in all aspects.

Maybe he's too good, or because he's the youngest child in the family, the president treats him better than his two brothers.

It is because of his father's love that his jealous elder brother takes advantage of his leaving country a to come to Jiangbei, where there is no one around him.

Fortunately, he had a big life and survived. Otherwise, they didn't know how to deal with the president after returning home.


Jiangbei military region hospital.

Jane watched time slip away and passed the best waking time of Qin and Yue, and she could do nothing.

I can only watch Qin Yue lying on the sickbed, but I can't do anything. My panic and powerlessness are like two big mountains.

She was almost out of breath. She was about to suffocate. She wanted to catch Qin Yue and shake him up.

"Qin Yue..." She held Qin Yue's hand tightly and said, "do you want to leave Xiao ran and me alone? You don't want us? If you really don't want us, you need to wake up and say it to us

How can he be so excessive that she is always afraid of him, and he just doesn't wake up, does he really want to leave her and Xiao ran?

Jianran understood in her heart that Qin Yue didn't want to leave her and Xiaoran behind. She just said that on purpose. Maybe he was angry and jumped up in one breath.

Obviously, she knew that her idea was naive, but Jane did it anyway, because she really couldn't think of any other way to make Qin Yue wake up.

Jianran sniffed, sipped her lips, and said, "I have a phone call with Xiaoran today. She said that she miss her father and mother, and hopes to see her father by her side when she wakes up tomorrow morning. You love her so much, you must be reluctant to let her sad. "

He loves his daughter so much and treats her as a treasure. If he can hear her, she thinks he must work hard to wake up.

Jianran believed that Qin Yue would be able to hear what she said, so she continued to talk to him about the topic, hoping to wake him up.

But Jian ran said for a long time, Qin Yue still didn't give her a little response, a little response didn't give her, as if he really couldn't hear what she was saying.

Seeing that he had been lying quietly with his eyes closed for such a long time, her heart seemed to be stabbed by someone with a knife.

She endured for twenty-four hours, trying not to shed tears, telling herself that this family needs her, and she must be strong.

So she has been very strong, very methodical arrangements for everyone, the work to work, what to do.

She didn't seem to worry about Qin Yue at all. In fact, she just hid her true feelings.

Because she firmly believed that Qin Yue would wake up in 24 hours.

But when twenty-four hours passed, Jane suddenly collapsed.

Holding Qin Yue's face, she looked at him and said, "Qin Yue, if you don't wake up. I will never forgive you for my whole life

She choked and said, pea big tears rolling from her eyes, tears warm, one drop splashed on Qin Yue's face, as if there was a rhythm.

Jane pursed her lips and raised her hand to wipe her tears, so she ignored Qin Yue's eyelashes, which were lying on the sick girl, flickering twice. Follow Weibo: you can read novels on Weibo

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