My virgin husband

2 days ago

My Virgin Husband


The priest threw me a questioning look while I shot him back a confusing look.

“I’m shy to kiss her.” He sniffed like someone crying as he lowered his head.

I was really stunned and I could see an expression of confusion and total surprise on the face of the priest.

I was getting embarrassed as the crowds seated may be wondering what is delaying the kiss.

“Common Ethan, kiss me!” I mumbled softly and he wouldn’t raise his head up still, I moved to him and raised his head up ready to kiss him.

“I can’t do this, I can’t do this!” He shook his head as his eye became teary.

“Are you sure you didn’t marry a woman? ” the priest asked while I ignored. It’s sounds funny to him but not to me.

Am I even certain that we will make love when we get home this night?

My virgin husband - S01

My virgin husband - S01

2 days ago