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From the airport to Jiangbei military hospital, more than an hour's drive, Qin's mother has been exhilarating, a word is not willing to talk to Qin's father.

How could she not be angry at such a big thing happened at home, only to keep her mother in the dark?

Father Qin hugged her and said, "ah Yan, don't be angry. I will see my daughter-in-law soon. If you are angry, she thinks you are angry with her. "

"I'm angry with you. Don't talk nonsense when I'm angry with my daughter-in-law." Qin mother beat him hard, and said, "Jane is such a good child, but also we gave birth to a small ran so lovely baby, I love her too late, how can I be angry with her."

Father Qin shook his head: "I'll talk about it..."

Mother Qin forcibly interrupts father Qin and says, "no way."

Father Qin said softly, "well As long as you are not angry, as long as you are in good health, you can say anything. "

For many years, whether right or wrong, he let her, and he also enjoyed it, who let her be his hair wife.


Jane let Xiao Qinghe guard Qin Yue in the ward. She had been waiting for Qin's father and mother at the gate of the hospital for a long time.

There is a distance between the parking lot and the gate of the hospital. Qin's father and mother have to walk for nearly ten minutes to get to the gate of the hospital after getting off the car.

Still a short distance away, I saw them

For several years, I haven't seen them for nearly four years. Their husband and wife give Jane the same feeling as when she first saw them.

Qin's father protects Qin's mother. His cautious appearance always makes people think that he is protecting a child for fear that she will bump into it.

"Mom and Dad..." Jane took a few deep breaths to shout out. She was worried that they didn't remember her.

"Good." Qin's father nodded his head in response.

"Jane ran..." Qin's mother came up to hold Jane's hand and said excitedly, "it's so nice that you can come back, son!"

If Jane could come back, their son would not have to bear the pain of missing any more. He would not have to look at the cold tombstone for half a day every week.

"Mom..." Qin's mother was so kind and considerate that her nose was sour. "I didn't take good care of Qin Yue, let him..."

Mother Qin clapped Jianran's hand and said softly, "son, you can't blame anyone for this. Don't blame yourself, or you will be sad to hear that. You know, he loves you the most. "

"Jane, please accompany your mother to the ward to see Moki." Most can not see his wife tears, Qin father will break her before she tears.

"Well." Jane nodded and led Qin's father and mother to Qin Yue's ward. "Mom and Dad, please follow me."

Qin's mother has told herself countless times that she must not cry when she sees her son, but when she sees Qin Yue lying on the sickbed.

His eyes were closed, his face and lips were pale without a trace of blood, as if he had no sense of the outside world.

"Brother Hao, admire him..." As soon as she spoke, mother Qin's tears began to fall.

Father Qin patted her on the back and said softly, "with me here, Mozhi will be fine. You and Jane are here to accompany Mu Zhi. I'll go to the doctor to ask about it. "

Qin's father is also worried about Qin Yue's physical condition, but he is the pillar of the family and certainly can't be as willful as his wife.

"You need to ask for some information. You'd better write it down in person. Don't miss any details." Qin's mother took Qin's father's advice.

"Don't worry, I know what to do." Qin's father wanted to hug Qin's mother. When he saw that his daughter-in-law was still on the stage, he gave up the idea.

In order to take care of his weak and sickly wife, father Qin gave Sheng Tian to his son as early as possible. He has been out of business for many years. Now, his first impression is that he was born in a family of literati, which is a bit less like a businessman.

But he was born in the Qin family. He was in business with his father when he was young. He was once very popular. Just because he quit for many years doesn't mean he can't do anything now.

The father Qin is replaced by Shen Wenyuan. Now his father Qin has become the longest elder of the Qin family. When he comes out, his people will naturally come to him.

After learning about Qin Yue's condition in detail from the doctor, Qin's father immediately gave an instruction: "the best time for mu Zhi to wake up is the last three hours, and the time can't be delayed any more. An expert group will be set up immediately to study the antidotes that can solve his HDR virus. On the other hand, send someone to find Shen Wenyuan and his subordinates. In any case, try to get the information out of their mouths and get the antidote. "

Father Qin's way is to work together on both sides, one more road, one more choice, Qin Yue will have one more chance to wake up.

As for the candidates to meet Shen Wenyuan in Jiangbei military region, Qin dad decided to go by himself.

Shen Wenyuan killed his father, replaced his father for so many years, and let him recognize thieves as his father for so many years. He should go to meet that man well.


"Mom, your health is not good. Let my brother take you back to have a rest first. I'll accompany Qin Yue here." In the ward, Jane looked at mother Qin's spirit, which was not very good. She could not help worrying.

She knew that Qin's mother was worried about Qin Yue. After Qin's father left, Jane grabbed her hand and wanted to give her some strength.

Mother Qin said with a smile: "Jane, don't worry. Mom is not that vulnerable. It's you. You look better than admiration. Go to have a rest and I'll look at her. "

"I'm not tired." Jane smiled softly. She didn't want to leave Qin Yue for half a step. She was afraid that Qin Yue would be afraid when he left, so she would stay beside him to protect him.

Mother Qin looked at Jianran and looked at her carefully. If she only looked at her appearance, she would not see her for several years. She could not see any changes in her appearance, but she had a quiet temperament from inside to outside.

Qin Yue was injured and comatose. Instead of seeing her flustered and confused, she took good care of Qin Yue. In fact, she arranged her affairs well.

If this person were her, she would not have done so well.

A few years ago, when she saw Jane at first sight, she liked her best. Especially when she saw that her son had changed because of simplicity, she was more pleased.

Just didn't think, a good person out of a car accident, no one

At that time, none of them doubted the identity of the old man, and naturally they did not doubt that the accident was also a fake.

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