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"Qin Hao, you want to kill your son by yourself." Shen Wenyuan was so angry that he trembled all over, pointing to Qin's father and swearing.

"Shen Wenyuan, you are wrong." Father Qin stepped up to him and whispered, "I don't want to give you a chance to live, and I don't want to be the executioner."

"Qin Hao, it seems that I really mistook you before." At first, I thought Qin Hao was a gentle sheep, but now I know that this man is just a cruel man in sheep's clothing. He has a dark stomach and is extremely dangerous and terrible.

Qin's father looked at Shen Wenyuan and suddenly smiled coldly: "no, you didn't read me wrong, you just offended people who shouldn't be offended."

Shen Wenyuan understood that Qin Hao was definitely not joking with him. He clenched his fist and said with clenched teeth, "I can tell you how to understand the HDR virus."

"You want to tell me the way to solve HDR virus, but I may not believe it?" Qin said with a chuckle

Shen Wenyuan is an old and treacherous man with a stomach full of bad water. The method he gave to solve the HDR virus may not be credible.

"Qin Hao, you......" Because he couldn't guess what the other side was thinking, Shen Wenyuan became more and more confused, but he couldn't think of a powerful way to fight against the other side.

Unfortunately, two of his most effective men, one was killed by Jane ran and the other by Zhan Nianbei.

Today, he is like a bird with broken wings. He wants to fly, but he can't.

Shen Wenyuan sighed: "up to now, I have no way back, only one way to die. I will tell you the way to solve the HDR virus, but before that, can you let Xiaobao come to see me once?"

At the end of the day, the only person he cares about is Xiaobao. The only vitality is Xiaobao.

He can gamble for the last time. Nianbei cares about Xiaobao in the gambling war. Xiaobao still has feelings for his grandfather.

"Hum..." Qin's father chuckled, "Shen Wenyuan, it's such a time. Do you think you still have the qualification to talk with me?"

"I don't want to negotiate with you, but I want you to pity me and let me meet my only family before I die. Even if you don't pity me, do you have the heart to let Xiao Bao not see grandpa for the last time? " Shen Wenyuan is a wise man. He talks with Xiaobao. He believes that Qin Hao will not refuse.

"I'll tell Xiaobao for you. She is free to choose whether she will come or not." Although Shen Wenyuan is extremely guilty, Qin Xiaobao is innocent. Qin's father has never thought about Shen Wenyuan's affairs involving Qin Xiaobao.

As long as Qin Xiaobao is willing, she will always be a child of the Qin family. Everyone in the Qin family will love her as much as ever.

After a pause, Qin's father asked, "then can you tell me something about the HDR virus?"

Even if he doesn't say it, Qin Hao and they will be able to find out.

But find out how, anyway, this virus has no antidote at present.

Shen Wenyuan cleared his throat and said: "the source of HDR virus is a Fang. They only gave me this kind of medicine and didn't give me an antidote. Maybe they just developed the poison, not the antidote that can solve the virus. "

After such a long struggle, he finally got such an answer. Qin's father, with a heavy eyes, said coldly, "Shen Wenyuan, you'd better not tell a lie, or I'll make you die in peace."

From Shen Wenyuan, father Qin and Zhan Nianbei rushed to Jiangbei military hospital together.

On the way, Zhan Nianbei suddenly said, "brother in law, you go back to the hospital first, and I'll find someone."

Zhan Nianbei thought of Pei, the third son of the president of state a.

They all have a very important position in country A. if you find them, you may be able to help them.

"Good." Father Qin nodded and asked the driver to drive back to the hospital.

Seeing Qin's father leave, Zhan Nianbei turns around and goes to another direction. If you find Pei, you can find their third son of the president, and then you can get more information about HDR virus.

Zhan Nianbei has already sent people to check the details of Mr. Pei. He knows exactly where he lives in Jiangbei and what his cell phone number is.

Zhan Nianbei finds Mr. Pei without any effort. Seeing Zhan Nianbei's appearance, Mr. Pei doesn't feel inconceivable either.

Zhan Nianbei's heart is hung with his treasure. I came to see him this time. I guess I want him to take the initiative to quit.

Zhan Nianbei thinks so beautifully. Xiao Bao's fiance is Pei xuanzhi. He thinks he is handsome and handsome compared with Zhan Nianbei. What's more, he is younger than Zhan Nianbei. When he is going to be a husband and wife I'm sorry, he thinks a little more.

Now I haven't got a glimpse of Xiaobao. He has a long way to go. He still needs to work hard.

Although Mr. Pei didn't expect Zhan Nianbei to come, on the surface, he still wanted to act like this. Looking at Zhan Nianbei standing outside the door, he was surprised and said: "Zhan Junchang, how are you? What can I do for you? "

Zhan Nianbei glanced at Mr. Pei, and squeezed into the room on one side. No matter the owner agreed or not, he didn't change his shoes. He stepped on the carpet that Mr. Pei had just changed. He was so angry that Mr. Pei wished he could go out, but he still accompanied him with a smile and said, "commander Zhan, you're visiting suddenly. It's not what I've done."

Zhan Bei went to the sofa in the living room and sat down. As soon as he lifted his feet, he put them on the non dyed tea table on the first floor of Mr. Pei. The dust on the sole of his shoes fell like powder foam on the tea table of Mr. Pei.

"Commander Zhan, don't you know that you need to change your shoes before entering the room. You can't put your feet on the coffee table." Mr. Pei accompanied his smiling face. He tolerated it again and again, but it was unbearable.

"I know." It's another thing to know whether to change or not. Besides, it's important for him to find Pei today. Why pay attention to these details.

Zhan Nianbei didn't want to beat around the bush with Pei, but he said directly: "Pei, you are from a country. You should have heard about HDR virus."

Suddenly hearing about the HDR virus, Mr. Pei's face sank. After a long time, his face looked better: "commander Zhan, I have never heard about this HDR virus or anything."

"You're blind to be my mother." When Pei's grandson heard about the HDR virus, he looked like a pig's liver. He dared to open his eyes and say that he had never heard of it.

"Commander Zhan, I haven't heard of it. You can't force me to hear it." Mr. Pei refuses to admit that he intends to kill him.

Zhan Nianbei smiled and said, "I don't think so."

"I don't know." Mr. Pei shrugged and thought you could bite me.

Zhan Nianbei said, "the HDR virus was transmitted by your military. You can't deny it."

Mr. Pei is still reluctant to admit that he is still biting his teeth: "commander Zhan, you all say that it came from the military. I'm such a small person. I have nothing to do with the military. How can I know. "

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