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Jiangbei military hospital, emergency operating room lights up. Awesome network of literature has you

surgery outside, Jane anxiously waiting.

For a long time, her teeth had been biting her lips, which had already been broken by her, and the blood had seeped into her mouth.

Her hands clenched fists, nails are also deeply into the palm of the flesh, the palm is flesh and blood.

She seems to be using this way to punish herself, but also to calm down and let herself not be so worried and afraid.

She wants to believe that Qin Yue will be OK, it will be ok

No matter how dangerous the situation is, she believes that Qinyue will survive and will appear in front of Xiaoran and her eyes.

No matter how Jane comforts herself, there is no way to eliminate the fear and worry in her heart.

As long as the light in the operating room is not off, as long as the operation continues, as long as the doctor doesn't tell Qin Yue that there is no danger, her heart can't be put down.

Upon receiving the news, Xiao Qinghe saw Jane standing at the door of the operating room like a stone statue, and looked at the light on the door of the operating room without blinking.

"Jianran -" Xiao Qinghe came to her and hugged her with all his strength. "Don't worry, it's just a dream. It's going to be OK."

Jane turned to Xiao Qinghe and nodded: "well, I know."

Xiao Qinghe knows that Jianran's heart is actually worried, but she doesn't want to show it, and he doesn't know what to say to comfort her.

He only slightly increased the strength of holding her, hoping that he could give Qin Yue some strength and accompany her to wait for Qin Yue to come out.

After Shen Yuan's gang was imprisoned, Zhan Nianbei hurriedly arrived. His face was very ugly, and he didn't go forward to greet Jianran and others. He stood alone in the corridor smoking.

One after another, a nurse came and said politely, "Sir, smoking is forbidden in the hospital."

Zhan Nian looks at Beili and runs away. However, he puts out the smoke and looks more gloomy.

I don't know what happened to Qin Xiaobao's girl?

I wonder if she can survive?

Obviously, he came to visit Qin Yue, but he was full of thoughts about Qin Xiaobao. He thought about her back when she turned around.

Pei, whose name is Pei, is her fiance. That person will take care of her. Maybe she will come out of this event early.

But at the thought of Qin Xiaobao and Pei, Zhan Nianbei clenched his fist again, his knuckles clicking.

Damn it, he cursed silently, his brow was blue, his expression was frightening.

At this time, the atmosphere in the operating room is more tense.

Although he didn't hurt the key points of Qin and Yue, he was too strong for a long time and lost too much blood. At this time, he was in a state of severe coma and probably couldn't wake up again.

Qin Yue, unconscious, lies on the cold and bloody operating table. His white shirt, which has been dyed red, has been taken off and left aside.

Several doctors and nurses surrounded the operating table. The surgeon in charge was trying to get it out for him

Time flies by minute and second, an hour goes by, two hours goes by The more people wait outside the operating room, the more anxious they are.

The ticking sound of the clock on the wall, every sound, is like knocking on the tip of Jane's heart. Every knock will make her breathe.

"Just go and sit for a while." Qin Yue's operation has been going on for several hours, but Jane has been standing at the door for several hours. Xiao Qinghe worries that if she goes on like this, Qin Yue will fall when she comes out of the operating room.

"I don't need to." She will stand to the nearest place to Qinyue, guard him and let him know that she has always been beside him.

Xiao Qinghe sighed helplessly, so he had to stand with her and wait for her.

I don't know how long it took, the lights in the operating room went out, and then the doctor came out of the operating room.

Seeing the doctor, Jane wanted to ask questions, but when she opened her mouth, she found that she was too nervous to say a word.

She swallowed her saliva nervously, and then heard the doctor say: "Mrs. Qin, we have successfully taken out the general manager Qin, but because he lost too much blood, he is still in a severe coma at this time. We need to send president Qin to intensive care for 24 hours. If it's not for 24 hours... "

"No way." Suddenly, Jane interrupted the doctor and said firmly, "no if. He will surely wake up. "

The doctor couldn't say anything more. He nodded and said, "the health care room needs to put on sterilized clothes before entering. Mrs. Qin, please go and prepare with the nurse. "

Qin Yue is lying on the snow-white disease, his eyes are closed, his lips are white without a trace of blood He lay so still that his breath was almost imperceptible.

Jane sits beside his illness and looks at him quietly I can't help but think of the things that happened between them before.

He always said to her: Jane, don't be afraid, I'm here.

He always said to her: Jane, I'm your husband.

When things happen, he always thinks about her.

How lucky was she to meet Qin Yue, marry him and have children together after being betrayed.

Thinking of everything in the past, Jane took Qin Yue's hand and murmured, "Qin Yue, I'm here, I'll always guard you, don't be afraid."

But he did not give her any response, or lay still, quiet as if the soul had gone, only a body lying here.

"Qin Yue..." Calling his name, Jane suddenly choked.

If he hadn't been so stupid, it would have been her, not him.


Pei Gong son drove his red racing car in the Qin Xiaobao's car. He carried a circle along the whole Jiangbei City and finally came to the highest Wutong Mountain in Jiangbei.

He got out of the car and opened the door for Qin Xiaobao, saying, "go, climb a mountain road, and we can stand at the highest point in the north of the river. You stand at the top to shout a few times, scold a scold, suffocate that mouth out of the heart

Don't wait for Qin Xiaobao to promise, Mr. Pei will drag her to go. The mountain road is all stepped on by people. It's a long and bumpy road. Every step, I feel like I have to step in the pit.

Mr. Pei put his arms around Qin Xiaobao's waist, and Qin Xiaobao clapped his hands: "take away your claws. Can you touch Miss Ben's waist? "

"Ha..." Mr. Pei took back his hand with a smile and said, "that's right. This is Qin Xiaobao I know. "

This afternoon, he pulled her around the whole Jiangbei City. She sat in the passenger seat and didn't say a word from the beginning to the end. She looked at the car window and stared at it. She didn't know what she was thinking.

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