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Zhan Nianbei took Qin Hao's words with a smile and said: "brother in law, Shen Yuan, an old man, used to offend a lot of people. People who want to take his life may be able to row to the city from here. O once his identity is made public, and then he is released, it will not be a mouse crossing the street. Everyone shouts and fights. "

What is Qin Hao's purpose? Zhan Nianbei can hear it, and Shen Yuan can hear it.

No one knows better what Shen Yuan did before than himself.

At that time, because of doing abominable things and doing too much, he was forced into a desperate situation, so he thought of continuing to live as a substitute for others.

Although he disappeared in people's eyes for many years, many people have forgotten him, but as long as the Qin family and Zhan Nianbei let out his identity information, those people he had offended before, whether private or collective, would come to Jiangbei to encircle him.

If he is caught, then he may be the real one who can't escape. He may also be cut apart.

Qin Hao wants to seize his weakness and give up the antidote for the HDR virus in Qin Yue.

"Ha ha..." Shen Yuan sneered and said, "Qin Hao, if you let me go, I will thank you very much."

He arranged Xu Huiyi to lurk beside Qin Yue for so many years, and then he succeeded in poisoning Qin Yue silently. O

he has worked hard for so many years to succeed. How can he just listen to Qin Hao and give you the prescription that can detoxify.

As long as Qin Yue's poison doesn't understand, as long as they can't find a way, then Qin Hao doesn't dare to do anything about him.

They have to eat and drink for him. Otherwise, if there is something wrong with him, Qin Yue's poison can't be cured. Qin Yue can only be a living dead person for life.

Qin Hao knows Shen Yuan's weakness, and Shen Yuan also knows Qin Hao's weakness.

What Shen Yuan wants to keep is his own life. He is a lot older. Qin Hao wants to keep Qin Yue.

Qin Yue is young and still controls Sheng Tian. His life is more important than that of an old man.

Shen Yuan thinks that the lives of Qin and Yue are much more important than his, so he thinks that he is the one who will win the battle in the end.

"Don't thank me. You deserve it. " Qin's father didn't seem to understand Shen Yuan's words. He turned to Zhan Nianbei and said, "can you let people go?"

"You're my brother-in-law. I'll give you the face." Zhan Nianbei beckoned the soldiers who were guarding Shen Yuan and said, "Mr. Shen has lived here all night and suffered. You take him to have a good meal and then send him away. By the way, we'll inform Jiangbei's sea, air and land routes to strictly check the people leaving Jiangbei. Don't lose Mr. Shen. "

"Commander Zhan is very kind. Thank you first." At this time, Shen Yuan still thinks that the two of them are acting. They will never let him go, so he follows the soldiers.

After a few steps, Shen Yuan stands back suddenly, trying to grasp the true feelings of Qin Hao and Zhan Nianbei.

But he was disappointed. Zhan Nianbei and Qin Hao did not have any unusual expressions on their faces. They were talking about something happily.

Because they can't guess what they think, Shen Yuan's heart can't help but feel uneasy.

Are they really going to let him go? Did they find a way to solve the HDR virus?

Although he was a little worried, the treacherous Shen Yuan didn't show up. He had to take the initiative to let Qin Hao compromise, or he would die.

Shen Yuan nodded and smiled at them, then said, "I didn't expect to go into the cell of Jiangbei military region. I can walk out. Thank you again."

Qin's father still said calmly, "well, let's go. We will not send you. "

Shen Yuan smiled again, trying not to mess up, but the smile on his face was a little off.

Every time he followed the soldier, he felt a little uneasy.

They play psychological warfare, but at this time he can't guess what the other side is thinking, which doesn't show that he is in the downwind.

Shen Yuan walked slowly with the soldiers, very slowly. He hoped that the people behind him would let them go back in time.

However, after a long walk, Shen Yuan still didn't hear Qin Hao's voice when he was about to leave the area where the criminals were being held.

Stepping out of Jiangbei military region means that he has lost all the strength to protect him. Once he goes out, he doesn't know who will catch him or how he died.

At least, at this moment, he can't go out. He can't leave Jiangbei military region in any case before he is ready to deal with it.

Shen Yuan took a deep breath and looked back at Qin Hao again, only to see that his face was still calm, his eyes were deep, and he could not see what he was thinking.

Shen Yuan always thought that Qin Hao's whole mind was on his sick wife. Qin Hao had not been involved in Sheng Tian's affairs for a long time and would not be his opponent at all.

But today, when he saw Qin Hao, Shen Yuan found that he was wrong. He was so wrong that he really looked down on Qin Hao.

Qin family old man founded Shengtian. Qin Hao helped him when he was young. To tell the truth, even if he had no talent, he was no better.

What's more, his son Qin Yue is also a good example. If Qin Hao is very poor, where's the gene to give birth to Qin Yue's excellent son.

Shen Yuan said: "Qin Hao, you came to me today, but you just want to know how to detoxify HDR. Why don't you go straight and circle with me? "

"No, I don't want to ask you how to solve the HDR virus." Qin's father stood with his hand in his hand, looking coldly at Shen Yuan with deep eyes, as if he were the God above.

"Don't want to know how to solve HDR virus?" Shen Yuan smiled in a cold voice. "Do you really think that everyone except you is a fool?"

Qin's father looked at him and said with a smile: "Shen Yuan, don't think about it. I'm here to let you out."

Let Shen Yuan out. Father Qin is really serious.

But his purpose is not simple. He just wants Shen Yuan to die, and he can't die so easily. Life is not as good as death.

His father was replaced by Shen Yuan, and his son was poisoned by Shen Yuan. Shen Yuan did so many abominable things. How could he let him die so easily.

It's better for Shen Yuansheng to die than to die. He doesn't need to do it himself. As long as Shen Yuan is sent out, there are naturally ways for those people who Shen Yuan has offended before to clean him up.

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