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"Anyway, my three children are also children of the president. It is not difficult to give you a to forge awesome identity. It's hard to find out. " Mr. Pei laughs like a rascal and needs to be beaten.

"You didn't make trouble in Jiangbei. I can keep my eyes open. If you are restless, then I don't care who you are. "

Leaving words, Zhan Nianbei started his car and left. I don't know if he didn't want to expose his mind to Pei.

Mr. Pei watched Zhan Nianbei's car leave. He took his eyes back after a long time. He raised his lips and smiled softly, confident and evil.

Qin Xiaobao, oh no, her real name should be Shen Xiaobao.

There was a marriage agreement between them, and it was made by their parents. He would never give up Xiaobao.

Mr. Pei looked up and saw the window of Qin Xiaobao's room. Zhan Nianbei would circle here from the main door. It seems that he had been squatting downstairs to guard Qin Xiaobao before.

Mr. Pei looked up at the window and sat for a while before driving away.

Shortly after Mr. Pei drove away, Zhan Nianbei, who had already left, drove his military black SUV back here.

Likewise, his gaze was on a window on the twenty-nine floor.

How he hoped that the person he wanted to see would walk to the balcony and shake at will, so that he could see the human figure.

But he sat downstairs for two hours, and Qin couldn't run to the balcony as he wanted.


When he got home, Qin Xiaobao curled up in the sofa in the living room and looked at some place motionless without blinking for a long time.

She curled up in a huddle and held herself tightly in her arms.

There was no air conditioning in the room. It was very hot, but she felt so cold that she shivered all over.

She felt like an abandoned child, unable to find the way home, not unable to find the way home, but she had no home.

She kept the same posture and did not move. Her legs were numb because of the poor blood circulation, but she could not feel it.

The numbness of the body is far from that of the heartache.

She wanted to pretend that nothing had happened. She followed Mr. Pei back to country a heartlessly.

But as soon as I got home, when I was quiet, all the things I didn't want came to her mind.

Qin's parents, they have always regarded her as their own daughter.

My mother always likes to touch her head and gently say to her: "Xiaobao, my mother really hopes you don't grow up so fast, you can stay with my mother for a few more years. Mom, I can see you at any time when I miss you. "

Dad is the same, often said to her: "Xiaobao is a girl, girls should be rich."

Whenever she gets into trouble, her father will say to her, "it's good for a boy to have a calmer personality. A girl's character is to be lively. Lively children are more likable. "

No matter how she causes trouble, in order not to let brother Mu punish her, dad always thinks of ways to excuse her. Every time she gets angry, it's her brother mu.

But brother Mu is not really angry with her. He is such a cold character that he is not close to anyone.

From childhood, he received the typical education of the Qin family for boys. First, he must be strict with himself.

So when he saw that she was always in trouble, he could not help but apply what he had learned to her. But every time I didn't really punish her, I just scared her.

Qin Xiaobao still remembers one time when she accidentally fell, broke her knee and shed a little blood, which was not serious.

But brother Mu is so upset that he flies to see a doctor with him.

In his anger, he changed the person who had been following her all the time, and then changed it into the extremely wordy Zhong Kun.

Although Qin Xiaobao dislikes Zhong Kun's wordiness at ordinary times, she still can't bear to think that she will leave Jiangbei soon and may never meet again.

Zhong Kun is wordy, but he works carefully. As long as it's her business, he can do everything properly and never need her to worry about it.

Still have small ran, that small Luo Li she is also reluctant to part with.

Xiao Ran's mother was not around when she was born, so Qin Xiaobao regarded herself as Xiao Ran's mother and hurt her as well.

She is looking at small ran a little bit, from a good little little little bit slowly grow up.

At the thought of never seeing such a lovely little loli again, Qin Xiaobao's heart was aching.

I don't know what happened to Xiaoran?

After her brother rescued her, did he take good care of her? Will the experience of being caught leave a shadow in her memory?

There is also her gentle and virtuous sister-in-law. Her brother is unconscious. Xiao Ran has just been rescued. How much can she bear alone?

Qin Xiaobao wants to see the situation and do her best, but when she thinks that all these things are caused by her grandfather, she has no face.

In such a muddle, Qin Xiaobao sat from morning to night.

The window was already full of lights, and her room was silent without lights.


Knowing that Qin's parents were coming, they got the time for their plane to arrive at Jiangbei Airport, so they made preparations in advance.

She arranged for Qin Yue's driver to pick up the plane at the airport in advance, and then called the servants at home to arrange the room so that Qin's father and mother could have a rest at home.

What should be thought of and done should be thought of as much as possible. I hope I can be a qualified daughter-in-law.

In the evening, Qin's father and mother arrived at the hospital together.

After flying for more than ten hours, mother Qin couldn't bear it, but they still didn't go home. They went to the hospital directly from the airport to see Qin Yue.

For a mother, her body is far less important than that of her son. If Qin Yue is not well, she can't go back to sleep.

Because of her poor health, Qin's father didn't tell her what happened when he received the phone call last night. He only said that Qin Yue asked them to come back to Jiangbei to have a look.

When the plane began to land, Qin's father told her the real reason for returning home.

Hearing that Qin Yue was hurt, Qin's mother was so worried that she almost fainted in Qin's father's arms.

She was so angry that she didn't want to talk to him. Their son had an accident, but he didn't tell her and kept it from her for so long.

She knew that he didn't tell her that it was all for her good, but she admired their children, and her body was not as bad as he thought.

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